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The podcast that makes sitting in your cubicle entertaining. Hosted by Will deFries, David Ruff, and Dillon Cheverere.
The latest gaming news, previews and reviews as well as unique features, all written by honest and passionate gamers.
Echo Base
Lou and Tim bring you latest news and discussion on Star Wars films, television, books, and more. Part of the RandomChatter Network. Not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Disney.
Base Layer
Base Layer will be providing insights from founders and investors in the base layer of cryptoassets. Simplifying complex projects & the technology being developed, from interoperability to relayers and more - who is building the future, why are they and how are they doing it.
Rebel Base
Rebel Base discusses all the latest news taking place in a galaxy far, far away. Wait, that makes no sense.
Socially Savvy
This fun interactive show touching base on all things Social & Savvy, from topics on re-establishing what Social is, How to be Socially Acceptable in person as well as in the new Social Media ring. We chat on food, wine, entertainment & events. Do live interview's and broadcast live from different locations every week.. Host Lb Dutchess is joined by different co-hosts & special guests each week to create a fun dynamic team to talk about what it means to be Socially Savvy Today.
Bunny Tunes - high energetic DJ, which plays house music (Deep House, Progressive House, Future House). He works with all world popular DJ's and has a very good music base with exclusive songs not only others, but also his own tracks. Resident of Nice Radio (Nice, France)Black Rabbit Show - radioshow from Black Rabbit Bunny Tunes with fresh and exlusive tracks in Club and Future House styles
Risen Motherhood
A weekly podcast for moms. A space to remember we are not alone in our experiences, be challenged to have joy among the chaos, remember grace covers guilt, and seek the truth of the gospel above all else. This is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together - but comes everyday, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does.
Nerd-Base Podcast
The Podcast is a erratically recorded effort by a group of folks with too much knowledge of pop and geek culture. They're a bunch of weirdos who love to act smart and make fun of one another for your amusement while all along imparting some important knowledge that you'll be better for knowing!
If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha ...
Putting the "Good" back in "The Good News." Faith-base meets Real-world with entertainment and info for anyone whose willing to consider there is something supernatural going on in the world. LA Blackburn holds an MS in Communications Studies, a MTh in Pastoral Leadership and years of bi-vocational ministry experience with an emphasis on "living-it." He is also a Christian fiction author with two books currently available on Amazon. No perfect people here, so have a listen and judge for your ...
This is The Hardcore Closer Podcast with your favorite closers favorite closer Ryan Stewman.
Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. Written in an easy and light style, the author attempts to bring the pantheon of gods into a comprehensible format. H ...
From its base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rio Vista Community Church serves to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. These are our weekly messages.
5 ways to use your guest data base as a marketing tool.
The Show
The Show is a top-rated morning radio show heard in Central New York on KRock (100.9 & 106.5) and in Utica, NY on 94.9. Mixing news, original comedy, characters, songs and more, it’s passionate fan base has helped it become a New York radio staple.
Lise Kuecker has owned 4 multi seven-figure businesses across the U.S. and coaches entrepreneurs how to create consistently profitable businesses for themselves. Each one of her businesses became more successful than the one before, including her final business, which was at the brink of shutting down when she purchased it. Within one year it became the #1 profit generator in her little empire, thanks to her strategies to build recurring revenue with high profit margins, revamp its base oper ...
Random Hour
The love of talking and the randomness of my being. You never know what the topic of the day will be... Because things just seem to grasp my attention and I feel it needs to be addressed. I may touch base on Politics, BTS, Humankind, Feelings, All things Asian from food to guys. Who knows what goes on inside this head of mine... Lol Cover art photo provided by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash:
Reboot Higher Ed
A weekly show for enrollment professionals and community partners who work with the non traditional and graduate students base.
Real Talk
I have been doing videos and comedy for a long time. There was a huge request of some of my fan base for comedy in podcast format. So people could listen to me on their way to work, or just on their phone/podcast software. I wasnt even aware people still listened to podcasts. There will be some comedy in this series as well as some serious discussions.
There are a million sports shows that examine the X's and O's of the game. Worthy of the Jersey is unique. famed basketball coach Eric Flannery and cohost Tim Smith also focus on the mentality of professional, college, and high school sports, sharing their insight on what it takes to be a champion. Base in Cleveland, Ohio
Blue Alpine Cast is a daily podcast about cryptocurrency news and research. We're focused mainly on fundamental analysis, so we'll dive deep into the teams, products, technologies etc of the different cryptocurrencies, giving you a good base to invest in.
Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) for over 35 years has been implementing ERP, CRM, web development and IT infrastructure systems and support for distribution, manufacturing and service businesses throughout the Midwest. Over that period, SSI has evolved as an organization and has developed new competencies and techniques to remain on the cutting edge for its clients; however, SSI's core mission has always remained the same.SSI is focused on maximizing the value of your business system by deliver ...
Thanks for tuning in. This podcast touches base on #realandraw, daily living, keto topics, anxiety and depression, positive affirmations, and #happyhealthyliving. Hope you all enjoy.
G.O. Get Outside: The Podcast is a radio-style interview show for people who like to get outdoors or would like to get outdoors. Hell, it may even be a show for people who don’t know they want to get outdoors. Too busy? Think you don’t have time for frivolous outside crap? Poppycock! Each episode of G.O. delves into the outdoor lifestyle of some everyday schmo who probably has more in common with you than you think. Whether you are BASE jumping off a flying unicorn or hiking around your neig ...
Hate marketing? You’ll love this! Coaching tips and business hacks with The Daily Brain Tattoo from Jonny Hates Marketing
“This is Capitalism: CEO Stories”, the intersection of the free market and entrepreneurial success stories. Here we speak with leading CEOs, academics, philanthropists and up and comers on their contributions and perspectives on the American economy. This podcast is a part of “This is Capitalism”, a branded content series sponsored by Stephens Inc., aims to educate and inform the public about the free market. Stephens Inc. is a full service investment banking firm headquartered in Little Roc ...
In the Can
Film students from Scandinavia decided to start our own podcast. We mostly base our conversations around films, and we intertwine our lives into that topic. We hope you enjoy our show, thanks so much for listening.
U.S. Army Reserve is a fifteen minute produced news program highlighting Army Reserve Soldiers, units, commands, families and others who make up our grass roots support base world-wide.
The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.Show Summary: Successful and driven, Rebecca Bunch seemingly has it all — an upscale apartment in Manhattan and a partnership at a prestigious law firm — but she feels like something is missing. After a chance meeting with a former romantic interest, Rebecca impulsively decides to give up her life in New York and relocate to West Covina, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb she hopes will be the per ...
Podcast semanal, feito por mulheres podcasters, dedicado a debater sobre a sociedade e ativismo, com base em fatos, dados e pesquisas. No feed você também encontra um programa quinzenal sobre saúde mental e TDAHI (transtorno de déficit de atenção com hiperatividade)
A billion-dollar cleanup of a former Navy base in San Francisco has been rocked by fraud. San Francisco Chronicle reporters Jason Fagone and Cynthia Dizikes explore the history of that shipyard and other Navy installations that handled toxic materials, and what’s being done to make sure the land is safe enough for new housing and other development.
The 1014 Rugby creates rugby content the modern rugby fan deserves. We base everything on the values of the great game, passion, integrity and respect. We can be seen on video on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
Bobby and Laura are sailing around the world with two full size labradoodles and document their adventures as they go! In the podcast series they will get more in depth on topics related to cruising in general and cruising with pets. Some of the information will be regionally specific and some will be a broader base. Come follow along with us and enjoy the ride!
Eclectic Readers
What is Eclectic Readers?We're a bookish podcast that reads a wide variety of books and discusses them. In our regular monthly episodes, we talk about what we're currently reading, a general bookish topic, and then discuss that month's book pick. We've set it up that way so that if you haven't read the book and don't want to be spoiled, or it's a book that you just aren't interested in (it happens, no shame!), you can still listen to the first half of the episode.We do announce the next mont ...
Cat Chat ®
Tracie originally spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXMsatellite radio producing and hosting CAT CHAT® as a live, call-in show -helping cat owners solve the mysteries and challenges of living withfelines, base don her encyclopedic book, THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your CatExpects You to Know, which exposed myths and misconceptions, especiallyabout what to feed a cat (calling any dry food for the obligate carnivores“kitty crack”). This show continues to offer advice, informati ...
Welcome to personal training business with Roz, the pod cast for new/experienced personal trainers looking to improve their business and client base.
The Ft. Bragg Stories podcast uses personal narratives to explore life on and around this country's largest military base. It's a collaboration between the Fayetteville Observer and WUNC's American Homefront Project.
The Diarist is a serialized audio fiction podcast. The Diarist immerses listeners into the 1950s world of Madison Avenue Advertising and leads them through the bizarre and often frightening inner worlds of the characters. After completing Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Andrea Davies takes a position at a large New York Advertising firm, admittedly there to find a husband and secure a life as a well-to-do, country club socialite.Andrea becomes increasingly drawn into her boss Richard Hay ...
If it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time. At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed. Perhaps Russian scientists had discovered how to transport themselves back in time in order to learn long-forgotten secrets of the past. That was why young Ross Murdock, above average in intelligence but a belligerently independent nonconformist, found himself on a “hu ...
Regular messages and updates from Revival Fires - Christian church, conference centre and mission base in the UK.
Surf, Snow, Wake, Skate, Base, Bike and Carnage, Bands and DVD reviews, all in a brand new Action Sports podcast. Featuring all the names from all round the world going mad, from our ocean of cool as f**k content providers. Skuff TV is all about giving you a tasty hit of street level entertainment, by the people within the industry. Skuff TV has hours and hours of awesome content on the site, latest news updated daily, prize packs for giveaway and revenue share for any active content provide ...
Born a psychic medium passed down through the years in family known as the gift of prophecy in most churches, Lisa Beachy spent many of her earlier years connected to the Holy Spirit and Angels very closely through the church environment. She always had a psychic awareness and knowing when spirits and the angels were near. Keeping her safe and close for protection. She grew up attending many Pentecostal churches through the Assemblies of God denomination, moving often through the years from ...
Conquering Columbus is a brand for those across Central Ohio who are determined to find a way to align their skills, values, and talents in order to make a lasting and long impact during their lifetime on the city of Columbus. With a podcast as our medium, we research and interview those across Columbus, and at times abroad, who have achieved success in areas ranging from business and athletics, to medicine and beyond.The goals of the Conquering Columbus podcast is to document these individu ...
Fig End Games
Fig End Studio is a creative place for two podcasters to share their elaborate adventures in a world custom-built by J.Fig. Join "Betsy" the rogue mouse, along with her companions like "Dirt Bag" the squirrel, creepy mummy rat Gandalf, and the weasely Kratcher (plus the other ones) in her travels through Celenae, a post-apocalyptic moon base that feels suspiciously like Middle Earth.... Find out more at!
Juan Pablo a.k.a. Logic Beat is a DJ and Producer, who has dedicated the past 19 years bringing joy to people with his eclectic House. Juan Pablo's career has been forged across three continents – Australia, South America and now Europe which has provided a rich tapestry of multi-cultural influences that can be heard through his music. In 2000 he emigrated to Australia from his native Uruguay, and began plying his trade across some of the great dance clubs of Sydney & Melbourne. On his retur ...
Please help me by sharing with friends and supporting! ↓↓↓ Link to YouTube Channel ↓↓↓ the YouTube channel, other hot cricket topics are discussed. Don't be afraid to subscribe and turn on notifications!↓↓↓ Link to the Official Cricket React© Website ↓↓↓ website serves as a base for all of my media!We also do CRICKET COACHING!↓↓↓ Website ↓↓↓ ...
The Gunz Show
Live from Madison Square Garden, all your favorite bands and Gunz!
Skuff TV - Off Cuts
Skuff TV's Off Cuts podcast; featuring random categories like base jumping, slacklining, breakdancing, street art, bodyboarding, climbing, mad highlights, profiles, interviews, lifestyle and locations; to the biggest events and the craziest moves... The best random action from all over the globe, right here in the one HD feed...
Behind the Wing
The 315th Airlift Wing’s Behind the Wing audio podcast is a monthly news program to inform, educate and entertain Citizen Airmen of the 315th AW and its supporters. The show is recorded in a fun and casual morning radio show style here in our studio at Joint Base Charleston, S.C. Topics will include quick news bites, feature stories, Air Force humor and more.
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Black Rabbit Show - танцевальное радиошоу от черного кролика Bunny Tunes. В часовые миксы собраны самые свежие и эксклюзивные треки в подстилях Club и Future House. Включайся в музыку Зазеркалья и следуй за черным кроликом...Biscits vs MANT - Get Busy (Original Mix)Yan Cloud - I Wanna Show You (Original Mix)Alle Farben & ILIRA - Fading (Rudimen ...…
Black Rabbit Show - танцевальное радиошоу от черного кролика Bunny Tunes. В часовые миксы собраны самые свежие и эксклюзивные треки в подстилях Club и Future House. Включайся в музыку Зазеркалья и следуй за черным кроликом...The Tribe Of Good - Heroes (GotSome Remix)Yan Cloud - I Wanna Show You (Original Mix)Greg Forbes - Super SoakerArtego fea ...…
Karajá, Suyá, Kamayurá, Xavante, Guató, Waimiri e Atroari: esses são alguns nomes de mais de mil povos originais que viviam onde hoje conhecemos como Brasil. Quase 520 anos após a chegada dos imigrantes ilegais, esses povos foram dizimados, tiveram suas terras roubadas e hoje ainda estão perdendo os limitados direitos que têm. Hoje, dos dois a ...…
Research says only about 52% of "born-again" people share their faith in any way within a year. Sometimes, we get the idea that sharing our faith has to be complicated and wordy. However, I think that it can be much simpler than that. Here are some thoughts...
Summary: Will is the Founding Partner and CEO of Nikola Labs, Inc, a wireless power company with an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current (DC) power. Milestones: (00:00:00) Opening remarks (00:00:39) Facilities Management eXpress (FMX) (00:01:09) The SunDown Group (00:01:32) SmallBi ...…
Enrollment is declining but it’s low everywhere. How many of us hear this on campus as a common answer to when someone does the worst thing they could ever do in a meeting “discuss the numbers”. Yes, enrollment is low, but we have answer…. We are going to be launching new programs. Enrollment is low and launching new programs seem to go hand in ...…
We are joined by the very lovely Rosa for her first-ever Sunday Brunch! We talk adulting, stupid cats & lots more. Sunday Brunch is powered by Salt City Eats Deals! This week you can get a $50 certificate to Fajita Grill for only $25 when you visit & click on “Salt City Eats Deals!”…
More great books at
Michael Kelley spent his youth surfing the beaches of Malibu until he discovered the competitive world of cycling and eventually SUP racing. Now, he shares his years of experience with others as a Scoutmaster, father, and REI instructor. Michael and Jason spent a morning at Will Rogers State Park discussing waves, roads, and the benefits of bei ...…
More great books at
It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Mountain Lions & live music.
Why is S.D.Z. trying to get Sabs in to the Minion costume tomorrow? A mom gets a crossbow to the head! Josh has the ‘Dollop of Daisy’ jingle stuck in his head. What jingles are stuck in your heads for no reason? We are introduced to Parry Gripp and his catchy songs. Let’s officially make “Treat Yo Self” day a thing. The Colorado runner who foug ...…
Susan, Tara, and Meredith talk about the ineffable. But before that they discuss books that have been co-authored. Have they really not read that many? And the most important question: Who would they love to see team up on a book. Then, they go into the ineffable event of the apocalypse. Find us on Twitter Comprehensive Reference Guide to Good ...…
More great books at
Eric and Tim recap last Friday's loss at St. Ignatius and discuss the outlook of the St. Ed's team heading into the final 4 games of the regular season. They get into an interesting discussion about approach and attitude a coach, particularly young coaches, can take to their teams. Then they answer a listener question about the proper ways to c ...…
On this episode of The Gunz Show, Gunz speaks with SWMRS + Matt Nathanson.
It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Mars, music & tiny houses. Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Best Buy Auto Sales.
It’s Valentine’s Day, so we’ve got a lot of lovey-dovey stuff to cover. Josh is sad about the death of a Mars Rover. There’s gonna be a One-Hit Wonder tour & Josh is bummed, but maybe it’s not his total idea. Rosa losing a house helped her realize a lot about herself. What are some of the things you’d be willing to do for your materialistic fan ...…
In this episode you’ll learn: • How Nathania structures her email pitches to be featured in so many publications • Why strategy plus luck, consistency and follow through will equal free advertising • What it was like taking over a studio that held a lot of history and was owned by someone else for many years • What were three sticking points th ...…
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It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Naughty names & speeders. Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Best Buy Auto Sales.
Some quick band finances to open today’s show. We are alerted to the newest conspiracy & this time it involves Chuck E. Cheese pizza. What are some of the stories we hear about kitchen staff eating off customer’s plates? We run down the list of some of the most misbehaved names in school. Just Joe teaches us about speeders. Don’t walk in to the ...…
Regular date nights are a joy. We love getting out of the house and away from the kids! But does a flourishing God-honoring marriage require this regular habit? If you and your husband are in an overwhelming season and you’re not “succeeding” at date night, this one’s for you. In this episode, Emily and Laura dig into a different perspective on ...…
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It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Best Buy Auto Sales.
It might be time to kick off ‘The Show Shamrock Shakedown!” Cody is getting ready for Wrestling to come to CNY. The fascinating study of accidental savant syndrome leads us to some pretty stoner conversations. If we are expected to learn 2019 slang, we demand the kids of today learn our slang. Josh doesn’t know weed slang. Some NFL/MLB talk. Pl ...…
For Rosina Samadani, New Year’s Eve — the fireworks, the ball drop, the champagne — came on December 28, 2018. That’s when her company, Oculogica, received FDA approval to market a major tool — a breakthrough algorithmic neurodiagnostic tool for determining whether a person has had a concussion. Oculogica’s EyeBOX® does that by a modern variati ...…
In this episode you’ll learn: • Why the million dollar mark may not be the best metric to celebrate • What studios with over 50% profit margin look like • What are ancillary services and a powerful example of what we did for the studio owners we work with • Why the number of clients shouldn’t be the main measure of success for your studio • Wha ...…
More great books at
It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Grammy’s & junk. Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Best Buy Auto Sales.
We are counting down to this weeke's KROCK Kid's Sleepover!Josh wants fellow husky guys to take off their swim shirts & be proud. What are some of the thing hobbies we started for our kids, but it ends up being more for us. Quick run down of the Grammy's from last night. The guys have a suspect from Friday's ice cream shocker. Can ice cream hel ...…
Angel Card Weekly Reading with Lisa Beachy - To book a personal reading, please visit: - Support my content RECEIVE awesome freebies!- THANK YOU! - Meditation Channel : - Patreon: - Let's Get Social - - htt ...…
This week on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after show hosts Briana Phipps, Tehran Von Ghasri and Nino Llanera discuss Greg and Josh’s fight, Paula almost missing the Bar exam, Rebecca adapting to her antidepressant medication and Daryl maybe having a new woman in his life! Also we discuss the show’s wrap party during news and gossip. If you like dark ...…
I've been to many churches that emphasize "inviting people to a service". However, why would someone take me up on that kind of invitation, especially if they don't know Jesus? Another question is, "Is my church the kind of church I could invite someone to, even if I couldn't be there with the visitor?" Here are some thoughts on these questions...…
Inglês é uma das línguas universais, o primeiro idioma mais falado no mundo por cerca de 378,2 milhões de pessoas. Ele abre portas na carreira e na vida pessoal, expande horizontes para culturas de outros países, mesmo com materiais traduzidos ou estudos acadêmicos, filmes, séries, livros, documentários, aplicativos, softwares e podcasts. Cada ...…
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