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Dustin's Travels
Fun, exciting, travel adventures around the world
Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Dustin and Justin are just two annoying guys who enjoy talking about anything they find interesting. Take a break from your stressful day to join us every week for debauchery, immaturity and nonsense. What do you have to lose other than your precious time? We put out new stuff every Thursday. Email us!
OMW with Dustin M
Dustin M hails from Covington Kentucky. A small city in the shadow of downtown Cincinnati. The interviews take place at the luxurious Village Pub, typically with drunks. Dustin interviews the common man, but what man is common? This is a podcast where regular people are the stars, and nothing is off limits. Join Dustin M on a journey of intrigue, self discovery, and drunken chaos.
We talk and discuss anything racing! Our focus will be on local dirt track racing in Southern Indiana and the Midwest. We will be inviting drivers, owners, and passionate fans into the studio to discuss racing. We will also have weekly breakdowns from the iconic Brownstown Speedway!
That DaM Podcast
It's That Dustin and Myles Podcast, where Dustin and Myles cover everything from current events, their top 5, and giving solid advice to listeners of all backgrounds.
The Friend Zone
Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?Send inquiries and questions
The Becky & Dustin Show is an uncut and unfiltered show about two young 20 somethings living in LA and the stuff that they go through in their daily lives that everyone one else also does but might not talk about out loud. Everything and anything you can think about from sex, work email, bathroom etiquette, getting arrested and so much more. We sometimes include friends, family or strangers and call them on the phone, knowingly and unknowingly to get their input on the subject matter or just ...
Dustin Chafin a veteran of the NYC comedy scene. (HBO Crashing, Showtime White Boyz in the Hood, Sirius XM regular) Interviews todays top comedians and artists.
Train Wrecks is a talk-show styled podcast presented by Dustin Zahn which hosts guests from the electronic music industry with a strong emphasis on Techno and House music.
Avid hikers Dustin Ballard and Michael Ryan share their adventures on the trails of America's National Parks and play all of the games along the way. Instagram: @GazeAtTheNationalParks Twitter: @GazeAtTheParks #hikeearlyhikeoften #adventureisoutthere #gazeatthenationalparks Original Artwork by Michael Ryan Original Music by Dave Seamon
Straight Shoot
Smart, funny, in-depth, positive discussion of professional wrestling, with a focus on NJPW. Each week, Aubrey Sitterson is joined by independent wrestlers, MMA fighters, professional athletes, comedians, writers and more for a fun, smart look at professional wrestling.For the original video versions of Straight Shoot, visit, and for information on upcoming live shows, head to
The Red & White Podcast is a podcast talking NC State sports with two average dudes. Dustin and Evan are die-hard State fans that offer unfiltered & snark-free opinions. We take calls at 919.766.0096You can find us - offer updates, outtakes and other - - Evan
Each week, host Dustin Nickerson chats with fellow comedians about all things family. Subscribe today!
Get WealthFit!
Join Dustin Mathews from as he gets inside the heads of today’s top money-makers, investors, and celebrity entrepreneurs. Learn unique ways to boost your income, invest smarter, and get the very best out of life!
Highway 89
Highway 89 is a live performance and interview program that originates in BYUradio’s state-of-the-art recording studios in Provo, Utah. International, national and local artists from a wide-range of musical genres are featured. Classical installments of the show air each Tuesday.
Inspire. Connect. Educate. Perform. ALTIS exists to develop the careers of the best athletes in the world, while revolutionizing coach & athlete education. Featuring guests ranging from Olympians, to World Class Coaches, to Paralympians, the ALTIS World podcast is our chance to share exclusive insights on themes ranging from athlete performance, to performance therapy, to current affairs, to coach & athlete development. Hosted by Ellie Spain & Melvin Echard, and created for Athletes, Coaches ...
Former European Tour professional Robert Lee hosts a weekly golf podcast with unparalleled access to the top players. The Race to Dubai Show features exclusive interviews with star names, incisive analysis of the latest action, all the key news and a light-hearted look at life on tour. Robert and fellow former pros will guide you through the season from start to finish, and test their predictive skills by trying to pick the winner of each European Tour event!
Posted is a podcast about post-production from the perspective of those newer to the industry. Each week we will share anecdotes, workflows and tip while keeping it under 30 minutes.
Bowlful of Soul
Bowlful of Soul with James Shaw is a podcast that includes freeform conversations with likeminded individuals - those focused on growth and the pursuit of their body’s highest possible performance.
Spielman and Hooley
All the best from "Spielman and Hooley". Listen LIVE Weekdays from 6am to 9am! Want to hear something again? Want to be the smartest sports fan at work? Want to ignore your co-workers? Our podcasts will help!
A weekly worship podcast that exists to equip, encourage, and inspire worship leaders and worship teams worldwide. We feature interviews, music, resources, discussions, and some fun. Our guests include: Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe, Tim Hughes, Phil Wickham, Kim Walker-Smith, Christy Nockels, Hillsong, Christine D'Clario, Aaron Shust, Darlene Zschech, Rick Muchow, Meredith Andrews, All Sons & Daughters, and many others.
Guys In Ties
A podcast hosted by Robert Elder and Dustin Jones about their love affair with UVA sports
Worth It
Welcome to Worth It, a guide to help help successful millennial purpose-driven professionals + creative entrepreneurs dream, plan and live your ideal life through financial planning (or Life Planning, as we like to call it). The most important aspect of achieving your life goals happens to be the most difficult to grasp and the easiest to avoid. We feel your pain, and we’re here to help. Financial planning isn’t just for wealthy, older men. Getting sound advice early on is critical to buildi ...
Hi-Res is a one-on-one podcast with creatives in the Philadelphia advertising community about the experiences that have helped shape their careers and influence their work. New episodes post on Tuesdays, every two weeks. Follow HiRes on Twitter @hirespod and catch up on past episodes at
Podcast by The Athletic
Living his life with a passion for helping people, Dustin Gruss knows that sometimes to succeed people have to be led by those who have done it before. In the Step Up to Greatness Podcast, Gruss completes interviews with people who inspire and do inspiring things, encouraging people to move forward in life and become the best versions of themselves. "Keep moving forward and step up to greatness. "
Athletes Rising
Athletes Rising is a podcast that pulls back the veil on what it takes to become an elite athlete. Each episode consists of an interview with an athlete that grew up playing youth sports and was able to make it to the collegiate level or beyond. The purpose of this show is to show the good, the bad, and the ugly of what youth athletes go through in order to achieve their dreams. We want to expose the multiple failures that each athlete encounters and highlight the lesson that they learned fr ...
Bundy the Podcast
Podcast by Bundy
Be Still and Go
Be Still and Go is a digital devotional that invites you to reflect on a text or a theme so that you can be refilled and refueled for the work of love and justice that you are called to do. And this work is not a sprint. Take a moment and do your stretches because we’re in this for the whole marathon.Find out more about these meditations for the movement as well as other digital discipleship resources at
Sam Alex Radio
Sam Alex is an award winning syndicated radio & television personality. He is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a country radio show broadcasting live from Nashville to more than 100 stations nationwide.
Join the "Everyone's Wrong" podcast, as host Dave Edwards, Dustin Dark, and Edward Smith leave the comfort of safe spaces and trigger warnings to explore the extremes of political discourse.
Attitude Heroes
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, Attitude magazine interviews 12 of its all-time heroes for a landmark series of podcasts. Attitude Heroes is sponsored by the GREAT Britain campaign, which welcomes the world to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK. And Jaguar. For more product information please visit Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the show!
Scheer Intelligence features thoughtful and provocative conversations with "American Originals" -- people who, through a lifetime of engagement with political issues, offer unique and often surprising perspectives on the day's most important issues.
Learn how to create a passive income for your design business. Whether you're a graphic designer, web designer or digital artist... this show will teach you how to build a predictable monthly revenue (without trading your time for money). Passive Income for Designers is hosted by Dustin Lee, owner of RetroSupply. He's built a successful passive income business that generates over $240,000 a year, helped him eliminate $35,000 in consumer debt and regain his financial and creative freedom.
Song Exploder
Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Each episode features an artist discussing a song of theirs, breaking down the sounds and ideas that went into the writing and recording. Hosted and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway.
The Close-Up
The Close-Up is a weekly podcast produced by the Film Society of Lincoln Center that features in-depth conversations with filmmakers, actors, critics, and more.
Across the Pond is an English Premier League soccer podcast from across the pond. Expect weekly episodes discussing EPL fixtures, tactics, controversy and the table with guests from BBC, The Guardian, ESPN, USA Today, SB Nation and more.
Eclectica Cafe
Podcast by Eclectica Cafe
Happy Place
Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them.
Spud Fit Podcast
In 2016 I overcame food addiction, depression and lost 53kg (117lbs) by eating only potatoes for the year. The Spud Fit Podcast is all about continued self improvement through talking with others who do things differently and push the envelope. Theme music by my wife, Mandy van Zanen.
Alec Baldwin brings listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers.
The Town Haul
Rubicon’s first and only podcast where we share advice for techies, earth lovers and for penny pinchers!
The Where Are We Going Now podcast takes a look into the lives of people that have taken risks and chances in their life to hopefully give insight to people who have always wanted to take a chance or risk but didn't know how.
DIY Projects, Content Creation, Community... This is an audio show where we talk woodworking, answer questions from the community, sometimes talk about the business side of online content, and even my kids join in from time to time. Should be fun!
Are We Live?
Play For Keeps
Here I talk about life, perspective, personal development, and entrepreneurship based in the mindset that this life is not a practice run.
SysAdmin Show
A podcast that covers everything sysadmins do and the technology they work with
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Matt and Dustin sit down with 2018 Brownstown Speedway Rookie of the Year Justin Bowling. Facebook: @getthrottled twitter: @throttledup365 Dustin's Twitter: @DustinARoller Matt's Twitter: @MattStaples11 Instagram: @Throttled_Up_Podcast Snapchat: getthrottled Sponsored By: In The Fast Lane Productions Schaefer Photo and Cust ...…
Joel and Ethan Coen join actors Tim Blake Nelson, Zoe Kazan, and Bill Heck to discuss their new western anthology film, THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS. The film had its North American premiere at this year's New York Film Festival. This podcast is brought to you by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Film Lives…
Dustin is grateful for that Dominican cutie.Assante recounts his nightmare with Airbnb this weekend.Fran went hiking in Sedona and hung out in a vortex #Hippie4LifeWelcome to The Friend Zone.Wellness Segment + Black Business Highlight of the Week: http://bookedandbusymasterclass.comHave a dope day!
The financial services industry is the easiest industry in the world to make six figures but the hardest industry in the world to make seven. What most folks do when they make some money is they get comfortable and then they coast. That doesn’t work for Travis Jenning’s brain. Travis gets very bored quick, and so after pushing himself to learn ...…
Have you ever wanted to live your life in slow motion? We all experience those times where we wish we could slow down, but they seem to just zip by. Dustin has been reading about how to make the most of life and he has several tips to share on how to slow down and make the most of the time we have. Worth It is the podcast that helps you dream, ...…
Janette Ayub is the head of GIRL UNDERGROUND MUSIC, a blog dedicated to writing about all the best music. Find Janette at https://girlundergroundmusic.comBundy is a podcast, but Bundy is mostly a band! You can find BUNDY's latest album BASTARD PERFORMER on Itunes, Spotify, and wherever you stream music. or everything can be found at www.Bundylb ...…
Pat covers College Football for Yahoo! Sports and joined the show on Tuesday to discuss OSU's chances to make the CFB Playoff with 2 games left. Pat says that IF OSU wins out, things should be just fine for the Buckeyes. Pat thinks Tua will be fine for Alabama, Brian Kelly is under-appreciated at Notre Dame and Louisville can't get and $ from h ...…
The former Buckeye (coach/assistant/player) and current football coach for Cincinnati joined the show in advance of the Bearcats HUGE prime-time/college gameday match-up vs. Central Florida. Luke speaks on what he's learned from the head coaches he's worked under, and how trying to be just like Jim Tressel did him a disservice in 2011.…
Hey ya'll! This week, Dustin sits down with comedians Aaron Weber and Aaron Chewning to chat about growing up in the South. Listen as they discuss which movies they loved as kids aged well, what Southerners think about California, and how an SEC rivalry might break up your family but an English soccer rivalry might just kill you. Follow the Aar ...…
Many people say that wealth comes and goes, but that only goes for those who don’t take the measures to wealth preservation. We hear of the same stories every now and then about someone with great wealth who loses everything just after a lawsuit. United States Supreme Court Counselor Lee Phillips helps us understand how to build the foundation ...…
The Guys hop on the mics to discuss all that is UVA once again. They start with football's win over Liberty, and then they dive right into basketball. They talk about the changes that the team has gone through since last year, how they look different, and how wrong they were about some predictions heading into the season.…
The squad gets together after the Manchester Derby to talk City's dominance, Fulham's satisfaction(?), Charlie Austin's cry for VAR and whether we'll see it in the league, and the team debuts the official Across the Pond Swagometer and the accompanying pronunciation controversy.
Lee Westwood speaks exclusively to Robert Lee and John Hawksworth about his first European Tour victory since 2014 at the Nedbank Golf Challenge Hosted by Gary Player. There’s also reaction from Ross Fisher, Haotong Li and Matt Wallace as well as a preview of this week’s season finale, the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, where two golfers wi ...…
Pointing out what does not work today is the author of the number one personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. He graced us with his presence and shares what may seem “contrarian” in today’s world that is filled with beliefs that do not work anymore. Robert shares what he has learned all throughout his journey as a ...…
Mike and Dusty talk adventures in Asheville, North Carolina, the River Arts District, and go deep on Hallmark movies.
We continue getting the lab setup. Configuring a dedicated network with internet access for the lab using pfSense and VLANs on a managed switch. Configure VLANs on pfSense Home Public Lab Reset and Configure managed switch Patch in and test Configure VMware networki ...…
We're back for season two! And there's no better way to start than with Gary Barlow. In this chat with Fearne, the celebrated songwriter and Take That frontman talks candidly about his life after the group split. From depression and food obsessions, to his renewed sense of family and his slow recovery. Gary's new book, A Better Me, is available ...…
In the first LIVE episode, Mike and Dusty hike up the Mount Cammerer Trail in the Smoky Mountains, get caught up in the ghostly mist, and experience an unknown natural phenomenon.
Interview with Ann Reid the Executive Director of NCSE (National Center for Science Education). Also, some comments on my recent trip and conference attendance at SCICON and FFRF.Investing Skeptically: Sears bankruptcy.
Made from 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps, Brooklyn's Daniel Silverstein and his unique "ReRoll" fabric are taking the fashion world by storm. Zero-waste in and out of the atelier, Daniel's nickname evolved after working in the industry and witnessing first-hand what textile waste is doing to our environment. ZWD joins host Amy Koonin via ...…
We always hear the old adage about how we’re only using a small percentage of our brain. The key here is to unlock that bigger part, and Dr. Srini Pillay gives an unlikely and contrarian point of view on how to do that by using your unfocused mind. Against the popular belief of working your mind to be focused, he says that there is actually a w ...…
Filmmaker Alexandria Bombach discusses her new documentary, "On Her Shoulders," and the challenges of telling Nadia Murad survivor's story and the Yazidi people.By (KCRW, Robert Scheer).
Bob DiBuono (Comedy Central, The View and Kendrick LamarTour) A fuel injected show full of comic impressions and crazy stories. What’s it like to be a premier Trump impressionist. Being on tour with Kendrick Lamar! Hijacking a magicians act. So many laughs! Follow us @leaveuwitdis on Twitter.
Tremors are from South Bay and they came out to Long Beach with a bottle of Jameson, a 12 pack of Corona, and fun intentions. Listen to us get real though! Find them at is a podcast, but Bundy is mostly a band! You can find BUNDY's latest album BASTARD PERFORMER on Itunes, Spotify, and wherever you st ...…
Bill covers college football for The Sporting News and joined Bruce on Thursday to discuss College Football Playoff rankings, OSU's chances to make the final 4 and if anyone has a shot to beat Tua Tagovailoa for the Heisman.
Many purpose-driven professionals and creative entrepreneurs have a hard time knowing their worth and even harder time charging it. There are some that even feel weird simply charging others for their work. So many of us struggle with imposter syndrome that we don’t really value ourselves and what we do. Even though we love what you do we still ...…
With technology changing the way we consume media, more and more people are now flocking to streaming services and opt for cable-cutting. However, there is a science to it that one must understand before diving in deep. Jeremy Edmonds of Cable Cutting Academy helps us figure it all out by talking about why there are so many options coming out a ...…
This week, Justin reveals something unfortunate that happened to him. Dustin and Justin tease a nude photo shoot and bring out their best "southern" accents. Also, should you not masturbate for the entire month of November? That's up to you.
Have you ever had a worship team member that just goes too far? We have. And one of them may be on this show! Join Dustin, James and special guest, Erica, as we talk about how to best manage your worship teams in the most dire situations. Being a worship leader means working with people and people aren't always perfect! How do you handle those ...…
Don't go to Spain without visiting the most beautiful islands of Mallorca and Menorca. And don't go to Mallorca or Menorca until you first listen to where to go and when!Hi, I’m Dustin. Lawyer by day. Traveler by week. I love to travel and share my travel experiences. I’ve been all around the world. Subscribe to watch our fun, exciting, and som ...…
Dave is a former NFL lineman and current radio analyst for the Cincinnati Bengals, he joined Chris and Bruce on Wednesday to preview the Bengals "Salute To Service" Game Sunday versus the New Orleans Saints. Lap says the Bengals role players need to step up and do more in the absence of A.J. Green.
Famed Cinematographer Ed Lachman discusses this year's official New York Film Festival poster, which he co-designed with artist JR. This podcast is brought to you by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Film Lives Here.
Dustin doesn't mind as long as it makes him look good.Assante would never.Fran thinks it will, at least, keep people in check.Welcome to The Friend Zone.Black Business of the Week -
Andrew covers the Columbus Crew for the Columbus Dispatch, he joined the show on Wednesday to preview the 2nd leg of the conference semi's against the New York Red Bulls. Because the Crew beat NYRB 1-0 in the first leg, the statistical advantage is in their favor to advance. Because they shut out the top team in the MLS, the Crew also have mome ...…
For a lot of people who are just starting out in podcasting and are studying with mentors and listening to podcasts and teleseminars, it’s easier to relate to somebody that is closer to where you’re at. You listen to their episodes and read their articles. You go and find somebody you know, that you feel comfortable with, that you feel inspired ...…
In the late 70s, Ben Cohen was a rootless pottery teacher, laid off when his school closed down. Jerry Greenfield was a diligent pre-med, realizing he was never going to get into med school. They'd formed a deep friendship years earlier, as the two chubby kids in their middle-school gym class. Their joint reaction to their separate crises was t ...…
Kane Brown Recaps His Wedding & Honeymoon by
It's a Throwback Tuesday! Today, we bring you the first podcast we ever recorded back in February with multitalented comedian Will Vought. Listen as Will and Dustin discuss Will's start in the New York comedy scene, how to keep your kids safe on the internet and how getting your son a ticket to Comic Con and a new pair of Yeezy's doesn't necess ...…
Ellen Long is a freedom-fighting entrepreneur – whether that involves advising wealth management clients on the path to financial freedom, helping business owners exit with lucrative deals, or her current passion – teaching high school students how to hack college debt-free. She’s the designer and content creator of “Star Culture”, a leadership ...…
The squad suits up to talk about Arsenal's earned point against Liverpool, Newcastle's first win of the season, listener questions including a follow-up to the never-ending chili debate and Champions League and Manchester Derby previews.
…on celebrating the process. Since 2015, we've showcased Philadelphia’s creative community through in-depth interviews, exploring how people developed their creativity, their first experiences in a creative field and their most compelling work. Now we're taking a look back at the designers, photographers, illustrators and creative thinkers who ...…
Follow-Up Missed from SAS 006 Testing Hardware/Software Test everything, try to break it Don’t assume anything Testing backups Monthly backup tests Quarterly disaster recovery tests Annual business continuity tests Today’s Show – Managing IT Vendor Relationships Everyone will need an IT vendor at some point, so build good relationships for when ...…
The Guys are back with another pod this week and this time the focus is on the start of the basketball season! Dustin is so happy, but Rob insists that they discuss the Friday night football loss to Pitt and the implications for the rest of the season. Then the boys jump in and discuss the UVA men's players and what each of their roles is going ...…
Big Boi is a rapper from Atlanta. When he was a teenager, he and Andre 3000 formed OutKast, and went on to sell over 25 million records and win six Grammys. He’s released three solo albums, including Boomiverse, which came out in 2017. In this episode, Big Boi breaks down a song from that album called “Order of Operations.”…
Justin Rose moved back to the top of the world rankings following a successful defence of the Turkish Airlines Open at Regnum Carya Golf and Spa Resort. Robert Lee and Jamie Spence hear from the Englishman as well as the man he defeated in play-off, Li Haotong. There’s also a look back on what was a dramatic conclusion to the Challenge Tour sea ...…
Kurtis E and the Plumes joined us in the studio to talk Gluten, Jazzcat Studios, Czech Republic, and their music of course! Find them at Kurtiseandtheplumes.bandcamp.comBundy is a podcast, but Bundy is mostly a band! You can find BUNDY's latest album BASTARD PERFORMER on Itunes, Spotify, and wherever you stream music. or everything can be found ...…
Tracy is CEO of industrial design firm Hazz Design and co-designer of 250+ consumer products you buy at retail everyday. She is a beacon of reinvention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In this episode you’ll learn: How to market your product Reinventing your personal brand Which tools to leverage in your marketing efforts Love the show? Subsc ...…
Big Announcement! We're headed to Great Smoky Mountain National Park! Mike and Dusty share their upcoming Smoky Mountain adventures and talk exercising those civic duties.
Ep 78 - Cuse, Clemson and The Curse by Dustin & EvanBy (Dustin & Evan).
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