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I was lucky enough to have an epiphany and change my life for good. Now I want to share. I want to invite you to join me and hear about amazing people living their Intentional Success. We will be sharing stories, tip and tools that can bring you closer to the success you choice. It’s not always an easy journey but I promise you it is worth every step. Join me to hear about how you can work towards Intentional Success - Success done on purpose.
A show about current events affecting African American women. IN particular, relationships and negative portrayals of Black women in popular culture.
The Entrepreneurial Journey can be hard and lonely at times. As a successful business owner for over 23 years, Gina brings you inspiration, tips, tools, and interviews with other entrepreneurs to help you along the journey.
The MMA Hour
The MMA Hour is a weekly show that features interviews with the biggest names in mixed martial arts and breaks down the biggest fights.
Gina Charles
Podcast by Gina Charles
Gina Santangelo
Podcast by Gina Santangelo
Gina Bauer
Gina is a Catholic speaker, teacher, and trainer on the truths of the Catholic faith. Her humorous, down-to-earth, practical wisdom style gives listeners everyday applications of the faith.
Gina with help you Thrive in your life and not just surviving
DAMN GiNA Podcast, Give it a listen!
This podcast is a reflection of a college class called Instructional Technology for K - 12 Teachers.
I'll help you move past life's turmoil.I'm more than a conqueror! And so are you. We all go through challenges in life. Exactly how to move past them is not always evident. Before the whispers in you mind field turn into screams, allow me to assist you in finding freedom, deliverance and peace with yourself and those who require your forgiveness.Dr. Gina's Radio Chat is Fun! Exciting! And full of laughter! We will keep it real at all times. It is a place where everyone can come express thems ...
Psychic Medium Belle Salisbury and Gina Lee share their insight and knowledge on the topics of metaphysics, spirituality, and things that go bump in the night with a little humor on the side.
Gina hails from Southern Calif and is a filmmaker and Valerie from New York City. They love to travel, enjoy their families, engage in relevant topics
Gina Luker Live
Hey there, I’m Gina! I help bloggers take their businesses from half-ass to BADA$$
Gina Pero: Elite Performance Coach, Dance-Prenuer, Story Teller/Speaker, Former Radio City Rockette The Golden Path is living a life with ease, joy, and grace. In each episode, you with receive quick and efficient daily tools that allow you to choose this path. Through the sharing of my personal journey and guest interviews, specific examples will guide you on how to easily apply this to your life. This show is a contribution to any individual who values feeling alive and well in their mind, ...
What’s GinaCology? Gina Cloud's unique perspective on being a woman and her philosophy and psychology about life are what GinaCology is about. Gina explores all things woman-related as well as topics in the media, alternative health and wellness, intimacy, sexuality, men's issues, relationships, spirituality, mind/body issues…You name it, NOTHING is off topic. If you’d like information to empower you in your life FROM THE INSIDE OUT, Gina Cloud's GinaCology will lead you there. Some of you m ...
Gina Simon's Podcast
Tiff & Gina
Entertainment to have a conversation about life the woes the UPS the downs the the foes and the gain
Tony and gina On Air.
Come and hear me Anthony and Gina talk about everyghing, from politics, Gay Right Updates music and much much more.
Quality talk radio...personified with YOU in mind!
One couple debates, explains and ultimately enjoys all the amusing challenges and experiences their life has to offer!
A Monthly Mix show brought to you by DJ Gina Turner, now on The Third Thing Network.
When you have no better place to go...Hangout with Gina Grad, Randy Wang, and Elijah Black from the Pretty Good Podcast, it's Radio Worth Watching!
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Gina Giampietro- your professional Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents.
Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
HouseTalk brings the knowledge of all things involved in the real estate process and transaction of purchasing a new home. Gina Oster, show host, has many years of experience with real estate and positions herself as an expert in the first-time home buyer market. You'll hear from Gina as well as industry experts in lending, home warranty, pest control, landscaping, and more! Stay tuned!
Podcast for Program: Palestine and BDS with Professors Angela Davis and Gina DentIn series: Version: Arab Talk Co-Host Jess Ghannam interviews Professors Angela Davis and Gina Dent about their recent trip to Palestine and the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions Movement.
A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.
Langdon Nation
The Show That's Saving The World, One Dirty Joke At A Time
This is BREEZE BLOc Podcast! Join us as we delve deep into our record collection to bring you the most delicious electronic grooves. For more info visit
Living Lighter Radio
Ready to Live Lighter? Gina Silvestri released 150 pounds of extra weight (yes, a whole person!) and is now committed to teaching women and their families how to live lighter lives - first and foremost energetically - so they can feel beautiful, right now, no matter what. Visit her at
The Anxiety Coaches Podcast is a relaxing and inspiring show bringing you lifestyle changes to calm your nervous system and help you heal Anxiety, Panic and PTSD for life! With 2 shows a week Gina, along with the other coaches and special guests, help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD while living a healthy lifestyle all in a relaxing, informative, and inspiring show. Find more at
Join show host Cary Weldy to find solutions to harmonize your home, boost your love life, energize your health…and more!
21st Century Buddhism, The IDP Podcast, features weekly lectures and discussions by IDP Teachers, Interviews with well known authors and personalities and artful explorations of Buddhist teachings in the form of sound collages, and spoken word pieces. Recent Guest Lectures have included Reverend Billy, Simran Sethi, Sharon Salzberg, Brad Warner, Susan Piver, Sera Beak, David Nichtern, Arawana Hayashi, Daniel Goleman, Eric Spiegel, Dr. Miles Neale, Elizabeth Reid, Gina Sharpe, Chas DiCapua, C ...
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of bullshit with Jen Lancaster and Gina B.
Red Fades to Black is Back!Red Fades to Black prides itself on bringing a unique blend of rock, metal, and hardcore music to listeners. Sick of corporate radio and tired of commercial radio's 'so called' rock, Jared and Gina set out to bring the best of rock, metal, and hardcore to an audience worldwide with music including some you will never hear on any commercial station. Back with even more focus on the underground, Red Fades to Black brings unknown and up and coming bands to the masses. ...
Diva Talk Radio
Welcome to DivaTalkRadio. Our weekly shows are dedicated to women of all ages to Empower, Motivate, and Encourage them in all aspects of their lives. So slip on your favorite stilettos and join us. Your Diva-licious host is Kelli Claypool.
British Comedy Guide's own podcast all about comedy. Between 2011 and 2014, we interviewed the likes of Miles Jupp, Chris Addison, John Finnemore, Gina Yashere and Al Murray.
Hey, Listen!
From the creators of comes a podcast of nothing but Zelda news all the Zelda time! Well... maybe not ONLY Zelda...
Serious Moonlight is a podcast featuring discussions and interviews from the NYC dance community focusing on pressing issues in the dance field. This podcast is produced by Gibney Dance Center's Digital Technology Initiative.
...dishing on Tarot, Oracles and other Intuitive Arts. Co-hosted by Gina Thies and Katrina Wynne.
More than a passion, Jon’s addiction is rooted in the only way of life he’s ever known. Even at 8 years old, Jon knew his way around a bow like he knew Florida’s swamps, beaches and backwoods. Cast or blast, Jon was off the grid and on the hunt for hardcore adventures that not only gave him the outdoor fix he needed but served as the cornerstone of a legacy he now shares with Gina and their six children; not that Gina was a fish out of water either. From knee-high, Gina’s father taught her t ...
A podcast for people who ♥ the heartland. Hosted by writer, storyteller and public radio journalist Gina Kaufmann, a Midwesterner born and raised.
Leading celebrity and portrait photographer Gina Milicia discusses how to get the most out of your photography, including all the gear and gadgets you need. She chats to photography enthusiast Valerie Khoo on how to pose people, scout the best locations, and more. Useful tips, practical advice – and even some gossip – to help you get ahead, behind the lens!
Have you ever wished you could listen to everyday people talk movies to death? Listen as Bryan Moriarty, Gina Giovanetti, Sean Moriarty, and Roxi Nobari discuss topics from Fandom and Film Industry alike, bi-weekly. Aaaannd listen with your headphones, because it’s for grown-ups.
Will Smith of and Gina Smith, his wife and an otherwise normal human being, discuss living with nerds, board games, bad reality TV, and raising a kid in the modern age on this occasional podcast.
Hi, I’m Kevin Sonney, and I’m a productivity junkie. I didn’t mean to become one. Seriously. But I found myself in a company provided class on the Franklin-Covey method (complete with a FREE Franklin Planner!), and it was ON. I spent the next year exploring all the options (and spending a LOT of money) on Franklin Planners. Then I discovered the “lifehack” scene. Talk about falling down the rabbit hole! That led to things like David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Gina Trapani’s Todo.txt, OmniF ...
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This week we talk a little more about why and when we play video games, and how it is important for us (and many others) as part of our self-care routines. We'll also catch up on the Wombat Test Subject's productivity, and top it off by talking to my cousin Susan Anderson about how she stays productive.…
The FDA considers banning the word "milk" from non-dairy products, Trevor celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela, and Annie Lowrey discusses her book "Give People Money."
In this episode, Gina describes a technique in which anxiety sufferers take advantage of the discomfort they experience in order to know the constant peace resident within them. According to this wisdom, turning toward the discomfort is where the anxiety sufferer's power lies. Gina further advises to stay aware of the language used in self-talk ...…
President Trump claims to have misspoken when he sided with Russia over the U.S., millionaires use chicken coops as status symbols, and Wiz Khalifa talks "Rolling Papers 2."
Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigns over his use of a racial slur, President Trump sides with Russia against the U.S., and Boots Riley discusses "Sorry to Bother You."
In this episode of The MMA Hour, T.J. Dillashaw joins us to preview his upcoming title defense against heated rival Cody Garbrandt at UFC 227 (00:20:40). Nick Newell discusses his impending opportunity to join the UFC ranks through Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series (00:59:50). Chael Sonnen recaps the Bellator cards over the weekend, U ...…
What if you could have someone stand outside your house and ask you each morning, "Who are you and why are you here?" In this episode, I want to challenge you to get more focused with the content on your website and social channels to allow the right people to know how they can engage with you and hire you to help them. Be sure to connect with ...…
In this episode, Gina discusses stress and stress overload. The signs of stress, the sources of stress, the effects of stress and key ways to manage stress. Everyone has exposure to stress inducing factors in their lives (money, work, relationships, etc.) and these factors exacerbate a range of symptoms (anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, etc.) ...…
Guests, arthur Sophia Ruffin and Comedian Gina GBy (Dr Gina R Prince).
Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., discusses his PBS series "Finding Your Roots," which explores the diverse ancestral backgrounds of celebrities such as Questlove and Ava DuVernay.
Everybody poops and we're finally talking about it all: Period poops. The pleasure of getting regular. Checking your stool as an indicator of health. Eliminating poop shame and stigma. The pleasure of the bidet. And Dr. Susan Stryker on the unnatural social construct of sex-segregated public bathroom. Reading List Everybody is constipated by Ma ...…
We are home from AnthroCon, and we'll talk about the stresses and organizational hurdles we encountered while we were there. And then, since it is the second show of the month, we have answers to your letters!
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards addresses the need to protect reproductive rights in the Trump era and discusses the rise of women running for office in the U.S.
In today's episode, Gina outlines five useful ways to avoid anxiety, or in other words, to have an anti-anxiety mind. At the core of these suggestions lies a duality of emotion that we can use to guide ourselves: open-mindedness, flexibility and curiosity on one hand, and closed-mindedness, rigidity and frustration on the other hand. Using the ...…
Residente discusses how taking a DNA test informed his self-titled solo album and documentary, and reveals how he discovered that he was related to Lin-Manuel Miranda.
"Parts Unknown" host Anthony Bourdain talks about how his years of travel have shaped his worldview and weighs in on the Me Too movement.
The Mixed Martial Arts Hour returns with a recap of the big week with UFC 226 and TUF 27 Finale, and so much more. Below is the rundown of Monday's show: 0:00 -- Show open with a look back at the huge week with TUF 27 Finale, UFC 226 and more. 38:20 -- Alexander Gustafsson joins us to discuss his upcoming bout at UFC 227, plus his thoughts on D ...…
This episode is inspired by spitting sunflower seeds... Disgusting? Yes. But are we sometimes too close to see the obvious? Find more great content at And find me on Twitter and Instagram at: @GinaSchreck or @SocialKNX Facebook:
In this episode, Gina discusses stress and three stages by which people respond to stress, originally identified by stress researcher Hans Selye: Alarm, Resistance and Exhaustion. Gina goes on to describe a number of steps by which we can manage our stress mindfully. The use of writing is noted as particularly useful in our efforts to improve o ...…
"Behave" author Robert Sapolsky describes how the criminal justice system relies on outdated science and discusses neurological differences between liberals and conservatives.
We're at the library, on the beach, and by the pool with our noses in books/kindles. And you know we're all about the stories that share and expand on women's experiences. This week we hear from Jessica Knoll about The Favorite Sister, her novel full of murder and scandal set in the world of reality TV. Glynnis MacNicol's memoir No One Tells Yo ...…
We are at AnthroCon this weekend, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone of our listeners who is able to come. In the mean time, we have a really good interview with Dr. Jennifer Askey, an Academic and Career Coach.
Guests, author Mia Wright, comedian Gina G, and personal trainer Elizabeth BrooksBy (Dr Gina R Prince).
Neil deGrasse Tyson shares his excitement over an eclipse, the politicization of the climate change debate and his book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry."
Today Gina opens the subject up around anxiety and caffeine consumption. Learn the reasons why caffeine is not your friend while clearing your anxiety-panic. Later this month we will be exploring some amazing substitutes for the beloved caffeine :) Links Mentioned in the Episode: Caffeine and medications: ...…
Actor Idris Elba describes how he approached the movie "Yardie" as a first-time director and chats about his film role in "The Mountain Between Us."
The Mixed Martial Arts Hour is back in your life. Below is a rundown of Monday's show: 0:00 -- Show open with a look ahead at the big TUF 27 Finale and UFC 226 week. 0:23:18 -- The Monday Morning Analyst with Jimmy Smith recapping Bellator 201 and looking ahead to International Fight Week. 0:46:00 -- Leslie Smith details the latest developments ...…
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates discusses the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its initiatives to reduce poverty and disease on a global scale.
Are you at a place in your business that you feel out of control? Or maybe you just feel like you have something in the way and you're not sure what it is. In this episode, we're talking to Darcy Luoma, a life and business coach, who works with people on identifying those blind spots. She has some tips on how we can bring more joy back to our w ...…
You've heard it for the past two years, "Use more video in your marketing mix." But still, most small businesses don't. In this episode, Gina shares simple and practical steps to get started and give all the stats you need to motivate you to do it! Be sure to connect with Gina to share the video you create!…
In today's episode, Gina answers a listener question about anxiety and unintended weight loss. Gina reviews reasons for weight loss with anxiety and initially recommends ruling out medical causes (often relating to thyroid functioning). Lack of eating, nervous movement and lifestyle changes, all relating to anxiety, are discussed. Grab an aweso ...…
Guests, Actress D’ATRA Hicks, Poet Bee Jack, Comedian Gina G and fashion stylist DomenciaBy (Dr Gina R Prince).
After a week of upheaval in legal doctrine, the Supreme Court issued another shocking decision: Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down. Legal writer (and icon) Dahlia Lithwick explains why Kennedy has never been a centrist, reviews some of the landmark cases Kennedy decided, and previews the likely jurisprudence to come. (Hint: it’s about as ...…
Hasan Minhaj gives his optimistic take on the future on the Supreme Court, Trevor spreads good news about LGBTQ rights, and Darnell L. Moore discusses "No Ashes in the Fire."
One week to go until AnthroCon, and we are both in Convention Prep Mode. While I work out better ways to keep the Security team organized and display useful information, the Wombat Test Subject is working on her table display, art, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We will also talk to Diana Harlan Stein, three-time Hugo nominee and fantasy artist.…
Trevor highlights Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's primary victory in New York, Michael Kosta weighs in on how liberal incivility could help Trump, and Janet Mock discusses "Pose."
In this episode, Gina offers listeners advice for how to better cope with the experience of lightheaded and dizzy feelings. Central to the experience of lightheadedness and dizziness during episodes of high anxiety is how we breathe. Excess oxygen from increased rate of breathing, without any physical outlet, such as running, will make anxiety ...…
The Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, pundits call for more civility toward Trump officials, and Bill Clinton and James Patterson discuss "The President Is Missing."
Saudi Arabia lifts its ban on female drivers, a Virginia restaurant denies service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and author J. Prince discusses "The Art & Science of Respect."
An at-home, round table review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
The Mixed Martial Arts Hour is back in your life. Below is a rundown of Monday's show: 0:00 -- Show open, explanation of what we're about, UFC Singapore discussion, Kevin Lee's 165 pounds comments about fighting GSP and more. 18:56 -- The Monday Morning Analyst with Dan Hardy on UFC Singapore, UFC 226 mega fights, and more. 1:02:22 -- Brendan S ...…
This fun hack will help you connect with more people on your social media platforms and more importantly, it will help you build relationships faster. Sometimes we pack our social profiles with so many hashtags or with information telling people what we are selling, that it doesn't allow people to connect. Some don't put enough in their bios to ...…
In light of the Trump administration's plan to develop a space force, Trevor wonders if there's something the president knows about aliens that everyone else doesn't.
How does one identify the values that are important to you? Is living to a set of values a useful thing to do, or is it just like hard-work and setting yourself up for more “hard-work
In this episode, Gina guides listeners through the question of whether or not our attachment to our thoughts and desires exacerbate our experience of anxiety and panic. Gina suggests dropping our attachment to our preferences, even if just as an experiment, and observing the impact on our anxiety. The expected outcome is increased calmness and ...…
Trevor tries to make sense of the mixed responses the Trump administration gave about First Lady Melania Trump's questionable jacket choice.
As a solution to Trump's policy of separating migrant families, Trevor calls for less partisan squabbling and more compromise between Republican and Democratic lawmakers.
Donate, Protest, Midterm Elections is the new Gym, Tan, Laundry. Let's move from shock and despair at Ivanka's dad's inhumane immigration policy to reading history and taking action. The white women who defend Trump (and still get burned). Delightful quotes from Flo Kennedy: ''Sweetie,'' she said, ''if you're not living on the edge, then you're ...…
President Trump boasts about his elitism at a rally in Minnesota, Charlottesville racists organize a White Civil Rights march, and Mike Shinoda discusses "Post Traumatic."
Hi everyone! We're here this week with a discussion of better living through chemistry, the Wombat Test Subject Ursula Vernon's new Sitting Ball chair, convention prep, and how presentation matters when selling things. We also have an interview with Cartoonist and Author K. B. Spangler!
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