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This is the Myths Your Teach Hated, a weekly podcast where I tell the stories of cultures around the world in all of their original, bloody, uncensored glory. Modern tellings of these stories have become dry and dusty, but I’ll be trying to breathe new life into them. These stories are NSFW.
I Don't Hate That
Sports, Life and Whatever Else
I hate my job
Gregg and Dean answer the tough questions... and by tough we mean should you listen to PnB Rock? And the answer to that is yes, we say it every other episode.
You Hate Movies
The podcast where casual movie goers, film lovers, and cinephiles argue about movies. Our full catalog of episodes is available to stream and download at youhatemovies.com.
Podcast by Sometimes I Hate You
I hate Average Podcast
Random Convos and opinions with those striving for a not so average life
We Hate Movies
Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
An Opinionated Podcast for Opinionated People
Things Joe Hates
Things Joe Hates is a short (about 20 minutes) weekly podcast about things I hate. Most people hate these things too, but I'm talking about it on a podcast to make the world a better place.
Hope Not Hate
HOPE not hate seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities, building resilience against the politics of hate and fear, at a national and grassroots level and this podcast explores the myriad of ways it does so. Join hosts Joe Mulhall, Safya Khan-Ruf and Maatin Patel as they dive in to the latest HOPE not hate research, far right news, in-depth interviews and more. It's the positive antidote to the politics of hate served up fortnightly.
Podcast for Beyond The Hate: John and Steve take on the "Hate-ist" to prove everything doesn't deserve hate. We use comedy, facts, and sometimes alcohol to open minds to the possibility of actually liking something. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/john-wakeland/support
Podcasts of role playing sessions
The DadBodCast
Cam Weaver and Chad Hoy are two lil bb boi BFFs who do a cute ass, somewhat funny podcast together. If you hate laughing, you'll hate this podcast. And we'll hate you if you hate laughing because that means that you'll hate our life's work, which is this very podcast. Thanks for listening!
Stop Hating Yourself
The world's first self-help podcast where the hosts help themselves while entertaining you!Send your favorite/most despised Affirmations or Some Other BS to us @stophatingcast and your hatemail to stophatingcast@gmail.com
Hate This Podcast
HTP brings in guests (comedians, musicians, authors) that usually regret being on by the end of the podcast. You can't possibly Hate This Podcast as much as we do.
John and Alexx discuss movies, rarely hating them, thus negating the name.
Two friends take turns picking an album to listen to for a week straight. Then they sit down to make fun of it, themselves and each other in their attempt to explain why they hate this album.
Love to Hate
Brandon Luna and Philip Fullman explore the love/hate relationships with everything in existence. Each episode they will tackle a different topic that they love to hate. Nothing is off topic, and no topic is to big or small to tackle.
This is the Myths Your Teach Hated, a weekly podcast where I tell the stories of cultures around the world in all of their original, bloody, uncensored glory. Modern tellings of these stories have become dry and dusty, but I’ll be trying to breathe new life into them. These stories are NSFW.
Comedians Jeremy Sheer and El Jordano Diablo welcome a guest each week to share their hatred of a specific person, place, thing or concept and explore why their venom exists. Is it justified or are they wasting their time? Tune in and find out.
Love to Hate
Nika, Kym, Brad and Steph gather each episode to discuss what things they passionately love and desperately hate. Hilarious arguments, discussion and revelations ensue. You the listeners vote for who you think stated their case the best and should be crowned Salt King or Queen.
Lifetime Uncorked
Whether you love to hate watch, or hate yourself for loving them, "The S#!tty Movie Sommelier" Patrick Serrano with Sidekick Drewbear and a guest break down your favorite made for TV movies, one bottle at a time.
Amanda recaps all the nitty gritty of those early episodes everyone is afraid to talk about. Please join her on this journey of drama and juicy tea!
I am a little too enthusiastic about pop culture, Netflix, mix tapes, Our Host Chris Harrison, and holiday-themed Oreos. I also believe that it’s important to tell your story—even the ones that make you seem a little crazy. Oh, and please do not send me your grandmother's famous green bean casserole recipe. I can assure you it tastes like sweaty feet.
Everything USC for Armchair Media. The realest USC Trojans football podcast, hosted by the most qualified alums: a pop culture writer, business analyst, and screenwriter. Email us: travelerhatesthursdays@gmail.com
The Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast! It’s the podcast where a film maker (Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios) and a comedian (Krissy Lenz of National Comedy Theatre) take a hilarious look at the 80s movies we love, hate, hate to love and love to hate with 2018 eyes and probably a significant haze of nostalgia.
Dance Academy is back. We'll break down every episode of the show we love to hate and hate to love. And love to love. And hate to hate.
Each week Joy and Baub tackle topics that may not be saving the world, but are guaranteed to make you laugh or feel uncomfortable for laughing. Come listen to us discuss topics from a Black Female and Gay Male perspective. P.S. It's not always about dick.
Making fun of your favorite horror movies. Exploring famous hauntings. Harassing other horror podcasts. Investigating true crime. Step inside for one hell of an inappropriate ride. Admission is FREE! ...Cheapos.
Just two hyper-critical English majors talking some pretty big game about The Wheel of Time. Co-hosts Emily and Sally gather around their kitchen table each week to serve you up a full fantasy feast of oft-misremembered summary, hot analysis, scraps of literary theory, and a whole lot of hating Rand.
Rafe Hates Caleb
it's a podcast.
The Hate Bus
We are your source for dumb news and even dumber commentary. The show is best understood as the movie Bloodsport meets The Special Olympics.
A no-nonsense podcast about API design, development, HTTP in general, service-orientated architecture, microservices, and probably bikes. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/apisyouwonthate/support
Light, humorous roundtable discussion of news and politics by real people across the political spectrum. Real debate without the hate!
Hateful optimists and loving pessimists Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie break down movies, TV shows, music, and whatever else that they totally despise… but also really adore at the same time. With the occasional confused special guest!
Hate to Weight
What better way for two podcasters to check in with each other on their weight loss adventures than by starting a podcast about it? Join John (Brand X Podcast) and Emily (The Story Behind) as they try their hardest to shed those pesky pounds and check in with each other every week. Note: We are not doctors, nor do we play doctors on TV (or in this podcast). Please talk to a medical professional before taking any of our advice.
Paradox of Civility
In 2012-2013, I hosted an online radio show called "The Hate Project". The goal of this show was to explore the sources of bigotry and hate by allowing people who are racist, sexist, homophobic to call in anonymously in order to have an honest discussion about why they hate. I'm revisiting this project to reflect on the interactions I had on the show and how many of the ideas expressed are currently mirrored in mainstream America under Trump.
Kevin Hates Hip-Hop
...you think you know, but you have no idea...this is the diary of a young black publicist.
Two beautiful screaming ladies try to escape the burning building that is America in 2019 by yelling into the boundless void of the internet.
Sam and Maggie Hate Glee
Sam and Maggie Carr are going to watch every single episode of the popular TV show Glee (yes, even the last season) and report back to you! As you might tell from the name, we're not the biggest fans. It's okay, though, we promise we'll try to be nice about it.
Married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane bring you the podcast they swore they would never do. 'My Wife Hates Me' combines all of the bickering of a husband and wife with the sharp wit of two cutting edge comedians. Both painfully honest and brutally funny, Vos and Bonnie (Opie and Anthony, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents) give you a glimpse into their lives every week as they vent about the industry, every day life and each other. Subscribe now for free to get every epis ...
Dan hates The Beatles. Well, maybe not "hate" but he just doesn't see the big deal (but that's not as snappy a podcast title). Josh loves the Fab Four. Listen as they run through the Beatles catalog and break down what makes them great or meh.
Grace and Mamrie talk nonsense, common sense and make jokes at their own expense all the while trying to provide you with 30+ minutes of your day you might not hate completely.
I Hate Music
Discussions about music and blind listens with a variety of guests from the music world and beyond. Hosted by Jason Walton.
A show about JavaScript for people who hate the complexity of modern front‑end web development.
Movie Fighters
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson love movies. The kinds you would pick up on VHS on a Friday afternoon and have to watch that weekend, no matter how terrible it was. They also love to hate them. Movie Fighters is a celebration of that. Each episode, they watch a movie, recap it, and try to make sense of it. They often don't.
The topics can be nearly anything. Guests, if they exist, are imaginary. Feedback is encouraged at heydickface@mail.com or jcuf@mail.com. Hate mail is welcome and even thoroughly enjoyed.
Get to know your favorite Netflix stars as they face their toughest interviewer yet– themselves. It's actors like you've never heard them before. We provide the questions, toss them in a bowl, and let the guest do the rest.
Goop Yourself
Bryan Rucker & Aggie Hewitt love and hate Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop.
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show series
On this week's episode, the 2019 Halloween Spooktacular gets a little gross as the gang gags their way through a conversation about the 2009 schlock-fest, The Human Centipede (First Sequence)! How did Tom Six never think to build out ANY of these characters? Are these the two worst cops in film history? And what's the deal with the mad doctor's ...…
Comedian Kelly Thewlis joins the Fat Woke Boyz to discuss her hatred of deodorant.By Jeremy Sheer and El Jordano Diablo.
The boys are back in the studio! Sad pad, back again. Check it to wreck it, let's begin. The boys catch up, bemoan their particular situations, and discuss their non-podcast social interaction in a dark room watching... Jokester! Carl has too many opinions, Catfish not so much. See if you agree with their hot takes! Also, they agree that the ot ...…
Speaking of nipple chafing, you can learn a lot about a lot of things in our coverage of chapters 18, 19, and 20! You'll learn about Curly Boys, Metaphorical Basements, when the wind was invented, and how boats float! Emily also mispronounces every boat term that there is!
Actress and singer Christina Milian is “Falling Inn Love” in her Netflix film. And we’re falling in love with her all over again as she answers questions from our famous fishbowl! And since it’s our season finale, maybe she'll even give us a mini concert. Guess you have to press play to find out.By Christina Milian.
Rev up your baby mills and strap on your brooms for tonight John and Alexx tackle The VVitch. The post Episode 62 – The VVitch appeared first on John and Alexx Hate Stuff.By John and Alexx Hate Stuff.
We listen to the first half of Revolver. Join our FB group "We Love Dan Hates The Beatles" Support Dan Hates The Beatles by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/dan-hates-the-beatles Find out more at https://dan-hates-the-beatles.pinecast.co This podcast is powered by Pinecast.By Josh & Dan.
Derek Gaines stops by to talk about garbage plates, Joker, and eating babies. Twitter & Instagram: @Derek1Gaines @comedy4c @hatethispod @toddgursslin Also YO get your printing shit from Hide The Bodies htbkicksass.comBy Todd Gursslin.
Don’t worry about it.--- This episode is sponsored by · Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet Podcast: Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet is a comedy podcast featuring brother and sister duo Alex and Christine as they recap dramatic readings of one-star reviews, written by real people with not-so-real problems. https://open.spotify.com/show/0UfNJ2DoIfIveU ...…
I picked this for my birthday in 2018. With the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie coming out, let's take a look at the hate for the original. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/john-wakeland/support
Joker Review we give our scores and takes on the movie, GOAT Bracket its the final match up between Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, RIP Gunner we give our favorite Gunner moments and one last G of the week but without him.By I Don't Hate That.
Trigger Warnings: ethnic cleansing, oppression, white boy feelings, poison, abandoning allies, punching down, messy bitches, male spaces, the Joker, ISIS, going to therapy, Todd Phillips, authoritarian leaders, Hillary's emails, woke culture, the Venice Biennale, birthdays, Amanda Palmer, the death of comedy, astrolabes We're drinking Diet Coke ...…
Against all conceivable odds, Warner Brothers and DC have somehow done the unthinkable and delivered a true cinematic experience: Joker. Featuring: Abi Porter, Josh Porter, Matt Hughes, Mike Jensen, Patrick Porter, and Tyler Hanns Spoilers: JoyBy You Hate Movies.
Mike the Half Human GM continues his new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game, played on Sunday of course.By We Hate Bards.
We discuss halloween decor, ghostly encounters, and premier Ghost Fucking by Creep PatrolBy Baub / Joy.
Andy spends his entire lunch break trying to remember a joke from hit American comedy show Family Guy while Viktor tries to get ready for his day. Andy also talks to Viktor abou Kylo Ren’s misguided anger in the upcoming Star Wars film featuring his Darth Grandpa.By Sometimes I Hate You.
Hello all! Today has been a long time coming! I am joined by one of my best friends in the universe (and AL2H OG fan), John Moum to discuss a very boring episode of Teen Mom 2 (shocker). But we find tons of fun topics to veer off into, including some very embarrassing college stories from both of us! On this episode, Leah acts LESS MATURE than ...…
’Tis the seasons my friends! No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving turkey or yuletide cheer. I’m talking about autumn and all of its amenities. For some of you, it’s the invasion of pumpkin-spice infused things, including but not limited to: coffee, muffins, for some reason Oreos, hand sanitizers, candles, and Burt’s Bees chapstick. For others ...…
Hey everyone, sorry about the delay in episodes - our home has been ravaged by an annoying cold. Anyway, this is our wrap-up episode for season 5 featuring Sam's kitty, Gus. Don't worry about him, he just wanted to be included. Anyway, season 5 - the best season of Glee? No, of course not. It is a strange turn though and we walk through memory ...…
To mark the launch of the HOPE Education Fund our Director of Education and Training, Owen Jones, and Teri, a teacher in a secondary school that has worked with HNH before, discuss the need for resources to counter prejudice, and encourage empathy. This episode also features Robbie Mullen, our source from inside the proscribed Neo-Nazi group, N ...…
Get marooned on an island and then scream and flail as your head mask is filled with bees cause we're talking about The Wicker Man! In this latest episode of our month of Spooky Scream-os, Kat and Jocelyn discuss all aspects of this bonkers film, from Nic Cage's ludicrous performance to how inconvenient the women's plan is, and invent their lat ...…
Before moving in with Uncle Phil, fighting aliens, giant spiders, defeating Foreman or gettin jiggy with it Will Smith faced Freddy Krueger in the unlicensed single A Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1988). Also in this prepisode music news of the weird, questions and we announce next week’s album. In this episode we ...…
Got Prof. P back another fun convo discussing our week 5 NFL picks. We got into some current events and we tried not to but a tad bit of Trump convo lol.
New to Hate to Weight? Make sure you’re subscribed so you’ll never miss an episode and so you can listen to all the back episodes! Call in your WINS anytime! 760-WINNING -— 760-946-6464 Meet Your Hosts: John Bukenas is a podcast editor from New Jersey. He started the podcast doing keto and intermittent fasting, but is now gearing up for bariatr ...…
This week on MYTH, it’s off to the Pacific Northwest for a tale from the First Peoples of the Americas. You’ll learn that Pinocchio was a bird before he was a puppet, that whales and ravens are cousins, and that you should be careful who you let into your mouth. Then, in Gods and Monsters, we’ll meet the deadly cannibal offspring of furry lovin’.…
official final fantasy vii remake can’t get their shit together. people who put they loving having a good time on their profile… nah, really? you done love having a bad time?? please watch ‘drop dead gorgeous’ on hulu. sam rockwell movies??!? gus johnson! joebiden.info? rafe’s high-low high: drinking with beaucoup low: everything else caleb’s h ...…
This week we discussed: Simian simulation, Breaking and tendering, Fruit flap, Bananassault, Blow J's from a homeless, Penis injection day, Playing tug o' war with your pecker, Poo in the boogaloo, Coral snake hero, Arabian Goggles, Lolbert, Spicing up the bean dip, Outhouse obliteration, Karen on Claws, Booty call crack up, Ashtray noggin, Wil ...…
Celebrate the official arrival of October with a short episode from the Mikey Hates Horror podcast! I make fun of girls who dress like Harley Quinn, I prank call people, and I finish the show with a very real ghost story. Subscribe today, or leave a review, or else I'll prank call you and you'll be haunted forever by the things you never accomp ...…
I have a friend of mine, Rell Johnson and we chop it up about the benefits of investing in real estate. This episode of "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" is brought you by our sponsor: Pacific Home Buyers Intro Song: "Validation" by Payroll Giovanni Follow Me On Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram www.kevinhateshiphop.com…
Love: Missy Elliott Alex finally breaks his embargo on music-related topics to talk up who he considers to be one of the most underrated rappers in Hip Hop, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott. Alex calls out all of the sexism, body-shaming, and club-jam snobbery that keeps her out of most GOAT conversations, Andy discusses his own Top 5 at the start, ...…
Philip and Brandon discuss the world of Vaping. Oh Joy.....By Luna Podcast Group.
Joe, Lisa and Jake take this opportunity to give you the story of Lisa's event that has kept us away for the past 4 weeks. It has been a terrible experience for all of us and for our family and friends, but we are all very glad that Lisa is, miraculously, okay.By Joe Hates.
Send it to heydickface@mail.com or to jcuf@mail.com. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fmBy Thomas Johnson.
It's a big old lovefest around here for the end of season 4 and some heavy hitters are dropping! Will Brad use his steal or will he whither away like so many dead leaves? We discuss how good it feels when you don't have to leave the house, and the joys of feeling fancy. Our editor is Josh Scalf @jwscalf…
This episode is brought to you by Stoplight.io (https://stoplight.io)! Check out Studio today if you are creating an API with the OpenAPI Specification. In this episode, Phil talks about how his trip across the United States via train went. We also talk about how to monitor APIs and what is the best APM solution for monitoring GraphQL endpoints ...…
Once again, back is the incredible, the rhyme animal, the uncannable CC-P. He brought with him the latest King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album, "Infest the Rats' Nest." As always, when the Gizz releases a new record, we are here with bated breath, ready to digest and dissect, to criticize and celebrate. On this album King Gizzard decide to ...…
CW: Hate Speech/Language On this episode...I revisit the final episode of "The Hate Project" which aired on September 9th, 2013. I reflect on "The Hate Project" overall, troll the trolls in the chat, and field phone calls from right-wing radio host "Newsguy" and "Kennewick Man" who I interviewed on Episode 28 and appeared on Episodes 5, 6, and ...…
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