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Just two hyper-critical English majors talking some pretty big game about The Wheel of Time. Co-hosts Emily and Sally gather around their kitchen table each week to serve you up a full fantasy feast of oft-misremembered summary, hot analysis, scraps of literary theory, and a whole lot of hating Rand.
The realest USC Trojans football podcast, hosted by the most qualified alums: a pop culture writer, business analyst, and screenwriter.Email us: think you know, but you have no idea...this is the diary of a young black savage.... is a no-fluff and actionable marketing podcast for people sick of shady, aggressive marketing. Louis Grenier interviews marketers who are not afraid to cut through the BS and say things as they are. Learn how to get more visitors, more leads, more customers, more long-term profits, by using good digital marketing: by treating people the way you'd like to be treated.
Chase Hates You
This podcasts touches on the human condition , the struggle and the beauty of it all, as related to the hosts personel experience. Talking in depth about the false social constructs and lies perpetuated by society and the falesies in which they are embedded. Also the growth that is made possible by suffering and the change in trajectory that is possible with the right attitude and action, also music, art, finance, comedy, spirituality, growth and nutrition/health.
Red State Update
Trump-hating rednecks Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about the news from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. News and analysis, fake local sponsors, dispirited Trump-bashing-- If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey face, this is the podcast for you. I mean "y'all."
80s Music Exposed!
A podcast that reviews all the albums you loved, hated, or missed during the decade you loved! A new project from the guys that bring you the NoGD Band podcast!
An almost weekly sit-in with three marketing guys with glasses.
Veteran progressive journalists, strategists and activists Cliff Schecter ("The Real McCain," contributor to the Daily Beast) and John Aravosis (The Economist, UN, AMERICAblog LGBT) give you an unfiltered and often-humorous insider's look at the latest political news, and the action steps you need to get involved and RESIST. And Rush Limbaugh hates us.If you enjoy the show, help us grow our community, and listen to our full episodes, by becoming a Patreon patron: ...
Everyone hates Lucy
"Hilarious, insightful and unmissable" - our Granny
Jim desperately needs a guys weekend and Jason hates everything.
We interview hard to reach entrepreneurs. (Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John & many more). Unlike most podcast interview series Nathan Chan literally started from knowing nothing. He was just an average guy working in a 9-5 job he utterly hated. He knew nothing about entrepreneurship, nothing about startups, nothing about marketing, and nothing about online or how to build a business. So from launching Foundr Magazine he's gone out and spoken t ...
Films on Trial
Do you like films? Do you like debating whether a film is a cinematic triumph, or if it’s a big hot mess? Well, we’ve got a brand new podcast for you. We aim to settle those raging debates once and for all, as we put Films on TrialWe’re five lads from Liverpool and each week we will act as judge, prosecution, defence and witness, as we recreate a courtroom scenario, and decide whether a much loved (or hated) film should end up on the Hit List or not. There are also regular sections on news, ...
Damian Duffy After Dark (DDAD) is a pop-culture comedy show where everything is better... after dark (and we're not talking about the 90's Mac screensaver). We entertain you always in raspy, sexy, hushed voices with topics that are germaine to everyone everywhere everyday forever and ever amen.
I help sensitive spiritual nonconformists live wholehearted, unconventional lives.
The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows ...
Bloody Date Night
Liz & Josh are dating. They like each other and they love each other. Where that stops is with Josh's love of horror films. Join them as they cover a different horror film each episode and get the perspective of a horror film buff vs. a horror film novice. Stay until the end to find out if Liz hates one enough to leave Josh.
98KUPD Holmberg's Morning Sickness is Arizona's #1 Morning Show. John Holmberg attempts to both entertain and disturb as many listeners as possible with assistance from Brady Bogen, Creepy E, and Dick Toledo. Tune into 98KUPD weekdays 5:30a-10a.
The Alan Cox Show 24/7 is a twisted talk show in Cleveland, mixing news, pop culture, interviews and general nonsense hosted by Alan Cox w/ co-hosts Bill Squire, Erika Lauren, and fan favorite Poundcake.
The Contrarians
Hosts Alex Mattis and Julio Olivera take on popular opinion, trashing movies everyone loves and praising movies everyone hates. Visit their website at
Television Zombies
Each week, Jeff, Tina, Paul and Zack discuss the latest news and happenings in the world of science fiction and fantasy television, as well as review new episodes of favorite (and hated) shows. From Game of Thrones to Orphan Black, we look at the latest, greatest and lamest and give an irreverent view of new TV. Bad TV may be a brain eating monster lurking in the dusty corners of your living room, but Television Zombies are along for the fight!
Lie To Me Podcast
Each week we'll use our wit, humor and well-honed survival skills to tackle the issues that affect women's lives - work, relationships, politics. Everything from "Vanderpump" to hating Trump. We'll mine for humor in the darkest places, and join together in the endless search for the perfect ballet flat. Come join the party, Lovely Liars!
Cauldron Juice
Find the powerful gems. Stop the hateful Dragon Club. Save the frickin' world.An incredibly interconnected adventure story that bounces inelegantly between silly and serious.Five heroes, Aziza, Kosef, Tam, Xander, and Anthel, stumble their way into a conglomerated plot so perplexing that they completely ruin Dungeon Master Grant's plans (which is exactly as it should be).New episodes every week (or close to!). Run on D&D 5E and pure imagination.
Weed + Grub
Spark up and chow down with Mike Glazer and Mary Jane (yes, that’s her real name) as they smoke, snack, and swap tales about everything from meatballs to death walls. They love cooking, cannabis, comedy and pop culture, but disagree on important things—like Mike hates milk chocolate (and MJ knows he’s wrong). WEED + GRUB is two friends sharing laughs and stories from their insane lives, and interviewing fascinating guests from all walks of life. Light a joint, grab a bite and come along.
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Maxed Out
A cheeky podcast by a couple of pseudo-professionals who care all about what you put on your face and body. Tune in for unapologetic ranting and raving about our favorite and most hated trends, products and some potentially unsolicited advice. Instagram: @maxedoutpodcast
NihilaLuLu hates you
Xchel married Joleen, which means he also married Bravo TV. She loves it. He hates it. Listen as these two comedians hilariously recap episodes of your favorite Bravo Television shows.
Join librarians Alexa and Jenny as we talk books. What we're currently loving, what we're hating, and what we can't wait to read next!
Two sisters, Judith and Leah, talk about musicals they love, and try to defend a musical to someone who hates it.
Television Zombies
Each week, Jeff, Tina, Paul and Zack discuss the latest news and happenings in the world of science fiction and fantasy television, as well as review new episodes of favorite (and hated) shows. From Game of Thrones to Orphan Black, we look at the latest, greatest and lamest and give an irreverent view of new TV. Bad TV may be a brain eating monster lurking in the dusty corners of your living room, but Television Zombies are along for the fight!
This is a Christian podcast for the people who see the signs and know the times we live in and can see the truth as it is written in the bible. This show will deal with the topics such as Christian persecution and how it's getting worse as well as my point of view on subjects of today and how it ties to the word of God. In time I want to have guests on to talk about fringe topics not talked about by most Christians today.
Set in 19th century Russia, The Brothers Karamazov (Russian: Братья Карамазовы) is the last novel written by the illustrious author Fyodor Dostoyevsky who died a few months before the book's publication. The deeply philosophical and passionate novel tells the story of Fyodor Karamazov, an immoral debauch whose sole aim in life is the acquisition of wealth. Twice married, he has three sons whose welfare and upbringing, he cares nothing about. At the beginning of the story, Dimitri Karamazov, ...
Welcome! In this podcast I'm going to need your help! Join me as I read my work aloud but what I need from you is simply, your Critique. Tell me in the messages what you think. Is it good? Is it bad? If you loved it or hated it. I'm all about getting creative criticism and just want to hear from you as well! Tell me what you would like to hear! I've got poems that are published in another app and stories I haven't quite figured out yet that I would love to get some feedback on. Don't hold ba ...
TigerWolf is a podcast dedicated to the discussion and experience of our nerd culture. Come join us.
We're pleased you could join us for New Song Christian Fellowship's daily episodes of Walking Through the Word. This book-by-book journey through the scriptures is dedicated to helping you understand God's truth, and how to live out that truth in confident faith and loving obedience. We pray this podcast blesses and empowers you as you advance His kingdom. Be prepared for the Word to change you.
The Poetry Show
Welcome to The Poetry Show - A weekly podcast that transforms that thing you hated at school into something exciting, interesting and relatable.
The Command Zone
Your weekly source for all things Commander (aka EDH), a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering format, with hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. Focused on all aspects of gameplay and strategy from table politics, budget builds, to deck building and more!
BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many others. © WNYC Studios
Allen & Whitney are good friends, who often disagree. Split the Difference is a weekly curated conversation that attempts to address the gray areas in a black and white world. Taking on everything from politics to pop culture, science to media, sports to art, Split the Difference is what we liked, hated and just plain wanted to talk about in our worlds each week.
The weekly sermon from Trinity City Church in St. Paul, MN. Located at 1849 Marshall Avenue.
Most women want to have a better relationship with food. Overeating, Emotional Eating, Cravings and Binging are real, and clearly, willpower and discipline are NOT working. Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist, believes that to have food freedom we must go Beyond the Food and learn to have a relationship with our hunger to finally be at peace with food, eat normally without guilt or shame and end the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. In this podcast, Stephanie will help you discover a new a ...
Over twenty consecutive months, Charles Dickens enthralled readers with his monthly installments of the novel Bleak House, a complex and compelling portrayal of the English judicial system. Serialized in his own magazine, Household Words, between 1852 and 1853, the book is deemed to be his finest work and is his ninth novel. Using an innovative literary technique known as “free indirect discourse,” where the narrator himself speaks through the medium of one of his main characters, Dickens us ...
2 Dope Queens
Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are funny. They’re black. They’re BFFs. And they host a a live comedy show in Brooklyn. Join the 2 Dope Queens, along with their favorite comedians, for stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of other S**t. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Sooo Many White Guys, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many ...
Heart and Soul
Personal approaches to spirituality from around the world.
Join our experts at the Consumer Reports Test Track as they discuss cars, answer buying questions, and share insights on everything automotive.
Thirty Twenty Ten
A pop culture time machine! Each episode covers one week that very week from 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago, which means each show is loaded with forgotten movies, timeless TV episodes and songs best left to the past. We'll examine TV, movies, music and video games from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Come remember with us!
Video Shames
Video Shames is a fun, feel-good podcast where SHOF and COLE talk about underappreciated video games(whether they're obscure or outright hated) and why they like them anyway!
Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.
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New York Times: Trump pressured acting Attorney General to interfere in Cohen probe, New York Times: Trump has asked his advisers if Rosenstein has been deliberately misleading him to keep him calm, Bernie Sanders enters 2020 race: Ideas I talked about in 2016 were called radical, now part of "Political mainstream", Democrat report: Trump admin ...…
It’s a mailbag episode! On today’s show we’re answering listener questions like: Should the INFECT rules be changed in EDH? How do you handle missed rules interactions, after the fact? When is that fan episode of Game Knights finally going to come out?? And many more! ---------- Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, ...…
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Congratulations to our Queens on their latest HBO Specials! As a special thanks, we're bringing back our fave episodes, including this classic with the magical Tig Notaro (One Mississippi). We've got advice on everything from relationship woes to workplace revenge. Plus, Tig shares the worst advice she ever received. Stay tuned for some brand n ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - The Entertainment Drill - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Creepy's Premature Hot Releases - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Brady Report - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Opening Break - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Want to learn how one B2B marketing campaign made $64 million from a $6,000 budget? Ryan Bonnici joins the podcast to share the exact steps he took and how you can follow his strategy. Listen in to hear us chat about content marketing, search engine optimization, and how to drive tangible results without using growth hacks. We discussed: Why yo ...…
February 19, 2019 Lev. 7:28-9:6; Ps. 37:12-28; Prov. 10:5; Matt. 3:31-4:25
Trump slams McCabe, Rosenstein after claim Deputy AG offered to wear wire, discussed 25th Amendment; Sen. Klobuchar to make 2020 pitch to voters at CNN Town Hall; Klobuchar vows to focus on midwest voters as part of 2020 pitch; Biden whispers answer when asked if he'll run in 2020; Freshman Democrats drive party's agenda in Washington; Freshman ...…
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Strange or obtuse; a stinging homophobic slur; a radical political rejection of normativity; a broad term encompassing every and any variation on sexual orientation and gender identity: the word 'queer' has a multifarious past and complicated present. This is just a fraction of it. — Helen Zaltzman hosts the podcasts, The Allusionist and Answer ...…
February 18, 2019 Lev. 6:1-7:27; Ps. 37:1-11; Prov. 10:3-4; Mark 3:7-30
In this episode we discuss alternate titles for the Dragon Reborn, Rand pulls a Gone Girl, Perrin goes Elizabethan, and Masema drinks the kool-aid. Can't we all just get along? Seriously, Perrin and Moiraine: JUST GET ALONG.
This week the gang put Man on Fire on trial. Is it on fire? Or is it just burnt? In the news, the gang talk about the Superbowl commercials, Hobbs and Shaw and the passing of Dick Miller. Plus in this week’s Film Feels we discuss our favourite men on fire. Also, this week’s quiz is from Captain Dave, so you can count on it being well researched ...…
Garrett Graff, who wrote the seminal biography of Robert Mueller (The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller's FBI and the War on Global Terror), is one of America's top experts on Trump-Russia. Garrett joins us to talk about the Russia probe, from its beginnings to where it may ultimately lead and whether justice will finally be served. I've kno ...…
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This week it's comics with daddy issues, some light New Jersey bashing, and Josh Flanagan shares a story of great loss. Running Time: 01:16:45 Pick of the Week: 00:01:52 - Avengers: No Road Home #1 Comics: 00:12:12 - Strangers in Paradise XXV #10 00:19:16 - Criminal #2 00:25:11 - The Flash #64 00:27:37 - Superman #8 00:32:33 - Thor #10 00:41:05 ...…
In this episode I take a hard look into the horrific facts about the abortion industry. From bible verses to Margaret Sanger quotes to abortion doctors themselves explaining baby murder. This episode covers everything that America needs to stop before America is destroyed. 61 million babys killed and counting. Will we end it or will we stay sil ...…
February 17, 2019 Lev. 4:1-5:19; Ps. 36:1-12; Prov. 10:1-2; Mark 2:13-3:6
More great books at
This Saturday: TigerWolf Plays! David and Josh try to trick each other with movie quotes. David's quotes are from DC or Disney and Josh's are from Marvel or Dreamworks. Lets see who can guess the most right! Thank you to everyone who listens! Don't forget to tell your friends. Episode Release Schedule: Thursdays @ ~6PM Pacific TimeSaturdays @ 1 ...…
Fake love is the most dangerous and toxic element towards a hustla's growth. In this episode, I give seven differences between real versus fake love. This episode of "Kevin Hates Hip-Hop" is brought you by our sponsor: Pacific Home Buyers. Click Here To Read My Latest Articles On Medium! Follow Me On Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram www ...…
February 16, 2019 Lev. 1:1-3:17; Ps. 35:17-28; Prov. 9:13-18; Mark 1:29-2:12
Science versus religion! Spock versus his own brother! Shatner versus God!!!! How on Earth is this movie considered the worst Star Trek movie ever made??? Listen to Alex and Julio as they marvel at the talents of William Shatner behind and in front of the camera, the charisma of Laurence Luckinbill as an intergalactic preacher, and the dark dis ...…
Special Counsel says it has evidence of longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone communicating with Wikileaks; Ann Coulter: "Only national emergency is that our President is an idiot"; Trump declares national emergency at border to secure funding for wall, then admits he didn't have to declare one; Dem Rep. Ocasio-Cortez takes victory lap after Ama ...…
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We're popping off to celebrate the latest 2 Dope Queens HBO Specials by revisiting our favorite episodes of all time. This show was an instant classic when Jon Stewart stopped by to celebrate Jessica's birthday. Plus, Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show) channeled Macy Gray, and Jessi Klein (Inside Amy Schumer) got revenge on her garbage pile of ex ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Guadalupe Squares - Friday February 15, 2019 - Today's Squares guests included NBA HOFer Charles Barkley, 'Strict' Dad Brady, Iconic Rap Legend Ice-T, and Clint Eastwood along with all the regular players and more.By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - The Entertainment Drill - Friday February 15, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Comedian Carlos Mencia @ The All-New CB Live At Desert Ridge, In Studio - Friday February 15, 2019 - For tickets/info call 602.910.5161 or click www.cblive.comBy (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Daryl Davis collects Ku Klux Klan memorabilia – KKK robes, hoods and masks. He says they are given to him by those leaving the white supremacist organisation, after he has spent time befriending them and persuading them to change their views. Heart and Soul hears from Daryl about what drives him, his Christian faith and concerns about racial di ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Brady Report - Friday February 15, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Voter on Kamala Harris: Just because someone looks like you, doesn't mean they're going to enact policies that benefit you; Kamala Harris heads to S.C. as she faces questions about her "blackness"; WH releases sparse results of Trump's annual physical; Cheney cardiologist calls for "greater transparency" on Trump's physical results, criticizes ...…
Jackie and Dunlap on Trump's National Emergency, his alleged phone call with Lou Dobbs and Hannity, McCabe & the 25th, Manafort, McConnell, Trump and Beto dueling wall shows. Sponsors: Z-H Black-eyed Peppermint Pea Hearts and Z-H Mouse Collection. Thanks to everybody who Patreons us at "The Magic Cowboy" courte ...…
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