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Primary Care RAP
Your work is hard; staying current shouldn’t be. Keep your practice ahead of the curve with entertaining, engaging and concise primary care and family medicine topics from world-class educators. This iTunes segment is just one monthly free segment of the full Primary Care RAP show. Get 3 hours of fresh podcast episodes per month and 42 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ per year when you sign up for the full podcast at Don’t forget to download the Primary Care RAP app in the app stor ...
FMEC Podcasts
FMEC Podcasts
A weekly podcast series, hosted by Frank Domino, MD, covering newsworthy topics and patient-focused best practices in Family Medicine.
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This episode reviews a study that looked at imaging that was performed over a one year period for women with a complaint of breast pain. Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC Landing Page:
Cannabinoids include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol, which are found in marijuana, as well as synthetic compounds such as nabilone. The agents have been studied for the treatment of various chronic pain conditions. A meta-analysis was performed that analyzed any cannabinoid, for any chronic pain condition. Guest: Alan Ehrlich MD Lan ...…
There are four main types of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, and there are nuances to how each should be managed differently. In this segment, Drs. Megan Jones and Neda Frayha walk us through these four categories, how to tell them apart from one another and how to manage them, including when to consider early delivery.…
Evidence of the efficacy of statins to reduce ASCVD morbidity and mortality in individuals > 75 years who have known clinical ASCVD (secondary prevention) is well established. Primary prevention in this population has not been as clear. Join us while we discuss a recent study in the BMJ which assessed the benefits of statins for primary prevent ...…
This episode will review a randomized controlled trial of adding 10.5 grams of a soluble fiber, psyllium, to a Type 2 Diabetes diet and its influence on weight loss, BMI and other parameters of diabetes. Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC Landing Page:…
As fall arrives, many patients question the need for an influenza vaccine while clinicians urge patients to get it. 2017-18 flu season data shows high influenza mortality. Learn how to help motivate patients to accept the vaccine. Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC Landing Page: ...…
8% of patients believe they have a penicillin allergy, yet the actual number is far less. Listen to this episode to learn about the incidence of penicillin allergy, the risks associated with reporting a believed allergy, and how you can better manage these patients. Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC Landing Page: ...…
Wayne Jonas MD: Family Physician and author of How Healing Works
Michael Fine MD: Family Physician and author of the Healthcare Revolt
Joe Scherger MD MPH: Family Physician and author of Lean and Fit
Wayne B Jonas, MD of Samueli Integrative Health Discuss Whole Person Orientation to Care
Dr. Rana Awdish, MD a pulmonary and critical care physician in Detroit, Michigan, wrote an incredibly powerful, bestselling memoir (In Shock) about her own experiences as a critical care patient. In this segment, she sits down with Neda Frayha, MD to talk about healing, the ways the giant medical education industrial complex contributes to prov ...…
Whole Person Care with Scott Conard, MD
Listen to this episode to learn about the update to the 2012 United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendation on screening for cervical cancer.
Listen to this episode to learn about a small study which found that adding 35 grams of fiber and 0.8 grams of protein/kg/day to the diets of obese patients—without making any other diet changes—led to weight loss at 12 weeks. Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC
Both the WHO and AAP recommend exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age then solids and breast milk until 12 months of age. The well-established benefits of breastfeeding include support of infant growth and development of immunity. Recently, a clinical trial from the UK found an association between the early introduction of foods and infa ...…
Best practices in treating acute and chronic pain have been clouded by years of misinformation. Listen to this podcast episode to learn an evidence-based recommendations that dispels these myths and encourages a new and better approach to pain management.
Dr. Paul Offit is a world-renowned expert on the safety and efficacy of vaccines. He has authored over 160 articles, co-invented the rotavirus vaccine, and been featured on shows like “60 Minutes,” “The Daily Show,” and “The Colbert Report,” among many others. In this segment, Sol Behar and Neda Frayha pick Dr. Offit’s brain about why our patie ...…
The number of adults in the US on prescription medications is rising, with approximately 15% taking five or more daily medications. A recent study found that depression is a common side effect—37.2% prevalence among American adults taking prescription medications—and is associated with an increased risk of concurrent depression. Guest: Susan Fe ...…
J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD MPH - A Primary Care Transformer
Catherine Florio Pipas MD, MPH challenges us to rethink how we support physician wellness
How Healing Works with Wayne Jonas, MD
Chronic non-cancer pain in adults over 60 years old is common. The consequences are a decreased quality of life, disability and increased healthcare costs which can be due to the cost of therapies or from adverse pharmacologic effects to name a few. This episode discusses the results of a systematic review and meta-analysis by Niknejad et al (2 ...…
Adults often present with atraumatic shoulder pain around age 50 and are diagnosed with impingement syndrome (rotator cuff tendonitis). However, as this recent study demonstrates, the standard of care for treatment should not be surgery. Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC
A recent longitudinal study of high school students in the LA area found a modest but significant association between high-frequency digital media use (phones, tablets) and subsequent ADHD symptoms. Join us as we discuss these findings and the possible impact on adolescent primary care. Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC…
Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples in the U.S., and patients often present first to their primary care providers. In this segment, reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist Dr. Lauren Roth takes us through the workup and treatment algorithm of patients with infertility, including treatment risks and success rates.…
This episode is an introductory discussion of the very real problem of physician burnout. It affects you and those around you. What do we know about burnout and how can we move beyond it? Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC
Are you a fan of your annual physicals, or are you moving away from them in your practice? In this segment, Neda and our new PC RAP contributor Aisha Lofters debate the merits and drawbacks of the annual physical. Spoiler alert: Aisha wins!
There are over 140 different types of interstitial lung disease, all with their own acronym. This adds up to a complex alphabet soup that can be hard to keep straight in our daily practice. In this segment, pulmonologist and medical educator Dr. Nirav Shah provides us with a broad framework for understanding ILD and how to approach the workup a ...…
In this episode, we will discuss using an inhaled steroid twice a day to control mild asthma symptoms, versus using the combination budesonide and formoterol. Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC
Severely reducing the need for hospitalization in frail elders as they approach end of life.
We Rise by Lifting Others - A discussion with Kristen Goodell, MD of Harvard Center for Primary Care
The Harvard of Canada meets the Harvard of the U.S
The Doctor Crisis with Jack Cochran, MD
PinnacleHealth Creating Innovations that Prepare Healthcare Systems for value based payments
PinnacleHealth - Innovating from fee for service to full risk payment model with Robert Nielson
An Interview with Nick Turkal MD from Aurora Health in Wisconsin
Innovative Approaches to Primary Care Service Delivery with Anoop Raman MD
High Performing Physicians who Facilitate Patient Behavior Change with Jessica Greene Ph
An interview with Health System CEO, Janice Nevin, MD of Christiana Care
DPC a Pathway to Family Medicine with Brian Lanier MD
Do You Offer Disease Reversal to Your Patients by Sarah Hallberg, DO
An Interview with Cliff A. Robertson, MD of Creighton Health
Chris Matthew of The Inline Group - Efforts to Recruit Family Physicians
Chris Matthew of Inline - Rising Compensation for Family Physicians
Chris Mathew of Inline discuss Family Medicine Job Searching
Cathleen London MD - Her path to Family Medicine
Barry Kerzin MD - Altruism in Medicine
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