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Dj Scratch Master
Scratch Master Trinidad, Grenada, St Vincent, Barbados
A Show about the Entrepreneurial Life
Colombian and English duo Liz and Rob teach you Spanish from zero. Assuming no prior knowledge, we equip you with phrases, vocabulary, and a decent base in grammar so you can level up as soon as possible! We guide you through the learning process, with periodic reviews so that you can make sure you've nailed it. We update frequently, so be sure to subscribe so as not to miss an episode! Also, don't forget to check out our world of Spanish materials, articles, audio and general obsession at S ...
Startup Notes
Startup Notes is the hub for unique entrepreneurial insights. Every two weeks, we publish a podcast interview with an accomplished founder or venture capitalist from Europe. We talk about all things startup-related – from identifying an opportunity, finding investors, to growing and scaling a company from three people to an international operation with hundreds of employees.
Andy Picarro and Collin Chamberlin, two overweight comedians, talk NHL hockey. Seriously, these guys are skating 4th line minutes in a beer league and give their opinions on the best athletes in the world. If you like hockey, you'll probably like this. If not, don't tell anybody.
Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts include presentations and reflections relating to student engagement, the effective use of digital technologies to support learning, digital storytelling, web 2.0 in the classroom, and other topics related to improving both teaching and learning. Learn more on Produced by Wesley Fryer in Edmond, Oklahoma.
An off grid homestead adventure! Follow us as we explore the hardships and joys of living 2 hours from any paved road and miles from any neighbor in a remote solar powered stone cabin. Experience the blank canvas build from scratch with us as we carve out a self sufficient homestead in the western wilderness.
The Harvest Eating podcast is devoted to sharing my love of food, family and much more. I talk about recipes, cooking methods, different dietary regimens I have tried.
Award winning author, educator and chef Gail Sokol shares her experience, recipes, tips and tricks in this weekly baking podcast. Chef Sokol specializes in making baking easy and approachable for people of all skill levels.
The Blogging Your Passion podcast is hosted by a professional blogger, Jonathan Milligan, who loves helping other bloggers succeed. The podcast covers topics like getting traffic to your website, SEO, making money blogging, how to create great content, and even time management.
Art Of Meaningful Work explores practical ideas to help you build a well-lived, interesting life based around fulfilling work. We talk about how to launch side projects, change careers, make an impact, overcome self-doubt, start businesses, and build a legacy. You’ll hear from forward-thinking entrepreneurs, authors, and everyday people like you and me who found their path to meaningful work.
This American Life
This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.
Featured Voices
Featured voices on current and future economic and environmental events.
You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you will learn more. Check out
Rethink Fragility
An oral history of conflicts, crises and the aid business.
All Damn Night
Join hosts Brandon Richardson and Sean Demers as they explore the wildest, craziest, and most important stories in music history. From Mozart to Hank Williams, James Brown to Guns n Roses, Frank Sinatra to Bon Scott; We provide a unique and insightfull vantage point on the stories behind the legends of music and history. So grab a cup of coffee, have another drink, sit back and enjoy the ride: All Damn Night
True Cashflow
If you've ever looked for ways to make extra income from online or ways to make money online from home, The True Cashflow Podcast is for you! This brand-new show will walk you through the exact process of building passive income online and starting an online business from scratch (Get our free training video at This eCommerce podcast breaks down finding the right products to sell on Amazon FBA, sourcing from China, shipping from China to USA, how does Amazon FBA work, ...
A podcast for working women hosted by Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who and author of modern career guide Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women. Practical advice, fresh ideas, and interviews with smart, successful women – whether you’re just starting out or already have years of experience, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your working life here.
Build An Online Business 2018 Podcast shows you how to sell on Amazon. Anyone can start selling on Amazon. Amazon Selling is a simple process. We share the strategies and techniques on how we build an online business while we work at home. Learn how to use Amazon FBA to generate a passive income online. We also teach you how you can make money online from home using Amazon. Also learn how does fba work. Learn: What is residual income, Learn what is passive income. People always ask what is a ...
One Thing Podcast
I'm Rob. I'm interviewing friends and people that I know who run businesses and make money online.
Natural 11
Natural 11 Podcast is an actual play podcast that is 5 friends playing through the Paizo Publishing adventure Curse of the Crimson Throne. Join Gwendola the Half Elf Psychic, Nimtick the Gnomish Alchemist, Richter the Human Bloodrager and The Padlock, the Human Vigilante for some laughs as we make our way through this exciting adventure. Also join us on Facebook and send us an email at
Recruiter Startup
This podcast will help you to set and operate a world class Recruitment Agency. We bring you the stories behind the personalities you see on LinkedIn.
America was forged. From nothing came everything we believe in. But the America our grandparents once knew is not the America we now know. Pete Roberts explores how our ancestors used their minds, hands and daylight to build this great nation. Have you forgotten your history? Have you forgotten that you and me, men and women are the ones who drive true change. Have you forgotten that our independence was won through the sacrifice of our ancestors. That what we have is the sum of their works. ...
The TeacherCast Podcast, hosted by Jeff Bradbury, is a roundtable show featuring educators discussing edtech and classroom instruction. For more information, please visit
Cookery by the Book is a podcast for cookbook lovers. Join host, Suzy Chase, as she chats with cookbook authors to discover interesting stories behind your favorite cookbooks. In every episode Suzy makes a recipe out of the cookbook for discussion. Happy listening & cooking!
Your weekly source for news about the RC hobby. Featuring event coverage, reviews, tips and more.
The Project EGG Show, hosted by Ben Gothard, is a deep-dive into the lives of entrepreneurs from across the globe. Each episode is another interview, where the guest shares his or her story of getting into entrepreneurship and maneuvering through the business landscape.By following their blueprints to success, you too can achieve the goals that you set out for yourself and turn your dreams into reality through entrepreneurship.
The real paradise for experienced music lovers!You’ll never get bored with this channel: moderators of the Old School station lay mats on the floor and practice Air Twist and Backspin from dawn till dusk. It’s just impossible to work with such a vibe!«Super Fly Jam» — declares a robot voice, «Backing to the Old School» — roars an unknown MC, a sudden scratch turns on the familiar beat.You’ll never get tired of this music. That London 2 Step of the late 90s, rumbling big beat from distant chi ...
The Corner Table
A podcast about food and drink in Madison, Wis., produced by The Capital Times and hosted by food writer Lindsay Christians.
Every Little Thing
ARRRRR pirate peg legs really a thing? Who invented the Cha Cha Slide? How old is Winnie the Pooh? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to Every Little Thing is produced Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
Every week you will be treated to a new Drifting Ruby episode featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails, the popular web development framework. These screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics are geared toward the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well.
In this weekly podcast, Lauren Hooker from Elle & Company transparently shares all of her online business and blogging strategies, branding and design tips, and marketing tactics to help creatives start and scale their business. Whether you’ve just taken the leap into entrepreneurship or you’ve been in the game for years, Lauren’s easy to understand, step-by-step teaching will help you pursue your passion on your own terms.
A podcast about the obsessions of two very intense people.
We're speaking with entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who are breaking boundaries and making life Seamless. Produced and hosted by Burgundy Fox.Got questions or comments? Contact
The finest interview/discussion show on music and musicians that mean a whole hell of a lot to certain people. Why we do what we do?, Rocker ennui, amusing anecdotes, and incredible rock music that does not forget to rock.
Luke Norsworthy
Home of the Newsworthy with Norsworthy podcast and more
Stories We Tell
Judaism has a deep and rich tradition of storytelling, passing down stories from one generation to the next. To carry on that tradition, Stories We Tell from will share a new story with you every Thursday. Whether you listen while driving to work, preparing Shabbat dinner, or taking your kids to school, each episode will give you a new story to reflect on and discuss with the people in your life. Stories We Tell is a project of the Union for Reform Judaism, a leading voice ...
The only deep podcast covering 100% Minnesota, 100% startups, 100% tech. Starring Kathy Grayson, Paul DeBettingies, Casey Allen. Powered by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.
Stranger Still
Answering the Questions You Never Thought to Ask
The brightest thinkers, makers, artists and inventors give passionate takes on topics that inspire them.
Simply Complex
In today's modern world, we are always in such a hurry. We rarely stop to think about the things that “keep the gears turning”. On this podcast, we explore the people, technologies, items, or processes that, while at one time were considered outstanding, have today become so commonplace we take them for granted.This Podcast is an extension of the Youtube Series “How to Make Everything.” In that series, we show how difficult it can be to make an everyday item from scratch if one person, Andy ...
Courtesy Flush
A new comedy podcast about personal problems, life experiences, and extreme over-sharing.
Hello! I'm a nomad minimalist making a full-time income on YouTube as a video creator.This podcast is for anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps. My hope is that you are inspired to take the same steps that I did but with the knowledge that I wish I knew. Learn how to plan, shoot, edit and deliver video content that creates actual caring subscribers, not just views and numbers.On this podcast you can expect sit down interviews with fellow creatives and occasional personal update episodes ...
Diagnostics & Usage is a weekly show with Cody Coats and Joe Caiati discussing what's happening in the world of technology and their nerdy lives. Hosted by Cody Coats & Joe Caiati.
The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things Technology in Education. Join us LIVE each week on
Welcome to the Serial: Extension Episode podcast, where 3 highschool sophmores discuss the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999. We only barely scratch the iceberg on this one.
Liquid Football
Lovely stuff
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show series
…By Alex Grand (JonniDee).
…By саксофонист SYNTHETICSAX.
Solo update podcast where I recap the past month, share my thoughts and tease future projects.By (Kraig Adams).
Difference between an Albatross and a Seagull AnglerfishPortuguese man o' war KingSpa Body Scrub Much thanks to the for the following sounds effects: Title: Flock Seagulls Recorded by Daniel Simion "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.o ...…
Why is pumpkin spice a thing? Flavor scientists explain why this particular combination is so appealing -- or not. Plus, how to make a new flavor, and ELT listeners pitch their ideas for the next flavor fad. Guests: Food scientist Kantha Shelke; flavor chemist Bill Aslanides. Thanks to caller Ally, and to flavor forecasters Hunter, Travis, Amel ...…
Unicorn Food By Kat Odell Intro: Welcome to the Cookery by the Book podcast, with Suzy Chase. She's just a home cook in New York City, sitting at her dining room table, talking to cookbook authors. Kat Odell: I'm Kat Odell and my latest cookbook is Unicorn Food. Suzy Chase: Kat Odell: Food journalist, former Eater LA editor, and the original pi ...… Jeff Bethke joins the show to discuss technology, surviving the internet, N.T. Wright, Sabbath, and the Mainland. For more on this month’s sponsor Come and See-get the free download of the first chapter of this month’s sponsor Come and See click here, add it to the cart, and go to checko ...…
Join Cathead, iflyos, Robo, Gravey and Nav (and special guest Francisco) in the shop this week as they talk about sweetches and some radio programming. Gravey has a tip on fixing stuff and iflyos shares his flying experiences over the weekend. Links: Spad to the Bone Contact AoA AoA on Discord AoA Listeners on facebook…
The boys talk Boeser and Petterson, McDavid's case for MVP, Seattle, Wilson, and so much more.
Documents you don't normally think of, showing you things you didn't expect.
War hardens a person, but also creates a vulnerable society when the battle takes place outside the bubble. Today we reflect on the softening of America by exploring our recent history, technology and society.
A popular way to build your list today is to offer 3, 5 or 7-day challenges. People want transformation, not more information. In this episode, Jonathan walks you through 5 simple steps to launching your first 5-day challenge. BONUS: Want to try out one of Jonathan's email challenges? Try the 3-day email list building challenge and get your nex ...…
Bridge International Academies is a private network of nursery and primary schools educating the poorest students in developing countries including Kenya, Uganda and India. Bridge charges families roughly six dollars per month for a pupil to attend school and uses economies of scale to keep costs low across its more than 400 academies. Jay spea ...…
David Stephen Patterson and Dualta discuss the steps involved in launching a Recruitment desk from scratch.
Today I am talking about the need for probiotics in the form of food. Real Food. Eating items like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, natto, kombucha, kvass, kefir, raw milk cheese, sour pickles etc. These foods are rich with beneficial bacteria that helps your immune system function well. There is plenty of research and writing on the topic of ...…
One day, a girl was frustrated because somebody had shoved her on the subway. Another day, she was frustrated because another girl said something rude to her at school. Both times, the girl didn’t say anything to the person who frustrated her—and in this, her parents found an important lesson. Rabbi Leora Kaye retells the story. A written versi ...…
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