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Trish Blackwell
Coaching your confidence and courage to that you finish what you start and contribute to the world in a way that matters.
Homegrown Podcast
Homegrown, a ministry of Crossroads Farm, seeks to encourage and equip leaders in rural areas. For more information about our growing ministry, please go to
Enhancing Your Chicago Sports Fan Experience | 1/5 of @WegrynENT | #CHISportsNation #WegEN
Simple tips to have a better dayCover art photo provided by rawpixel on Unsplash:
Keeping things fast and simple for people on the go!
The show that’s dedicated to helping aged and community care professionals stay ahead of the industry.The residential aged and community industry can be complex!Not only do we need to provide great healthcare outcomes, but to survive we need to excel at customer service, be able to attract and retain great staff, get the right levels of funding, keep costs down, and all while deal with a lot of regulatory compliance. So join us for a weekly show where we’ll be interviewing leaders in their f ...
Poetry To Go
Our lives are too busy, distracted and dissatisfying. Art can jolt us back to the moment, to the simple joy of living. Poetry especially awakens my “mind's attention from the lethargy of custom, and directing it to the loveliness and the wonders of the world before us.” Here I share with the universe those poems that for me best peel away “the film of familiarity and selfish solicitude,” pointing a way back to the life more abundant.
How's Your Day?
A simple greeting, is where everything begins.Join me, Justin and whoever I bring on, as we talk about the week's events through the mindsets of high school students.
Not Broken® Radio
Not Broken® Radio is an international radio show and podcast, hosted by Brett Francis - mental health advocate, best-selling author and professional speaker. It was initiated to have open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities. Not Broken® Radio is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe! We want to not only stop the stigma but also instil a sense of pride in those struggling, as we believe that individuals should embrace themselves with their challenges, findi ...
Welcome to the world’s best, certainly most practical, marketing show. Tim Reid here (you can call me Timbo) - I’m the founder and host. In its 7th year, The Small Business Big Marketing Show is laser-focussed on helping you, the motivated business owner, implement clever, effective marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business into the empire it deserves to be. Or maybe you’re a startup looking for mind-blowingly good marketing ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Well, you’re in the r ...
Elixir Outlaws
Panel discussions of topics in and around Elixir development
On the Shortness Of Life by Seneca the Younger. The writings of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca offer powerful insights into Stoicism, Morality and the importance of reason. Daily reading from the book that offers simple yet profound insights into how to lead your life. Tune in for a short session every day!
Hi, Sandy here… If you’re like me, money is one of the biggest topics in your household: how much to save, the best way to manage debt, how much to pay for college…and the list goes on! That’s why I'm interviewing some of the top financial thought leaders in Rochester each week looking for tips and advice for our listeners about the smartest ways to manage their money. If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, let me know by emailing!Seven Figures is Presented By:[[ ...
Radio Grognard
An OSR Role-Playing Game Podcast Become a supporter of this podcast:
Curated Playlists. Our goal is simple to give you the feeling you need through music. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sowing for a Great Awakening
Bitcoin News
Bitcoin News Tech is hosted by Courtney Driver ( @bitcointess ) and is dedicated to bringing all the latest & greatest crypto news whether it be new apps, ICO’s , websites or just crypto leading experts or influencers to you daily. Keeping it simple, keeping it real and keeping it real simple is our moto and whether your a crypto noob or crypto veteran there’s something for everyone from below the cryptobay to up above in the cryptoverse ! So don’t forget to subscribe and get the latest and ...
Getting to the root- not just the symptoms- for patients and practitioners through functional and lifestyle medicine. Diet, nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine to reverse the trends of disease in an over-medicated society.
Personal Finance Expert. Award-Winning Journalist. Best-Selling Author.
Our mission is to provide short tips to help you heal and be the best version of YOU. Do-it-yourself health! If you are here you likely have figured out that the only person responsible for you and your family’s health is you! Life happens and life is busy. We all want somewhere we can turn for straightforward honest accurate health and lifestyle information. We don’t have time to read complicated pages on the internet or visit the health food store to ask questions. I will provide you with ...
Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Meditation, Breathwork and Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines, T focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives. Learn how to raise your awareness, consciousness and vibration so you can live the best life possible. T shares her wealth of information on energy ...
Der Chaos Computer Club ist die größte europäische Hackervereinigung, und seit über 25 Jahren Vermittler im Spannungsfeld technischer und sozialer Entwicklungen.
A personal finance and investing podcast on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it. J. David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. For close to two decades, he has been teaching individuals and institutions how to invest and handle their finances in ways that are simple to understand. More info at
It can be tough to know the best way to look after your dog or cat. Join veterinarian Dr. Alex, founder of, for a weekly dose of pet healthcare advice news and discussion. Want to give your pet the best care possible? You need to listen!
A health + fitness podcast by an Afro-Latina personal trainer & fitness educator in the Bronx 💪🏽
STSA Church
Welcome to Saint Timothy & Saint Athanasius Church located in Arlington, Virginia. We would love for you to visit us on a Sunday morning! One of our core values at STSA is LIMITLESS ACCEPTANCE. We believe that God accepts us just as we are and therefore it is our pleasure to have you join us, you’re always welcome! Through the messages from The Well we hope you’ll find an inspiring, faith based message relevant to life in our modern world.For more information, please visit
Political activist, blogger, software developer, and author of the book As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom (
Side Kick Success
Podcasts for people who want to improve their martial arts business.
Pleasure Podcast
All things pleasure in everyday life. Live a pleasure filled life.
So In Love
So In Love is a weekly 30 minute radio show full of love and laughter to strengthen and enhance marriage for husbands and wives. What is shared is based on biblical guidance and practical living to help keep marriages "FIT".So grab your morning coffee, tea or juice and tune in together to the So In Love channel live with your hosts, Hector and Cassandra Foy.
Japanese For Kids
Hi and welcome to Japanese for kids and beginners. Together we will learn Japanese in a simple stress-free manner. Thanks for listening
Welcome to Life By JMAR/Swoul Sisters, creating a community of achievement minded people/ Inspire/ Faith/ Family/ Fun/ Energy/ Wellness/ Grateful/ Serve/ Excellence/ Fitness/ Nutrition..... life hacks to live life to its fullest.
A movie podcast for the common man by the Big Time Movie Boys @JeffDLowe, @KenJac and @Trillballins. We talk about movies, food and pop culture the same way you talk about movies and pop culture with your friends.
The #1 Evidence Based Growth Podcast on the Internet. The Science of Success is about the search for evidence based personal growth. It's about exploring ways to improve your decision-making, understand your mind and how psychology rules the world around you, and learn from experts and thought leaders about ways we can become better versions of ourselves.
Learning Japanese should be fun and simple. That's why we're going to discuss the main principles in learning Japanese language, sharing tips and tricks to conquer Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) from N5 to N3, while being a family of Japanese learners!
The latest feed from Presbyterian Reformed Church of R.I. on
Re-Wire Your Brain for Success! The MyLeadSystemPRO Wake-Up Call Podcast is for home business owners, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. MLSP has been creating some of the industry's biggest success stories you see online today since 2008. Every weekday we post a brand new podcast with an industry top earner full of inspiration, motivation, lead-generation tips, and 'boots-on-the-ground' business building strategy to keep you growing! If ...
Are You ready to join the Wellness Rebellion? Achieve optimal health and wellness by utilizing the dynamic design of the human body! You are built to be healthy! Don't believe what the "medical model" tells you. Focus on the cause of your symptoms, don't just numb them with a lotion or potion. Dr Bergman reveals natural solutions for chronic conditions in America today. Educate yourself!
Frugal Fitness Man
Fitness information for those who don't want to spend a fortune!
If you ever feel uncertain about how to solve a parenting problem, the Child Whisperer podcast is for you. Carol Tuttle and her co-host Anne Tuttle Brown help you be a better parent, 15 minutes at a time.Carol Tuttle is a mother of 5 and grandmother of 10. Author of the best-selling book, The Child Whisperer. Her insights will bring more joy and cooperation into your family. She is an expert on human nature and presents her understanding's in her easy to learn Energy Profiling system.Carol’s ...
Marketing Smarts is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews with smart marketers from all walks of life. Hosted by MarketingProfs, this 30-minute, weekly podcast will deliver actionable insights and real advice to help you market smarter.
Join award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris every weekday for industry news, coaching advice, and interviews with real estate leaders.
lonelybob on Narro
lonelybob uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
This American Life
This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.
Deepen your friendship with God through informative conversation and personal spiritual disciplines. Brought to you by Saddleback Church.
Artificial intelligence is more interesting when it comes from the source. Each week, Dan Faggella interviews top AI and machine learning executives, investors and researchers from companies like Facebook, eBay, Google DeepMind and more - with one single focus: Gaining insight on the applications and implications of AI in industry. Follow our Silicon Valley adventures and hear straight from AI's best and brightest.
The Official Podcast of
The Portuguese Lab is your one-stop Podcast to learn Portuguese (the European kind!). The podcast episodes allow you to practice your Portuguese, especially listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking. Episodes 01 to 77 are for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Episodes from 77 onwards are for intermediate and advanced learners. The episodes are great if you want to practice what you have already learned before, or if you want to use it as extra practice whil ...
After managing $750m as an FCA-regulated trader, Tiz shares how anyone can take back control of growing and protecting their wealth just with a laptop and an Internet connection.
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show series
Join the So In Love Show, live with your hosts Hector and Cassandra Foy as we move forward in this season of change and opportunity. Let's not allow circumstances to stunt our growth and the success of our marriage and family. If you are at a crossroad in your life, remember ....Tis the season for CHANGE! Tune in at 8 am - 646-787-1633 or www.b ...…
Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now ( Our economy is doing great by the numbers. The unemployment rate is very low. Inflation is very low. Productivity is high. But, wages are low. Health insurance rates are sky high. Student debt is through the roof. Our roads, airports and public infrastructu ...…
It's easy to hate on New Year's resolutions. After all, they almost always fail. But what if they didn't have to? What if we really could use January 1st as a chance to do something big?
You’ve spent your day “tweeting”, “liking”, “following”, and “upvoting” – is it any surprise that you don’t have ANY real estate leads, listings, or sales? Social media has its place in real estate, but when it comes to actually generating new business, nothing beats good ole’ traditional prospecting! Schedule A Free Coaching CallVisit Tim & Ju ...…
We are building the first new border wall in a decade. DHS is committed to building wall and building wall quickly. We are not replacing short, outdated and ineffective wall with similar wall. Instead, under this President we are building a wall that is 30-feet high.…
If you're planning on giving someone you love a puppy as a surprise Christmas present, then this is what you need to think about. While it often seems like a good idea, unless you are getting a dog for your children (and realize that you are actually getting a puppy for you to look after) then it is probably not the best decision to make. Here' ...…
You’ve spent your day “tweeting”, “liking”, “following”, and “upvoting” – is it any surprise that you don’t have ANY real estate leads, listings, or sales? Social media has its place in real estate, but when it comes to actually generating new business, nothing beats good ole’ traditional prospecting! Schedule A Free Coaching CallVisit Tim & Ju ...…
This week the hosts talk with Andrew Summers about the recent improvements to dialyixir and how to incorporate it into elixir applications. Special Guest: Andrew Summers. Links: Dialyxir Dialyzer paper erlex Opaque Types Leex and Yecc Nimble Parsec DNSimple - PLT Caching done rightBy Elixir Outlaws.
Dementia Australia has been highlighting the small actions people can take to create a big difference for people living with dementia, their families and carers. Today we're joined by Dr David Sykes from Dementia Australia. In this episode we cover the small actions an organisation can do to create a big difference in areas of care related to t ...…
What should you give the readers on your Christmas list? Ray Keating provides a varied list of book recommendations. The titles and links to the books Ray recommends, as well as links to relevant articles and Authors and Entrepreneurs episodes can be found at…
In this episode we show you how to command your focus and attention. We discuss why many people have the wrong idea of what it means to be productive - and how thinking that you need to boil your life down to spreadsheets and checklists is the wrong way to approach productivity . We share the secret ingredient for true productivity - and look a ...…
What a year it's been! To look at the year in review, Sandy is joined by Tom Dambra, CEO of Family First Credit Union. 2018 was filled with so much helpful "seven-figure" advice, it made it difficult to choose what to include in the review! Listen for some of the best tips from Janine Shepard, Lynn Mucenski-Keck, Mike McNamara, Norma & Andrea H ...…
EPISODE 108 - Lights, Camera, Barstool 0:00 - Radio show prank calls || 3:35 - Trill got Panda Express || 9:12 - Energy drink discussion || 11:25 - MAJOR James Corden/Bustopher Jones news || 22:38 - New Godzilla trailer || 25:33 - Ben Affleck Netflix movie || 29:14 - Old people shocked by movies || 30:35 - PFT talks about The Corp || 33:25 - Co ...…
The gap between those who have and those who don’t grows; the deep conflicts within our society around race and privilege are pervasive; and many other inequities undermine our sense of safety and belonging in our world. As individuals, we try to satisfy our longing for love and connection with the consumption of more and more stuff. But our un ...…
Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now ( I believe wholeheartedly in inclusivity, truthful speech, ‘civil’ speech, and engagement with those on all sides of the political spectrum. Unfortunately, there are those who want Progressives to coddle every Conservative or Moderate instead of honest dialo ...…
You’ve spent your day “tweeting”, “liking”, “following”, and “upvoting” – is it any surprise that you don’t have ANY real estate leads, listings, or sales? Social media has its place in real estate, but when it comes to actually generating new business, nothing beats good ole’ traditional prospecting! Schedule A Free Coaching CallVisit Tim & Ju ...…
What is the cause of the economic crisis in Argentina and how likely is it that other developing nations will experience a similar financing crisis. Thanks to Policy Genius for sponsoring the episode.
We hope you enjoy today’s light hearted fun segment. Christmas Shopping tips and advice on how to keep from feeling overwhelmed this time of year..“Swoul Sisters” empowers women to be strong in spirit and body. My fit, fun and fabulous friend Esther Williams and I will be sharing stories and tips to encourage you in life, family and business. W ...…
"Ger Er Done!"By (MyLeadSystemPRO).
We’ve got the O.G. B.F.F. (best financial friend) on the show this week. Shannon McLay is the founder and CEO of The Financial Gym, a financial services company that’s disrupting the industry’s approach with women (and some men) on how they overhaul their relationships with money and work towards financial success. We discuss why women want (an ...…
Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now ( It is shameful that the corporatocracy is making it clear more and more every day that unless we pay we are sentenced to death. Their extortion is done with clever words and a modicum of class that allows many to see it as just a financial issue that we mus ...…
Vaccines have been held up to almost mythical status where you can not even question if they are safe or not. Vaccines are forced on the public and the vaccine manufacturers even have total product liability protection. This episode we will expose the CDC cover up ! Don't miss this life saving episode…
In the biggest game of the year, the Bears didn't let us down and handed the LA Rams just their second loss of the year. Harrison fills in for Josh and the guys talk about the huge win, and look ahead to the potential division clinching win next week against the Packers
New construction: What is it, where is it, why do I care, how can I make some money at this and what should I do to get started? In today's show, we're going to be discussing why New Construction is a must-have income spoke for all real estate agents, and how you can effectively grow your real estate business & increase commissions by adding th ...…
Laurie Ellsworth is a health consultant, speaker and Author. Her new book “From Ordinary To Extraordinary Straight Talk From a Personal Trainer” will transform the way you think about health and fitness. She has helped thousands of clients achieve extraordinary levels of energy, health, hope and Faith. Her book will give you the keys needed to ...…
Several months have passed since my original report in August. Here is the update in what we now know or suspect about the link between heart failure and grain-free dog diets.Show notes:
"The Magic of Your Story"By (MyLeadSystemPRO).
HOW TO STOP STRESSING YOURSELF OUT WHEN LIFE IS BUSY PODCAST #296 In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we’re chatting about: Stress and how to reduce it in your life How to be rebellious – in the good girl kind of way that will make you healthier and happier Deciding who Read More The post #296: HOW TO STOP STRESSING YOURSELF OUT WHEN LIFE ...…
Topic: A dialogue in the mountains This is an episode for advanced learners. In this episode you: listen to a dialogue in the mountains. A hiker wants to find a waterfall, but he's lost. Fortunately, he finds a shepherdess who can help him out, but will he arrive at the right destination? learn vocabulary related to hiking in Portugal. Listen t ...…
If you struggle with motivation and always tell yourself my “tomorrow is going to be a new day” or “this week is going to be different” but nothing actually ever changes this is the podcast episode for you!
What? Lightning talks are 10 minute talks about anything. * Peter: Gentoo catalyst instead of $distro+Ansible * Matthias: Looking next door through Alice - Your friendly BGP looking glass * Hanno: MIME-Types, Apache and XSS * Starbug: Passworte abhören about this event:
Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now ( Can we fix Capitalism or is it time to move on from its coercion of our politics and social norms Today we will discuss Capitalism, not from an absolute negative point of view. Let's discuss solutions. The dynamism and great structures were built under Capi ...…
You want your child to love their body, and it's troubling when they don't. "I worry about my oldest daughter. She says how fat she is. We have purchased cute clothes that she loves but she compares herself to others and their body shapes and sizes. What can I do to better support her?" In this episode, Carol and Anne share useful tips to help ...…
New construction: What is it, where is it, why do I care, how can I make some money at this and what should I do to get started? In today's show, we're going to be discussing why New Construction is a must-have income spoke for all real estate agents, and how you can effectively grow your real estate business & increase commissions by adding th ...…
"Your Business and Your Brand"By (MyLeadSystemPRO).
EPISODE 107 - Lights, Camera, Barstool TWEET THIS GRAPHIC AT DENNY'S: 0:00 - Trill is a tired dad || 4:22 - The Big Trailer Breakdown || 8:36 - Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdown || 21:22 - Spider-Man sequel news || 30:33 - Golden Globes snubs || 33:26 - Oscars need a new host || 3 ...…
On this week's episode, delve deep into the Christmas story as we go through the biblical account of the birth of Jesus. Buddy Owens does a dramatic reading of the Gospel accounts of the first Christmas.For complete show notes, click HERE
Documents you don't normally think of, showing you things you didn't expect.
Fr. Anthony Messeh at The WellRecorded December 9th, 2018Thanks for watching! Our series handouts are available at STSA Church Online:Facebook: to learn more.…
A new MP3 sermon from Presbyterian Reformed Church of R.I. is now available on with the following details: Title: Paul Called to the Stand, Part 1 Subtitle: Reasons for Faith Speaker: Michael Ives Broadcaster: Presbyterian Reformed Church of R.I. Event: Sunday - AM Date: 12/9/2018 Bible: Galatians 1:24 Length: 46 min. Overview: ...…
"The Snake and The Saw"By (MyLeadSystemPRO).
Update: Thanks to MacStories reader Thomas, I was able to remove the need to upload image assets to Dropbox. The shortcut is now much faster to run (takes about 5 seconds instead of 20) and doesn't need to save any file in your Dropbox account. You can get the updated shortcut at the end of […] ...…
November 21, 2018 Yesterday outgoing Head of Communications and Policy Elliot Schrage shared more detail with our employees about the work we...
America First! The world is a very dangerous place! The country of Iran, as an example, is responsible for a bloody proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen, trying to destabilize Iraq’s fragile attempt at democracy, supporting the terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon, propping up dictator Bashar Assad in Syria (who has killed millions of … https:/ ...…
Tumblr has announced that it will no longer allow adult content beginning December 17th. The site, which is owned by Engadget's parent company, says that conten... Tumblr removing other posts featuring adult content statement banned safe mode…
Our own Harrison Barzyk previews this week's high powered matchup of the Bears vs. the Rams with Austin Green, a member of the Digital Production team over at NBC Los Angeles. This is without a doubt one of the biggest games of the year for both teams and the guys take a look at exactly what it will take to come out of come out of Soldier Field ...…
As life progress, we all will encounter some type of loss in our family. During the holiday season it can be more difficulty to deal with the absence of people, places and things that we hold dear to our hearts. Tune in for the next two episodes of the So In Love Show as this discussion unfolds. Personal stories and experiences that may help ot ...…
Jake, Chris and Josh break down the Bears at Giants disaster. 1. The turnover differential is normally in favor of the Bears, but Week 13 was a different story. 2. In this episode the guys mention that this defense didn't play bad, they were gassed. The turnovers, 3 and outs and just playing hard nose football will exhaust ANY defense. 3. There ...…
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