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Learn to speak Korean with bite-sized Korean lessons with Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun from! Start from Level 1 if you are an absolute beginner, and start from whichever level that fits your current Korean level and start learning for free! You can get accompanying textbooks, workbooks and e-books on our website at !
This is a podcast about Korean-American adoptees who return or repatriate to Korea to live and work in the country they were born in and separated from via international adoption. Funded by the US Fulbright program, the show seeks to educate the adoptive community, Korean people and the world at large about the experiences of these selected adult adoptees.
Bruce and Alice have been married for over 24 years and have developed a passion for K (Korean) Dramas! Alice is a stay-at-home wife/mother who has raised four children ages 10 to 29, and Bruce has his Ph.D. in Sociology. Although neither are Korean, both of them have Asian heritage (Bruce is black and Japanese while Alice is Mexican and Filipina) and all of these elements converge to create witty dialogue, character/plot analysis, and deep discussion.
Culinary Historians of Chicago studies the history of food and drink in human cultures. Why we procure, prepare and serve the food we do has cultural, sociological, geographical, financial and political influences. We encourage participation from all walks of life: from academics to home cooks, chefs to grill masters, farmers to heirloom gardeners, food scientists to students. Our programs, and those of our sister organization Chicago Foodways Roundtable, are supported by research, fieldwork ...
Burr Martin: Nearly News podcast is hosted by me, Burr Martin, the Internet's "#SelfieDad", who was made famous worldwide overnight by recreating my daughters selfies on Instagram. Joined by my wife/co-host of over 30 years, We bring you the strange, odd and downright funny true news stories from around the World, plus a few other surprises thrown in. We've been compared to SNL's News Update and a great morning radio show. (weekly)
BMTT is an unscripted, no-holds-barred podcast based in Seoul. We talk pop culture, current issues, and pretty much whatever else holds our interest. It’s basically a volatile mixture of praising the good and trashing the bad according to the universal standard—us. Sheltered souls and members of the PC brigade beware: this ain’t your grandma’s bingo party.
Welcome to The Curious Ahjuma podcast. I’m your host Shinhong. I’m a 40-something Ahjuma, which is the Korean word for older Korean lady. But this podcast isn’t about getting old. It’s about embracing curiosity. I’m curious about a lot of things but for most of my life, I’ve shooed my curiosity away like it was frivolous. What I’m realizing is that that’s a big mistake. So I’m finally letting myself be curious. Especially about people. I’m curious about your story of resilience, empowerment, ...
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