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La Iglesia de Dios en Miami es una Iglesia Cristiana que guarda el sabado. Desde sus comienzos, la Iglesia de Dios en Miami se ha comprometido a propogar el Evangelio segun fue ensenado por Jesucristo -- las buenas noticias del Reino de Dios venidero y proveer a sus miembros con el conocimiento de la Palabra de Dios a traves de la predicacion de la Biblia.
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Genesis 13. Sometimes we have to drop some one to received the full blessing of God 😜👥🙏💫
The question of sex and religion is a hot topic. Especially since sex outside of marriage is considered sinful. Lust is the bread of day in our times . So why does God Care lest talk about it. Part one he build it
Camina en los Súper Natural y podrás vencer la cosa naturales que se levanta contra ti. Habacuc 3:17-18
Is pornography and sexual desire gripping you heart away from God and your Family. Here is the answer
Are your tire of looking for pleasure in the incorrect places . I will help find a good place to start. Salmo 16:11
Nosotros decimos nuestro destino esto es regalo De Dios .Deu 30:19 Aprende a escoger bien!🎁
1 in 5 people in the world is suffering from moderate to severe persistent pain. You are not alone you can find comfort in God’s grace .
Cristo no demuestra cómo vencer al enemigo de nuestra almas a Satana Mateo 4
Is God looking for you and you are still running away. Turn around and follow him. It will astonished and amaze you.
Are you overwhelm with troubles and fear allow Jesus to touched you and come out of the prison of fear and doubt!
1 Timoteo 6:11-13 pelea por algo que si vale la pena pelear por.
Exodus 34:6-8 If you could have and interview with God what would you ask him ?
The fourth word spoke by Christ Jesus from the cross Mathew 27:45
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