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Madge Weinstein and Friends Crudely Satirize the World
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Semi-solo grum.Lots of nice talk and complaining.Gina joins me eventually.
All girls discuss fun things on turday's nice Yeast Radio grum.
The *GIRLS* explore some particularly dreadful h8stalk victims from Instagram. Also, some other girl talk and what knock.
Madge goes out on the town and talks with Baby Jane N., Gladys, El Guapo, and Tormenta.
ALL GIRLS get together and discuss important things like pearls.
ALL GIRLS together once again.Show notes, anyone?
Combogrum: Madge talks to herself at the fountain and mixes in conversations from a beach party and a call to a portapotty company.
Hi.We're Susan Collins.Our nipples are hard for Mitch McConnel's gavel.Shownotes, anyone?
ALL GIRLS are together for this nice episode. Show notes, anyone? Email to Thanks!Show notes by JOhn W.0:00 Trance opening with heavy dooty squirts and some cycling6:06 Madge and Debra say hello, dooty cycle continues. Madge looks like Dr. Strange. Who is that?6:38 Cheryl arrives, five of Cheryl’s dooties at once are pl ...…
Thank God the DRONES are free!Madge takes Trotsky for a walk and complains about Healthcare, Susan Bee Anthony, Roseanne, etc.
Debra and Madge get together to go over some things and then we have dueling Susans' Collins sex calls again.Show Notes by AshleyMadge isn’t finding a musical groove and is not in a good mood. Apparently she doesn’t like Sugarland. Memorial Day signifigance is discussed, and how pointless modern day war is.Debra suggests to Madge they do the Ha ...…
Another solo grum along the river. Madge complains about Patreon, Healthcare, the Media, and the world.
Lots of fun times with the GIRLZ as we visit Cruising with Wheels and Bread Pudding. Does anyone want to do show notes? Please email them to Notes by Brendan T:00:00 - Clip cycling and music00:21 - Debra joins00:26 - Debra’s cruises, Golden Circle00:28 - Drag Race00:31 - YR chat rooms are hateful00:35 - Ragan’s vid ...…
Madge does a solo from home then the river, complaining and streaming as per usual.Show Notes:Cruising upgrades before and after WHEELS!Farting in bed with pain.Wafting.UrinationCruising grum.Exhibitionist yogis on Instagram.Madge's skenes gland.Hurticus Stench.RuPaul's Dragcon annoyances.Other routes to drag celebretard: Dragula?Israel killing ...…
On this lovely day, Madge Weinstein takes to the Chicago River and ponders the issues of the day. She's a lesbian.Show Notes:Medieval peasants got more vacation days than Americans.Fingering self.Vaginal indecent exposure.Rectal fart misdirection.Snowflake comedy classes.reach me:email, call FIRM UTERUS on the phoneinst ...…
First, the lesbian complains using her microphone whilst listenturding to some nice music. Afturdward, she reads you some sensual lesbian porn.
Chicago passes Spring and goes straight to Summer as Madge takes an 80-degree walk along the river. Topics include the TV show Mom, girdles, Supreme Court fuckage, Michelle Wolff, propaganda, a life unfulfilled, SNL lobsters, Pearl Shucking uterus, and the Old lady news grum on CBS.
ALL GIRLS have some nice GIRL talk and then make some nice calls to some high wage workers.SUSAN COLLINS!SUSAN COLLINS!
Join Madge as she takes you on a sensual journey with her Peruvian snack food.
Never a bad day to take your vagina to work!Madge takes you on a nice walk to celebrate the day.
Is it hairy?Find out, in today's hairycast.Hairy mic, by the river.
Today the GIRLZ read a lovely ORIGINAL telurdplay.Then we have loads of fun calling as Susan Collins etc. etc. etc. bi honey.
Madge talks to herself about how America got what she deserved with this Trump thing.
Today, we continue expressing our NPR sensibilities by mocking literature. Please tell your witty NPR hosts to publicize this wonderful new, albeit unoriginal, programming format.
Today, ALL GIRLS try something new. We read a story written by a very gifted storyteller. This is of NPR quality, but we got it first!EnjoySPOILER ALERT: SHOW NOTES CUNTAIN SPOILER PICS
I got my lav on and I'm in the kitchen. Sound familiar? That's bc it's OLD SCHOOL!eat out out
Solo grum in which Madge tours the river and talks about how awful America is at the moment.
A solo grum in which Madge takes advantage of a globally warm Feburary afturdnoon.
Grum with ALL GIRLS.SHow notes by Chickadee: Cheryl CALLED THE FUCK OUT Debra CALLED THE FUCK OUT Drama Free Zone Cheryl’s lunch came back to haunt her asshole Go through all the doody noises to find the right one for Cheryl’s story Debra has norovirus and shits a lot in the middle of New Orleans Beige Woes School shootings, NRA, gun control, e ...…
Talking about the massive destruction being done right now by facebook's idiotic machine learning bots
This is actually two grums combined. The first one is testing, includes Ragan Fox, Cheryl (I think), and a cameo by a very messy Lady Bunny. The second grum is about how I got booted from Facebook for the millioth time and Cheryl & I figure out what turd do about itk.
We just had another quickie pre Crimmas...It's just US GIRLS!
We GIRLS had an pop-up grum on youtube turday. Here's the audio. Have a nice #dee.
ALL GIRLS have a nice chat with Mr. Nyplz today.Also, the SEASON FINALE of Game of Crones by Baby Jane N..
This episode is a Movies with the Girls wherein ALL GIRLS watch a nice movie, but get bored at times and call crazy people.
Really good news coming out of Sillycunt Valley today on today's Yeast Radio with ***ALL GIRLS***Fun girl talk included as well as some nice sexy lesbian phone calls.
Today on the show, the girls make some phone calls to some scary people. Also, Madge yells at everyone. Eat her out.
Madge pays a visit to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report as they pass through Chicago for the upcoming Great American Pilgrimage TV Show.LOOK: Madge even did SHOW NOTES:Max’s vagina hatcarpet/drape matching and red headsmerkinsmadge’s bad hairy vagina and chest dreamcousin harvey the rape monsterprague 2011World Crypto Network HO ...…
ALL GIRLS in this typical grum featuring a new Game of Crones episode.Show Notes ITS MY FUCKING DIRT! WhiteGuys Fart in my face rap FAT KID DANCE PARTY Hardees Sandwich killed Cass Elliot - https:// ...…
Solo grum with Madge galavanting the River Walk complaining about everything.
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