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CHI Podcasts
The CHI Podcasts are produced by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute and offer in-depth interviews with research and business leaders from many facets of biotechnology.
The 501(c)3 non-profit Qigong Institute has created a podcast discussing the extraordinary benefits of Qigong, an ancient Chinese health practice which combines movement, meditation, and breathing.
Tai Chi Chinese
Learn the Chinese behind Tai Chi. In each bite sized episode, I explain the Chinese behind a popular Tai Chi term, like Parting the wild horse’s mane (episode 7) or White crane spreads its wings (episode 9).
The 501(c)3 non-profit Qigong Institute has created a podcast discussing the extraordinary benefits of Qigong, an ancient Chinese health practice which combines movement, meditation, and breathing.
The Tai Chi Minute
The Tai Chi Minute is a short but focused video lesson on Tai Chi. It picks up where every instructional video (even my own!) leaves off. The Tai Chi Minute is 30 years of Tai Chi practice and experience captured in bite-sized nuggets. The primary message of the Tai Chi Minute is this: have more fun! In Chinese, the word for a Tai Chi practitioner is player - as in I play Tai Chi. So when you practice, remember to relax and play your Tai Chi... dont overwork it. Enjoy! ****
This pod cast is the first in a series that will demonstrate the Yang form of Tai Chi as taught by Sifu John Vihilidal of Escondido Kung Fu and Tai Chi. This first pod cast will demonstrate the 1) Chin Li or Salutation, 2) Wind Waving in the Grass, 3) Holding the Great Cauldron, 4) Pressing and Grounding to the Center of the Earth, 5) Seven Star, 6) Shoulder Roll with Tai Chi Press and 7) Touch Pulse. Simu April Vihilidal, as instructed by Sifu John Vihilidal, demonstrates these first seven ...
There are those that believe to practise Tai Chi without tradition or without confirmed lineage, is simply a waste of time - or shadow boxing. It is an art that lacks substance like Bean Curd lacks solidity. But Bean Curd Boxers beg to differ. We claim that Bean Curd is the ultimate yielding substance, it maintains its shape and form, and is sold at a fair price.Additionally, it can be superbly crisp when deep fried and absorbs insults like it absorbs flavours. Bean Curd is a fine symbol of ...
Gain deeper insights into the world of internal Chinese gongfu as Sifu Ken Gullette talks with prominent instructors about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, and the philosophy that guides these amazing martial arts. This is a real-world conversation without the mystical mumbo jumbo -- a No Woo-Woo Zone. You will walk away with deeper knowledge and new inspiration after listening to this fun and insightful conversation.
ESL podcasts from the heart of Vietnam; written by a Vietnamese English teacher and taught by an American teacher.
Multiplying. Reconciling. Transforming.
Chi Kung Stories
Your life, your practice
Join director Spike Lee and actor John Cusack for a moderated discussion and audience Q&A about Chi-Raq. The film—a searing satire of America' gun culture—centers on a group of Chicago women who declare a war of the sexes after a young girl is killed by a stray bullet.
Understanding the martial arts journey. Martial arts has a rich history of passing down knowledge through stories. We seek to enrich the martial artists journey through passing down the stories and oral traditions or the arts. We teach a very rare and nearly lost form of Kung Fu called Shou' Shu'. An eight animal system once only taught to a very select few. We seek to spread the knowledge of Shou' Shu' to many so that many can reap it's benefits.
At Qigong Radio, we believe that cultivating a movement practice that builds your natural life energy, like Tai Chi or qigong, is an ever-unfolding, rewarding process of inner exploration. We talk shop with teachers and practitioners of all levels.
Chi Alpha at UTSA
Sermons from Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
Chi Alpha @ UVA
Welcome to the Chi Alpha @ UVA podcast! Chi Alpha at the University of Virginia is a passionately devoted, diverse, missional community of the Spirit—building lifelong followers of Jesus. Here you will find all of the most recent messages from Monday Night Live, retreats, and seminars. You can find more content by visiting our website at
The Tai Chi Life
Hacking lifelong health and vitality, inner Joy and outer abundance - and World Peace.
Chi Town Talk
Listen here for stats, news, and personal commentary on the Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, and White Sox!
Join Keanu Reeves for a discussion about his directorial debut, "Man of Tai Chi." Set in modern Beijing, the film, also starring Reeves, follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist (played by Tiger Chen) whose unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club. As the fights intensify, so does his will to survive.
Oakland University branch of Psi Chi
Wright State Chi Alpha is a group of students that are passionate about following Jesus together on campus.
Working Chi is a self-help podcast aimed at people who take their road to "perfect" seriously, but not themselves.
Do you feel that you are evolving at the pace of the world changing around you? Are you interested in holistic health, meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, other Energy and/or Martial Arts? If so, join our online community dedicated to helping you surf the wave of the conscious human evolution movement sweeping the planet.Please enjoy our sometimes hilarious, sometimes profound dialogs about the best practices, philosophies, and "secrets of the trade" among many world-class experts in the Ener ...
Sermon and Bible study podcast
WVU Chi Alpha
Podcast by WVU Chi Alpha
These are the sermons given by Tom Trask II and the staff of Mizzou Chi Alpha
The weekly large group gathering of Chi Alpha at American University. We call this "TNW" - Thursday Night Worship.
Messages from Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Purdue University.
Chi Alpha UNI is a campus ministry at the University of Northern Iowa. We exist to give every student at UNI an opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus and others. On this podcast, we feature teachings from our Tuesday night gatherings.
New podcast weblog
Chi Alpha Memphis
These are live recordings from Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the University of Memphis. For more info about Chi Alpha Memphis please visit us at
Psi Chi Cast
Psi Chi Conference at Drexel University March 2006.
Pastor Art Walker gives us insight from God's word.
Single in Chi
Podcast by Single in Chi
There will always be food. There will always be friends. There will always be discussion of an infinite God. Join us around the table.
Retired USAF. Student at Full Sail. Sports anchor for "The Heat is On" on @Newsradio1025. Host of Turning Points podcast. He's also a movie guru as he hosting "Better than the Trailer."
metaphysical workout for body, mind, and spirit
The Chi Podcast
The Chi is a podcast with co-hosts Josh Schachnow and Harrison Freeman, who discuss and debate interesting current and past topics along with guest hosts and friends.
Chi Rojo Presents:
Aesthetic Engineer, Creative Director, Writer, Performer, and Personality..."I aspire to be higher and perspire to make it so...."
Chi Alpha @ NMSU
Weekly messages brought to you by Chi Alpha at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.
Podcast by Marshall University Chi Alpha
Real EDM DJ and Artist Interviews from Chicago. Hosts Luis 2 Live & Dylan featuring top EDM tracks and Exclusive Mixes. #Chicago = #1 Greatest Dance Music City of All Time! #CHI #EDM
Chi Alpha SDSU
Chi Alpha SDSU featuring speaker Brandon Kertson
Chi Town Radio
The Chi Town Radio Network consists of 2 shows under the CTR umbrella. Chi-Town Radio and Pass Conceal Carry Illinois Radio. Chi-Town Radio - mainly a talk show with a variety of music - no topic is off limits and... put the kids to bed. The Pass Conceal Carry Illinois show was created to pressure Illinois politicians to pass conceal carry in the state of Illinois. It is also used to educate people on the fact that Illinois is the only state to not have conceal carry. 2nd amendment rights wi ...
Podcast by Missouri State Chi Alpha
Chi Rho Bro Ministries seeks and desires to brovultionize today’s bro culture through the power of the True Bro, Jesus Christ. We reach bros though social media, writings, speaking engagements, podcasts, and counseling. We speak from our own experiences in order to be truly authentic bros.This is where podcasts and other audio will be uploaded for Chi Rho Bro Ministries.
Welcome. Straight from the Windy City. A collective of Vinyl Addicts who love music, All types of music. Mixes are always recorded Live, Raw, and Uncut.
Chi Alpha is a national campus ministry. UAA Chi Alpha is located in Anchorage, AK.
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Featuring our go-to guy for culture, cuisine and the arts, DotFresher, and co-hosted by WARR editorial director, Kyle Means, the Gourmet Season podcast brings you restaurant reviews, showcases of nightlife and pointed discussions on hip-hop, culture and all the other things intelligent minds and refined spirits like. We bring you a look into Ch ...…
Pastor Tony helps us to journey together on the road to Emmaus, as we explore in a deeper way the meaning of this story. Call to Silence: Kyra Schaefer, CHI
Jake Turner welcomes his good friend, Fansided's NHL Senior Writer, Michelle Bruton to the Turning Point of the Sports World to break down NHL Playoffs and some breaking news happened while on the air.
Saddened by the recent announcement that Toys R Us will be shutting its doors forever, Christie and Nicole have decided to take this opportunity to honor the stores and brands of yesteryear that have succumbed to similar unfortunate fates. In loving memory of: Toys R Us Babies R Us Kids R Us KB Toys FAO Schwartz Noodle Kidoodle Discovery Zone Z ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
Pastor Dennis Chi April 8, 2018 Mark 1:14-15
New health benefits discovered in berry pigment The relevance of GABA for diabetes is highlighted in two new studies 7-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation Practicing Tai Chi helps improve respiratory function in patients with COPD New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries Older ...…
this is the final sermon in our Shaken series. Hear how it wraps up and let it motivate you to grow in your walk. Please visit for more info or to get in touch with us.
Pana TeknoIf DavidoFall DavidoMad Over You RuntownLebeh Lebeh Ding DongAYAYAY PumpaShe Bad TurnerSanko TimayaPam Pam KetchupBaby Na Yoka FlavourI Like The Way TimayaNwa Baby FlavourBend Down (Pause Remix ft. Wizkid & Machel Montano) RuntownMami Lo Tiene Machel MontanoFast Wine (Jillionaire Remix) Machel MontanoRough Wine (Ultimate Rejects Remix ...…
This week GeauxDee and Smash recap season 1 of The Chi, college basketball’s one and done rule, and the motivational speech of a brave 11 yr old Naomi Wadler.
Theta Chi Fraternity President Jake Bauerle joins Nick, Shree, and Rob to discuss what it's like being president of a large fraternity, the biggest challenges/rewards, why he wanted to do it, and more. The conversation then flows to topics including the recent self-driving car incidents and the house mouse Bartholomew. He also participates in S ...…
Welcome to Starengu, I’m your host Tosha Johnson. I’m super excited to introduce you to China McNeal. She has been a hairstylist for over 20 years and owns a very popular chic hairstyle salon called ChiHairImports. Ladies, I can tell you firsthand she is absolutely amazing because she’s my hairstylist. If you have enjoyed this podcast, I'm conf ...…
Mike Nicholls, Creator of Umber Magazine joins Mani on this episode of Meet The Brave to take him from roots in North Carolina, witnessing the rise of Atlanta, surviving the CHI, Afrocentric Philly and landing in Oakland. Mike also shares why Umber could not have happened without Oakland. This episode is sponsored by At The Ave Studios. For mor ...…
Pastor Dennis Chi April 1, 2018 John 20:19-23
We interview the Super Talented K.Avett, and play new music from Georgie Sweet, and 30/70.Playlist:Kimberly WashingtonThe Darkhous FamilyThe OfferingFreddie Joachim - Out ThereEric Roberson - Rock With YouSophia Faith - Say SoMarco Mckinnis - How I FeelKaidi Tatham - Chi NuiKiko Bun - Sweet Meadow FlowerPoppy Ajudha - Love Falls DownShaun Escof ...…
There’s a lot of good things happening in the community. Chi STEM is one of them. Chi STEM is a new Academy Saturday School that’s opening their doors free to students starting March 31st. Darius Nix, founder of Chi STEM and design board member, Marcus Woods, sat down with Marsha Lyles to educate us on what the academy will offer, why it’s impo ...…
Yes, all Tai Chi masters wear suspenders with belts, and you'll be tasting the rainbow after this episode.
Jay Seidler continues our series on having a culture of honor. A culture of honor is more than just having respect for each other, but it's elevating each other above ourselves. Honor is not zero-sum, it calls out the gold in people, and it protects relationships in the process.By (Dayton XA Inc.).
We fire up the DeLorean again this week and visit redacted with our friends Ethan Boylan and Dan Bond from Lagunitas! The lads share the latest from Petaluma and Chi-Town, and they pony up some awesome whales for us: Plum and Jasmine Gose, Pineapple Yuzu, Sally, WTFarmhouse Sour w/Cherry, Cafe Con Leche Imperial Milk Stout, and a palate cleanse ...…
Rome and the Latins ready up for war. Romans begins to change battle tactics, gradually abandoning the Phalanx system. And in Greece, Alexander is 16 years old, by now. Partial Transcript Hello, this is Abel, speaking from Beijing, Chi...
Can our garden spaces transform our Feng Shui? Yep! They sure can! Gardens and nature are crucial to our health and well-being. In fact, so crucial to our Chi that I use nature as an adjustment in my own practice all the time. Today Beth O'Leary joins me on the show to talk about the importance of nature and what it can do for our souls, and he ...…
Spring 2018 message series at Chi Alpha!By (Chi Alpha @ CWU).
Big Up all the massive and crew! So the question is -- do podcasts have seasons? Well, consider this the season finale of the Maple Syrup Podcast & the homies R. Chung & Drewski have someone huge stopping by! Mixing hip hop with grime and everything in between, Keita Juma (@KeitaJuma) is a force in the music game. Relocating from Bristol, Unite ...…
Episode 25! The crew (UNK, E.F., & QB) are back n the saddle this week. In this episode they cover: QB's L.A. weekend re-cap, UNK's Super Sunday exploits, Hyphenated last names in marriage, UNK reads 6Brown Chicks, car theft from Skip and the internet coming to his aid, The CHI, Boosie vs Biloxi, the cussing pastor's latest exploits, Cameron Pa ...…
JUST ASK! Sometimes asking for a favor or reaching out to someone you don’t know is tough. Matt talks about how he SKYPED WITH A BILLIONAIRE after sending a cold email, met up with a CRYPTO INSIDER in Ho Chi Minh City, and learned how to make a true wood-fired Italian pizza from a professional. He even discusses how he helped a new friend in ne ...…
Is it ever okay for the woman to propose? Is it ever okay for the woman to not take the her husband's last name? The hosts debate these two gender role-reversal topics at length with their Instagram Live audience, but start off with a spirited critique of Season 1 of "The Chi" and a discussion about whether you'd want your friend or brother to ...…
What can Tai Chi and a technology fast do for your leadership skills? We can answer that in just 10 minutes!
Listen to Legacy part two to learn how we can resist the culture like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. We can lovingly engage the culture we are in while at the same time being people who follow the will of God.
We're back!Social Media Roundup: Killer Mike tap dances for the NRA, Offset creates more drama, March for our Lives gets all the media attentionHonorable Mention: Blac Chyna's boyfriend has to be home when the street lights come on.Story of the Week: Logic falls out of love in two yearsFilm Corner: Season 1 of The Chi is over. How dope was it?K ...…
Married with Children “Pilot” The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the male chauvinist hit sitcom Married with Children w ...…
Married with Children “Pilot” The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the male chauvinist hit sitcom Married with Children w ...…
Jesus Hiratio Christ! Im gonna go ahead and say that this wasnt Chi Chi's plan for the show at large. But what we got is pure fucking GOLDEN! Enjoy alien talk like no one else could ever bring you! Learn something! Or dont! I sure wont lose any sleep over it!
New research on tai chi for fibromyalgia, psychological interventions for menopause symptoms, fitness level and dementia, ADHD after TBI, threshold for BP acceleration, and racial/ethnic disparities in CV health.
Prepare for lots of laughter in this first episode of our recurring series Postcards from the Edge. Grace and Courtney have a conversation about the ups and downs of international teaching, followed by lots of travel talk. 04:08 Goat’s blood with Grace’s face 10:27 The time Prep kids mutinied against Courtney 17:50 Best Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh ...…
We have Bryce "Spider" Lisser from Stone Guardian Acupuncture on the show to tell us about the slow-motion martial arts you see in the park and similar settings. Yes, it's really a form of martial arts, just done slowly and deliberately. Teaching QiGong and Tai Chi is part of Bryce's practice of Chinese Medicine at Stone Guardian Acupuncture. T ...…
Malaysian artist chi too uses bitumen as a medium to draw a series of straight lines, in a solo exhibition called “Sometimes When We Touch” that examines the labour that goes into art while also refusing to be easily defined.
This week’s show featured Allison Schorr and Shasta Wragge promoting the upcoming ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference, Dr. Matt West with CHI Health providing good physical health tips for those “weekend warriors” finally getting a chance to get outside and exercise, and Catholic Charities executive director Gregg Wilson talked about the upcomin ...…
Some say the science of chemistry dates back to the Stone Age when mankind first discovered fire. Early humans were fascinated by ways different objects react to burning, and developed the practice of alchemy. However, having failed to properly explain...
This week we talk about the movie 12 Strong, and also you get to hear my dog Chi Chi playing in the background. This is a very professional podcast.
Margie L. Garrett, BS, DVM, CVA, CVTN, CIVCA graduated UK on the Honor Roll and as recipient of the Travelling Scholars to the British Isles. She studied Ethology at Wolf Park and graduated Purdue University Veterinary Medicine in 1992. In 1993, she established a business and improved skills in allopathic veterinary medicine in a mobile and sta ...…
Married Porn Couple Annika Albrite and Mick Blue sit down with Dan Frigolette on the 1st Day of AVN 2018.#pornstarsarepeoplepornhub, porn hub, Siliva Saige, Silviasaige, Dan frigolette, adriana lynn, porn stars, porn stars are people, polyamory, poligamy, cats, cats rights, los angeles, new jersey, xxx, porn, pornstars, nina elle, lexi luna, ch ...…
SHOUTOUT TO OUR LISTENERS IN SAN FRANCISCO AND LOS ANGELES! And to our one listener in Asia— GOOD MORNING HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM!Today’s cohost is Comedian and Viral Realtor Sensation, Kristin LaVanway!April Walterscheid and Kristin LaVanway discuss Dick of the Week, Celebrity Dick of the Week, Superhero of the Week as well as Strangers with ...…
Episode 7 - Psychic Lily by Single in Chi
Check out my latest interview with rising Chi-Town rapper, AfghanKilla!Afghan calls in to talk about stereotypes with being Brown, his growth with his new release of "AK, SS", social and family change, clout chasing and realizing your doing it for the love of the game!Follow Afghan on Instagram! Jul ...…
We are running the gamut on topics this week that include: Stalkers Season wrap up of The Chi What Drives Men To Cheat? What Do Men Look For In A Woman? What If She Cheats At Her Bachelorette Party? Are Men Obligated To Break Up A Fight Between A Man And A Woman? How Long Is Too Long To Be Engaged? And Much More Foolishness!…
Cable Killers is back with Cory and Sean to give you our take on TV shows consumed through various streaming platforms. This week we talk Desus and Mero Vs DJ Envy, The Walking Dead, Unsolved Biggie and Pac, The Chi, OJ Confession, Power is Trash, and Atlanta and more! Contact us: From The Canopy FromTheCanopyP ...…
A chat with Canadian runner, triathlete, all-around positive guy and Chi-running guru Eric Collard.
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