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Down the Foxhole with Casey & Erin
Join us weekly as we document our adventures in entrepreneurship, living our best lives & overcoming meltdowns. Prior content marketing specialists at Bluemercury- Erin & Casey have recently taken the dive from side hustle to full-time business owners and nearly pee their pants laughing at each other and themselves every day. It's hard y'all, but worth it. Let's go down the foxhole.
Joe DeLisi, Foxhole Partner
Joe shares wisdom from being in the front of the room for over a decade.
Beyond The Foxholes Podcast
Beyond the Foxhole is a Flames of War focused podcast brought to you by Ben, Adam and Winner Dave plus some special guests chat about the latest FOW news, tactics, army lists, painting and much much more.
Scott Cluthe's LOVE Cafe
Scott Cluthe, former drive time host on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, brings his LOVE CAFE Radio to LIVE listeners world wide with guests and talk that bring the motto: LOVE in Action ! to Life. Join LOVE Cafe & the LOVE Cafe Newsletter at
Witness to War
W2W is about the 'foxhole' or ‘windshield’ view of combat as seen by the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who experienced it. It is about the fear, the emotions, the training, and the previously untapped wells of personal courage that enabled ordinary individuals to survive, and in some cases thrive, under extraordinary pressures and almost unimaginable danger.
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DNBRadio 24/7 - Main Channel
Recorded 2018-02-12 15:42:03 Tracklisting: * Dom & Roland - Glowbug (S.P.Y Remix) * RoyGreen & Protone - Big Foot * - Oblique (VIP Remix).wav * - DISDUB001 DIGI_Xtrah-DLR_Direct-Approach_Digital-Only - Mix_Dispatch * FRESH - The Gatekeeper * Skeptical - Imperial * Mefjus - Saturate (Foreign Concept Remix) * - DLR & Hoppa - A World that looked t ...…
Down the Foxhole with Casey & Erin
WE ARE SO EXCITED. This episode, our interview with Ashli Stockton, Founder and CEO of Leisure of Sunday Forever is a MUST LISTEN. We talk about Barbara Walters, ironing dollar bills, swallowing frogs (yes, you read that right) and baby animal accounts. If we haven't convinced you yet to hole up with some coffee (or wine!) and listen to this ep ...…
The Abundant Edge: Permaculture, Natural Building, and Regenerative Living
We have an awesome lineup of guests and experts that we'll be interviewing including kicking off the season with Mark Sheppard, one of the foremost pioneers of restoration agriculture and agroforestry. We've also got Ted Brinegar of Foxhole homes, Christy Hemenway of goldstar bees, Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology, Rachael Forster of Tamar Grow ...…
JP Dinnell, a former SEAL with three combat deployments, including, AR Ramadi, Iraq as machine gunner and lead sniper for Commander, Jocko Willink discusses what he has learned both in the SEAL teams and as a leadership instructor with Echelon Front. This Podcast has practical applications for those in sales and those who lead sales teams for b ...…
Health Story Collaborative
Health Story Collaborative Podcast Episode 7: Vinnie’s Story (Originally aired on the WBUR Commonhealth Blog). Vinnie is a self-described “toothless, sixty year old junkie.” Thirty years ago he experienced a head injury which left him blind in one eye and debilitated by chronic migraines. To manage his pain, doctors prescribed him various opioi ...…
Music can be inspired by all kinds of things. Love, hate and boring old things we all learned in social studies class. I guess it’s changes things when it’s accompanied with some kick ass punk rock. We tried something different with this episode. We decided to record at our local Tap Room… The Foxhole If you are ever in Willmar and you’re looki ...…
Debbie Portell trains world body champions, college athletes and 43 year old weekend warriors like Joe. She discusses how nutrition may be holding you back at work and other endeavors.
Best mates with Eminem, signed by Sony, and on the verge of international superstardom, Californian rap group Silibil 'n' Brains were the music industry's Next Big Thing. There was just one problem: they'd never been to California. They were from Dundee. In this extraordinary interview with Olly, Gavin Bain - who, as Brains Mcloud, was one half ...…
Actions you can take in areas you struggle with business and sales
Andrew Ramroop OBE made his first pair of trousers whilst he was still in school shorts. At 17, he headed away from his home nation of Trinidad, gravitating towards London’s world-famous Savile Row. In this interview with Olly, he recalls how the racism he faced as a young tailor fuelled his career progression, and how he went on to create suit ...…
If you're an english professor, as well as an author, poet, yoga teacher and playwright, what do you do after struggling with infertility? Why, you turn it into a play of course! When Lisa Grunberger heard the ART of Infertility was organizing an art exhibit in Philadelphia, she quickly adapted a book she had written into a screenplay, hired a ...…
Meet Tyler! Tyler Anthony Smith's acting highlights include: David Sedaris' The Santaland Diaries, Red, Butterflies are Free, Three Sisters, Moll Flanders, For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls, Heddatron, Six Degrees of Separation (Smithfield Street Theatre, Pittsburgh); Cabaret (No Stakes Theater Project); Mary Stuart, Spirits to Enforce (Columbi ...…
Your Own Private Iowa
This week Foxholes came on the show, and what a great experience I had getting to know and talk to the band! We were all over the place as far as topics go, from the bands origins, to shows they had been at, to getting paid $300 bucks for a gig, using paint for dinosaur music videos, jamming with Nels Cline, and so much more! This interview was ...…
Transformation City Church
1 Samuel 7:12Ebenezer: Two words – Eben and Ezer Ezer – helper, foxhole, clutch, emergency contactEben – stone or rock, ore, commonness – faithfulness in the every day. Discipleship at TCC is people committed to the journey toward service, intentional relationship, and holding sacred space for themselves, one another, and the City of Milwaukee. ...…
Using the Armor of God to get out of the foxhole and advance His Kingdom
Episode 43 – Elias, Binary & Hobbs are here with the hottest takes on the newest 5 year old games around! They also get stuck into all the news out of Gamescom, bitch about their internet speeds and the fact that nobody in Malaysia acknowledges the existence of the Xbox One X, and question whether or not anyone is actually listening other than ...…
In this episode we discuss the events of the last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, and whether this is the opening round of the Great American Civil War: a war that will be fought without defined battle lines everywhere throughout the united States -- and beyond? -- and could be the opening act for the End Times. Feedback: send your questions ...…
Rogue Two Media
Join Elton, Andy and Josh as they freeze their nuts off, run around for supplies and guide 1st Lieutenant Dike to his foxhole, all while taking you through Band of Brothers – Part Six –... A simple podcast feed. Various artists.
Musician Jude Benedict Ess talks about transgender issues, body pride and self identity. Plus food choices, favorite food types and gender norms. NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES August 6-Whiskey House in Des Moines, IA August 9-Be Here Now in Muncie IN August 10-Pints & Slices in Ft. Wayne, IN August 11-Soma Ultralounge in Champaign IL August 12 ...…
RPG: Real Polite Gentlemen
In this episode, the gentlemen discuss Pyre, Pokemon (it would be weird at this point if we didn't), Foxhole, Overcooked and Fortnite!In the news, we discuss the flashback Sega Genesis and Atari, Mighty No. 9's physical edition, and Player Unknown's battlegrounds controversies.If you want to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can find us at ...…
Topyen ( The Only Podcast You'll Ever Need) is a podcast that at its core is about gaming news but sometimes we will talk about other topics. News from between June 27th, 2017 and June 31, 2017. This should also be on iTunes and youtube.
Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show
What's up Diamonds, I hope you all are staying cool during these hot hot summer nights and days. I don't want to complain about the heat because I'm thankful to be alive to feel it, but I will say I cannot wait till fall gets here! Who's with me on that one. Welcome to another episode of the #TalentIn10 Project this is the show where I display ...…
Sleaze Radio
1. New York Dolls - Lonely Planet Boy 2.Velvet Underground - Candy Says3.The Moonlandingz - Strangle of Anna4.Rolling Stones - It Must Be Hell 5.Television - Foxhole 6.Can - Moonshake 7.Michael Hurley - Be Kind To Me
Being a TV warm-up is one of the hardest jobs in showbiz. How can you capture the interest and affection of an audience who don’t know who you are, have spent hours sitting around, and may simply want to go home?Andy Collins is a man who knows. Often cited as the best in the business, he’s honed his skills over decades, warming-up audiences for ...…
Our hosts visit Lackland Air Force Base, home of the nation's only atheist “religious” service available to enlistees in Basic Training. We explore the challenges faced by nonreligious service-members, and how one group of Humanists is working to make sure “no religious preference” doesn’t mean “no moral support.”…
0:00:00 - Opening 0:01:14 - A letter from a soldier to his sons from a fox hole in Iwo Jima. 0:09:54 - A letter from a mother to her daughter before her execution in Czechoslovakia. 0:53:29 - Recommended strength and conditioning for BJJ. 1:08:46 - Can you gain credibility back once you've lost it? 1:16:22 - How to lead a team dealing with the ...…
Pretty Fuzzy Productions
Matty Faz and Zach August sit down at Pretty Fuzzy Production's Foxhole Studios to go over their typical wide-range of subjects........and just a little bit of old-school Sopranos as usual. Find out why a packed Jersey Shore bar was playing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, what time period you'd most love to go back to, the painstaking process to bec ...…
Counter Charge - Your Podcast For All Things Kings of War
CC 184 - Foxhole Terrain Rob sits down with Dan Fox of Foxhole Terrain at a recent event and talks about running a small business, keys to making awesome looking terrain, traveling to conventions and an assortment of other fun topics along the way! For more details on Foxhole Terrain be sure to check out their website. Foxhole Terrain Website A ...…
Pathology technician Carla Valentine always knew she wanted to work with corpses. In childhood, she conducted funerals for roadkill. These days, she is curator of the St Bart’s Museum of Pathology, and a passionate advocate for more discussion about what happens when the mortuary doors swing shut.In this interview with Olly, she reveals how to ...…
Paul Watson realised he would never play football for England - so attempted, instead, to be recruited by the worst international team in the world. His quest lead him to Pohnpei, Micronesia; and, although he never realised his dream of becoming an international soccer star, he ended up coaching them instead...What's it like training a team 900 ...…
A week late and a guest short - I recorded outside in what proved to be the most honest and accurate window into who I am. Some things I covered:- Retiring from hockey- Not currently being depressed- Limiting self-deprecation- The closest I have ever come to committing suicide- My plans for two new shows- Why I stick my tongue out so damn much- ...…
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Sarah Harmeyer is my guest for episode #144 of The Happy Hour. Sarah is the founder of Neighbor’s Table, a concept born from her personal passion for gathering people, and her desire to get to know her own neighbors. She has personally witnessed how lives are transformed when people gather around the table and share their stories. Sarah asked h ...…
Musings from the High Desert
Fr. Deacon Ted Brinegar, who serves at St. Anthony, brings home a collection of insights into the meaning of Pentecost, not as an historical marker, but as a living experience for us today. Deacon Ted is involved in a unique ministry which we invite you to check out here: Foxhole Homes Mission.By (Fr. Gabriel Rochelle and Ancient Faith Radio).
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