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Inner Demons - A Ghost Rider Podcast
Inner Demons is the only podcast dedicated to Marvel Comics' Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider. Hosts Brian Biggie and Chris Munn do reviews of current and classic Ghost Rider comics, along with discussions about news and other items related to the comic.
Now Playing: The Ghost Rider Movie Retrospective Series
With a flaming skull, a leather jacket, and a bad bike, Ghost Rider embraced the biker comics counterculture in the 70's and had a resurgance as a dark hero in the 90's. The first Ghost Rider film broke box office records, and now Nicholas Cage reprises his role as the devil's bounty hunter. And continuing their look back at all movies based on Marvel Comics heroes, and in anticipation of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie will be watching and reviewing both Ghost Rid ...
Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance: Meet the Filmmakers
Join director Brian Taylor and Golden Globe–winning actor Idris Elba as they discuss their new film, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.”
Join Coriander Dickinson, Heather Dery and Kate Stark as they talk their way through the experience of Kamen Rider Ghost!
Nic Cage Cast
Stand-up comedian Phoenix West loves Nic Cage an unreasonable amount. Listen as he reviews Nic Cage movies and ONLY Nic Cage movies in a way that only he can: with unbridled passion and sarcasm.
Superhero Cinema Podcast
A fun look at Superhero Movies and TV Shows. We discuss all the latest news in Superhero movies, TV shows and comics, plus reviews and commentary. A new show every other week.
Now Playing: The Daredevil & Elektra Movie Retrospective Series
Marvel Knights Daredevil and Elektra may have been comic book fan favorites, but they were unknown quantities to mainstream audiences when the big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's classic storyline hit screens in early 2003. Now join the hosts of Now Playing, the movie review podcast, as they look at Daredevil and it's 2005 spin-off Elektra as they continue their Marvel Comic retrospective in anticipation of next year's The Avengers!
A podcast about a podcast about Kamen Rider Ghost.
Our Constitution
Michael Connelly is a retired attorney and a U.S. Army Veteran. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from Louisiana State University in 1973 and practiced law in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 26 years and currently lives in Canton, Texas. He specialized in Constitutional law during his practice and handled cases involving the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments of the Constitution. He currently is the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation, a constitutional l ...
In this Comic Book Podcast miniseries, Co-Creator of The Game Set Match Podcast, Joe Machado, and Illustrator, Brian Walters, break down every Comic Book film since 1994. From Blade 2 to Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider to Suicide Squad, these two grade each Cinematic Universe just to see who's actually doing a better job thus far: DC or Marvel?
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Welcome to Dial H for Heroclix! We are a podcast that covers news, figures, plays games and just jokes around within the world of Heroclix. Join Kalder and Kris this week as we: 1. Cover a TON of News! Including:Spoilers for the Upcoming X-Men Set and the announcement of the NEW Batman: The Animated Series set!!! 2. Continue rambling on about t ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: The Historians Take A Detour to the Kamen Rider Spirits manga; Sven might be pronouncing things wrong on purpose now; Hongo is definitely not handling his depression well, Hayato is a complete shitlord; the Metal Gear comparisons intensify; everyone gets hype ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: We hope you've all had a good holiday season! 003 sure didn't. We follow the 00 cyborgs on their once-in-a-lifetime round-the-world trip; there are multiple reminders to never do contract work for Black Ghost; the team gets increasingly salty over translation ...…
Game of the Year 2017 continues right here, right now, with some more talk around a bunch of categories! Today, we discuss the best “Free” games (available via PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or other services), the best Surprise, and finally, our most anticipated games of 2018 (and beyond, in some cases). BEST “FREE” GAME It’s been another year of peo ...…
Love One Another by Church Of The Undecided Ghost Of A Memory by Paper Mache Kisses Get Your Boots On Skinny by The Winachi Tribe Melanin Poppin by Fudakochi Robot Heart by Cesium Swimsuit Legend Of Lumbar by Lydian Collective Adapter Card by Arkestar I See You by Silent Riders Microverse by Lossy & Strangers Learning To Fall by Unjay To have y ...…
Gravity Podcast by Trancient
Welcome to another edition of Gravity Podcast. This week I will take you on a psychedelic journey to wonderland! Happy Listening! Tracklist Namaste - Vini Vici Wonderland - Ghost Rider & Bizzare Contact Let There Be Light (Atomic Pulse vs. Perplex Remix) - Astral Projection Thoughts - MVMB & Morten Granau…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: This show is DEFINITELY SUPER FUN and not at all exploring heavy themes possibly unfit for children; Skull's TED Talk goes very poorly; no one remembered to animate the baby AGAIN; Sven's memory of Simpsons' jokes is literally nonexistent; Alexa would kill a m ...…
Four Color Commentary
In this Action Packed Issue: Here’s My Issue: Darkwing Duck #1 - Evan Ghost Rider X-Mas Special - Chewie Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1 - Ryan Spectacular Spider-Man #112 - Ian First Prints: Klaus and the Witch of Winter/ Klaus and the Crisis in X-Masville Four Color Character Compendium: Jingle Belle Backmatter: Comic Arts LA, Into the Spid ...…
Town Hall Seattle Arts & Culture Series
Many of us are inspired at the thought of taking a journey of self discovery. Irene Skyriver took just such a journey—an epic solo kayaking trip to find herself and a new sense of connection with her ancestors. In her memoir Paddling with Spirits she chronicled her solo voyage from Alaska to her home in Washington’s San Juan Islands. Town Hall ...…
Bad Music Hertz
Previous episode - Bad Music Hertz Episode 1: Lonesome Dreams Michael the Marmot Strange Trails “Teaser Trailer” Strange Trails No. 7 “The World Ender” Comic Book Paul McCartney’s RAM 3. Ram On 11. Ram On Stephen King’s 11/22/63 William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience “The World Ender” - Official Music Video Major, minor, and dimin ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: We start upgrading our equipment; the Ishinomori operating table returns; we debate the ethics of punching jerk intelligent robot psychic babies; Alexa doesn't phrase something very well; this show runs on video game logic, and it looks like we're gonna have t ...…
Well isn't this an amazing sight, another shrivelled malformed creature birthed from the accursed Sack of Crap. This week, Mac and Sam sift through the entrails and discarded sexual organs to talk about the adventures of Johnny Spicks and Jessica in Ghost Rider. We aslo talk about other stuff, I don't really remember. Anyway want a free t-shirt ...…
Would You Read On?
Episode 54! This week, we take a look at Ghost Rider #1 from 1990. Written by Howard Mackie, art by Javier Saltares, and published by Marvel Comics. Danny Ketch was showing his sister around the cemetery on Halloween Eve when things started to go south. A random encounter with a gang of teens leads to a mix-up with two criminal organizations. I ...…
Techno Pressure by Jens Mueller (SK)
Tracklist: 01 Danny Fontana - Achak! (Kostas Maskalides Remix) 02 D.Mongelos - Changes (Original Mix) 03 Spartaque - Ghost Rider (Original Mix) 04 Jay Lumen - Are We Clear (Original Mix) 05 Green Velvet - Flash (Loco & Jam Remix) 06 Escape to Mars - Only One Minute To Leave 07 Fabian Jakopetz, RanchaTek - Music Takes Me (Constantino Nappi, DJ M ...…
Sound Kleckse by Jens Mueller (SK)
Tracklist: 01 Danny Fontana - Achak! (Kostas Maskalides Remix) 02 D.Mongelos - Changes (Original Mix) 03 Spartaque - Ghost Rider (Original Mix) 04 Jay Lumen - Are We Clear (Original Mix) 05 Green Velvet - Flash (Loco & Jam Remix) 06 Escape to Mars - Only One Minute To Leave 07 Fabian Jakopetz, RanchaTek - Music Takes Me (Constantino Nappi, DJ M ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: Van loses their goddamn mind and Alexa doesn't care anymore. The Skull Man ends. ----more---- TOPICS: * This anime is a goddamned ghost town * The Skull Man (2007) 8-13 * Big big cyborgm'n * Helen * Fox ghosts * 753 candy * That riverbank in every Japanese sho ...…
On this week's warm-up episode, we discuss food delivery service, how fast food restaurants can improve their breakfast menu, the new Thor movie, and the modern work week. No pitches this week since, come on, it's Ghost Rider. What do you want us to do with that?!
Hey gang! This week it's finally here...The Justice League movie! Stew and Dave do a complete breakdown of the movie, and there's a SPOILER REVIEW and a NON SPOILER REVIEW. So grab a cup of cocoa and a cut a rug, folks!We also discuss JLA Vol 1 by Grant Morrision, in an in-depth exploration of one of Dave's favourite comic runs. We also cover m ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS THIS WEEK: your hosts are overly optimistic about their ability to finish covering this show; the whole series starts unraveling at both ends; Van understands nothing; we invent a new character by accident; Sven was unconscious for all of episode 4; you can just BUY labc ...…
On this episode Nate and Matt give us there review of "Thor Ragnarok", Nate talks about the new Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes, our favorite Thanksgiving day dish, and Black Friday hustle. Questions or comments email us at follow us on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram
Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 4x07 of Agents of SHIELD from ABC. Fitz, Coulson and Robbie appear to be missing in the aftermath of the previous episode and the Ghost Rider isn't pleased.
Marvel TV Talk (Mild Fuzz TV)
Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 4x06 of Agents of SHIELD from ABC. We get story of how Robbie became the Ghost Rider as the new Director hunts him and Daisy.
Marvel TV Talk (Mild Fuzz TV)
Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 4x05 of Agents of SHIELD from ABC. Skye and the Ghost Rider teams with SHIELD to rescue Robbie's uncle from prison as the ghosts target him..
Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 4x04 of Agents of SHIELD from ABC. Skye enlists the help of Simmons as Coulson and mac have a chance encounter with the Ghost Rider.
Marvel TV Talk (Mild Fuzz TV)
Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 4x02 of Agents of SHIELD from ABC. Coulson has a meeting with the new director whilst Skye digs deeper into the mysterious Ghost Rider that may have a connection to the ghost in the box..
Marvel TV Talk (Mild Fuzz TV)
Almost Cancelled give their reaction to the season 4 premiere of Agents of SHIELD from ABC and Marvel. Quake encounters the Ghost Rider for the first time, while Fitz learns about life model decoys. Coulson and Mac try to find Daisy..FULL SPOILERStwitter: @Mild_FuzzSHOW MORE
Ryan and Josh and sometimes Julian ghost-ride the struggle bus through the first hour of the game that RIP'd Silicon Knights, "X-Men: Destiny." Lots of pub cheese talk in this one, fam. Tune in real soon for our next episode, or you'l ...…
Podcast: Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS This week: the hosts introduce themselves, we've made a huge mistake, masked vigilantes are cryptids, the Skullm'n may or may not be getting up to something behind a convenience store, it's always Golgom, and this anime already doesn't make sense. TOPICS: * Introductions ...…
As All Hallows Eve arrives this year, the brothers finish their foray into the dark recesses of Yamishibai. Jon delivers a tale of an accursed hikikomori that receives help from a friendly Shinto priestess. Ben caps off the spooks with the story of a girl who actually managed to get senpai to notice her, though she may regret it. Also featuring ...…
Agents of SHIELD Podcast – Educational, Detailed Reviews of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC
The detail of common sense can be found in any one of my jaunts on to YouTube during the week. How to do this. What to learn from that. How to make the best of general things when all things go wrong. And then there’s what’s transpiring during this Inhumans Series. We’d thought we’d had some interesting experiences during our last episode, but ...…
This is a special HQ (high quality) version of a two-hour and 40-minute podcast featuring the best scary music of the past editions of Eclectic City Halloween Shows. SEGMENT ONE: Los Straightjackets - The Munsters ThemeThe Ramones - Pet SemataryScreaming Lord Sutch - She's Falling in Love With a Monster ManLee Kristofferson - Night of the Werew ...…
The shadows slowly creep further into the month of October with our third installment of Yamishibai. In this episode, Ben shares a story of shimmering specters on the ceiling that remind his brother of childhood terrors. Jon replies with a tale of the dangers of messing with spell tags that you didn’t place. Also featuring Kamen Rider W, Kuzu n ...…
Comic Conclusion
This week! We talk about the sorta-kinda-vampire-but-not-really, Morbius! Also, you know, televsion and movies. Reading List: Amazing Spider-man #101 (which I own)Adventure into Fear #20 - 31 (first solo story)Marvel Team Up #3 and #4Marvel Comics Presents #144 TRADE EDITIONS/Mini Series: Morbius: The Living Vampire (1992)Vampire Tales Vol 1 – ...…
Acid Pop Podcast
This week we heat things up when we discuss a few things that have a bad habit of bursting into flames. Including you. Join us to learn how high you can turn up your curling iron before you end up looking like Ghost Rider. Spontanious combustion of compost: Human Combustion (or so they claim): Aftermath of grain silo explosion: Videos: https:// ...…
Jimmy DePre on CRIB RADIO--->>Rough Rider @ Lookout (SF) (9-23-17) Misumami & First Touch – Prove Your Love (Jimmy DePre Edit) September – Are You Free Tonight (Ghosts of Venice Remix) Evelyn “Champagne” King – Love Come Down (Dr Packer Rework) Sylvester – Tell Me (SanFranDisko Mix) Adeline Michele – Redo (JKriv Extended Version) Rabo & Snob – ...…
In todays podcast we discuss NHL Maple Leafs Marleau Matthews McDavid Oilers Flames Jagr guns visor Komarov Blade Runner 2049 Ryan Gosling Harrison Ford Norman Powell Raptors Jared Leto referees penalties Sens Melnyk NXT Take Over War Games Clintons Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton corrupt Clinton Foundation Ovarian Cancer Burning Man Tesla coil To ...…
Do you get frustrated when the villain you're trying to give your Penance Stare to turns out to be a robot? Do you hold the popular belief that all motorcyclists should be lined up against a wall and shot? Do you ever become angry when you realize your freedom from Hell was all just an elaborate game where you were the witless pawn? Then welcom ...…
Anybody Listening?
This week the guys watch MST3K's Robot Holocaust. They don't spend much time on it because neither one of them really like it. They also talk about a table read for a few plays Dustin went to and a one armed coworker of Tommy. Dustin watched mother! and gives us his opinion. Next week the guys are watching Soultaker, one of their favorites. You ...…
Comic Conclusion
This week! Eva and Ben dive into the most damned character in all of the Marvel universe: Ghost Rider! Reading List: Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #1-6 This story can also be found in trade under the title “Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation” Further Reading Material The Ghost Rider #1-7 (1967) Marvel Spotlight #5-12 (1972) Ghost Rider Vol. 1 (197 ...…
During a recent trip back to New Jersey we were able to find time to do a recording with Joe, while in the same room! Deadpool vs Thanos #3 takes us from a discussion of Hell in the Marvel Universe to Bernie Madoff (who is still alive despite what Al thinks). Before we get to that Kim joins us to do the Friends and Enemies segment that we forgo ...…
Plenty of new trailers from this year's Tokyo Game Show! Hope you're a fan of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite because the Boy's have some news for YOU (That's right, YOU and nobody else)!Ghost Rider Level 3 Super Comparison: don't forget our ...…
Big Time: A Spider-Man Podcast
We return as does Anti-Venom and Mr. Negative; unless you're only listening to our show in which case this is their first appearance. We also talk about a brief crossover with Ghost Rider and more lead-in to Spider-Island.Lots of Backstory Featuring: Lots of Backstory Nicoli talks about some of Marvel's weirder licensed properties. Matt auditio ...…
Enter the Cage
Who knew a superhero with such a cool visual aesthetic could make for such a boring movie? Guest: Samantha Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe and rate us! iTunes: Stitcher: And check out our website: http://www.e ...…
You Don't Look Like A Runner
Is this the real life, or scripted reality? This week, we’re caught in a time travel paradox as Nick gets his wish for an evening record—and instantly regrets it. We talk marathon recovery, we discuss bat and poo memes, we get emotional about cricket, and we drink (responsibly). Nick proves that he’s a grown up, Jon proves that he’s not, and we ...…
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