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Heart Strings
The women's bible study of Heritage Church, Rock Island, IL.
Heritage Heartstrings
HEARTSTRINGS (Heritage Church, Quad Cities) is a women's large group with biblical teaching and small group discussions. Come to grow in your faith and develop deeper friendships.
Frankie & The Heartstrings Podcast
Frankie & The Heartstrings wax lyrical, play some music and argue a bit.
Wichita Recordings - Podcast
Monthly podcasts from Wichita Recordings.Expect exclusive interviews, tracks, news and competitions!
The Confabulated Podcast
Welcome to The Confabulated Podcast! I couldn't write a description and well as this person who reviewed the show on iTunes did. So I'll just cut and paste what the wrote. "Sure, the creator of the Confabulated Podcast (Grant) can’t say the title of his own show correctly! - but he more than makes up for it, with his upbeat, infectious enthusiasm, irreverent, quick-witted humor - and his ability to talk about ANYTHING that pops into his brain. (Thankfully, he has a SAINT for a wife - who jus ...
Can We Get Much Higher: Wichita Podcast
Wichita Podcast
Mama, We Made It!
Mama, We Made It! is a weekly podcast where we have an unfiltered, conversation with our guests about their journeys to success. Some of these stories are going to rip at your heart-strings, and some are going to speak directly to you. Our goal is to showcase the beauty of the human aspect of the journey, and give you the most honest perspectives, which hopefully compel you to do whatever it is you want to do.
Trigger Point
Trigger Point is a monthly show about any books, tv or anime that we've recently consumed. From fluffy YA novels to heart-string-tugging Korean dramas, fan-servicing high school anime to hardcore sci-fi novels, if we've watched or read them, we'll talk about it.
Story Sessions
Hosted by Deanna Moffitt, Story Sessions is a monthly show featuring a collection of performers sharing true personal stories that will tug at your heart strings, tickle your funny bone and take your mind on a wild adventure. Produced by Jill Howe and Rachael Smith. For more information go to
Leighton Meester: Meet the Musician
Musician and actress Leighton Meester talks about her debut album Heartstrings. Though she’s mostly known for her roles in Country Strong and the recent revival of Of Mice and Men on Broadway, Leighton’s talents as a singer-songwriter shine in this nine-song narrative LP about love, irony, and heartache.
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A Podcast on Venus Rx in 2017. In it you will learn all of the foundational ideas about what this means, why it’s sacred, and how to watch it and deeply connect with her in your life. It is my hope that you are both entertained and educated by listening. Enjoy *This was recorded back in March of 2017, but is still relevant. Art by Tomasz Kopera ...…
Tracklist: Chimneycrow - In The Dark Noizz Factor - Feels Like Heaven (Ambient Mix) JG. Lebrón - Beneath The Circuitry Elastic Dog - Part 1 Elastic Dog - Part 2 ECLZT - Extraction blit - Cables Synaptyx - The Weird Synaptyx - Heartstring Jellica - 16eightspeedtwomot (subtune S&M) PALMECHO - Sun Garden Zizi Raimondi - Bach Prelude X Zizi Raimond ...…
OUR LITTLE FAMILY “TROUBLE” by Barbara L. Davis Preslock Book Interview with Dr. William Johns The book is a featured selection at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany on October 11 – 15. The book reads like an episode from the television series LAW AND ORDER. It is the true story of a family trying to cope when one ...…
Jake Olson had never played a snap for USC before this Saturday, but his one play made national news and hit the heartstrings of Americans. Olson is completely blind, but still got on the field for the Trojans in the their win over Western Michigan, and he joined Newy to tell him his story.
Macintosh & Maud's Chocolate Shoppe: A Riverdale Podcast
Jughead tugged hard on Mac & Maud's heartstrings this week, but it wasn't remotely as emotionally satisfying as watching Geraldine "Hot for Teacher" Grundy get banished from the show (and, Lord willing, our memories). Grab some popcorn from concessions as we celebrate Kevin Keller's new boyfriend, watch Alice Cooper interrupt some adultery, and ...…
Preparing for the Unexpected
Have you ever watched news reports after disasters and seen animals wandering looking for their owners, or owners upset because they can't find their pets? You've probably seen the scenes - they pull at our heart strings. This week's episode will focus on often forgotten elements that people forget when it comes to pets; choosing the right pet, ...…
Soul Cafe (indie Show) Rahni Song - The Closer I get to you Brandon Willis - All the Things Your Man Wont Do Nic Jeffries - As Sinead Harnett - If you Let me Jazzy D Ft Deli Rowe - Every Side of You ++Featured Artist++ 10 Year Anniversary of Platinum Vybe Recordings CD 1. Keisha Adams - Greedy For Your Love 2. Sunshine Anderson - Count on Me Su ...…
We're talking about the original #BlackGirlMagic flick! This F. Gary Gray joint blew up our heart strings and we hope you LOVE this chat. It has heart, insight, and...Power Ranger Spoilers? Yeah, everything you could want! Follow us on social media- @TheLexMichael @TauriJay Opening Music Credits: "Who Likes to Party" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech. ...…
Yarn Storytelling with Ryan & Jasmine
Writer and true angel, Grace McCarter (@gracemccarter), joins Ryan and Jasmine to discuss all things to do with being and not being a parent. Our feature story is one to yank on those heartstrings from established Brisbane author, Christopher Currie (Clancy Of The Undertow, @furioushorses). We tell a couple of lies about when this one was inten ...…
Most people wouldn't automatically equate bluegrass with Boston. But, the city's Berklee College of Music has been a gathering place and inspirational force for talented roots musicians. The members of The Lonely Heartstring Band have that Berklee connection. The group, originally formed as a bluegrass Beatles cover band, has grown its repertoi ...…
This week was National Sister's Day. Do you have siblings? Are any of them sisters? Are you close with your sister(s) or is there some friction between you? I have two older sisters. One is 16 years older and the other 14 years older. When I was growing up, especially during my teenage years I definitely felt as though I had three mothers. They ...…
Super Tough Improv
Long lovely improvised comedy scenes from simple word suggestions. Pixar, eat your heartstring-tugging heart out. Featuring Manfred Yon, Rory Machell, and Sonny Yang. More info at
Your Daily Does Of Why Are They Not Together The Chad Update What Soap Opera’s Billy Flynn Is Up To #TeamChabby Can You Believe That Tearing At the Heartstrings
Mary and Laura start school in Walnut Grove where they meet their arch-nemesis Nellie Oleson. Ma has a run in with Harriet Oleson, and she and Laura must strive to rise above. Laura struggles to write an essay for Visitors' Day that encompasses everything on her heart, and she ends up bringing the (one room school) house down with a performance ...…
Ghost In The Cloud: An Anime Podcast
Ghost In The Cloud: An Anime PodcastEpisode 6: Full Moon Wo SagashiteDo you like anime's that pull at your heartstrings? If so, check out our latest podcast episode about Full Moon Wo Sagashite!
Giovedì a Casa Bertallot 13 Luglio 2017Elisa Imperilee & Srigala - Homesick (feat. Rayon Nelson) Curtis Mayfield - the makings of youEverything Is Recorded - Close but Not Quite (feat. Sampha) mmyykk - Soulmate - HeartstringsHannah Williams & The Affirmations - Late Nights & Heartbreak Jay Z - 4;44Hiatus Kaiyote - Building a ladderAbstract Orch ...…
N All 50/90 Demos
Written for the Auntie Sin challenge (more about that here:’s my attempt at an antithesis to @AndyGetch's great song, “Freedom is Our Worship Word.” (You can find it here:, I tried to counter the heavy, dark, rhythmic effec ...…
Wayne Rooney knows how to tug on Evertonian heartstrings. Romelu Lukaku perhaps a little less so. At least one of his new team-mates at Manchester United has a thing or two to teach him about farewell tribute messages.We consider the phenomenon of the viral signing confirmation announcement. Aston Villa have pushed the boat out for John Terry: ...…
Camille recently left an award-winning real estate career in San Antonio to become a full-time writer. Her new book, Before the Rain Falls is a mysterious tale of family, faith and a mystical, weeping painting. Both unconventional and traditional in equal measure, the life and work of acclaimed author Camille Di Maio defies easy categorization. ...…
The Brad and Britt Show
Amazon Prime Day® is coming up on 7/11. Get the best deals of the year and support Brad and Britt by shopping at our Amazon® store: B and B look at Trump's trip to Europe and his upcoming meeting with Putin, Trump tries to pull heart strings with Charlie Gard story, North Korea rattles the sabers again, the guy who made th ...…
Songs We Love is a series and a podcast that looks at the stories behind some of the songs we're playing on our new music discovery stream, WUNC Music . On this episode, Eric Hodge chats with John Moreland about his song "Lies I Chose To Believe" from the album Big Bad Luv. Moreland's catalog is filled with songs that tug at your heartstrings, ...…
It’s going to be a long day.night/static time period in the Feywild. Vox Machina had to ditch and run versus their new nemesis, Vecna. That one eyed, one hand, flying purple people disintegrator has become the new big bad. There was a lot of emotion, and a lot of surprises in The Race to the Tower. VM was stuck in a difficult situation, sit and ...…
Join us as we start a 3 week review of the Equestra Girls TV episodes that were suppose to be only on Netflix but were first seen in Poland on May 25th. Finally they reach the US and we get to finally see and revew these episodes. Come along as we start off with Dance Magic. Join us also for 14 Blind Bag Bananza The Blind Bag Pony Of the Week: ...…
This week on #WhiskeyAndMASH we talk about Season 10 Eps 1 & 2, That's Show Biz. A USO troupe ends up staying over at the 4077th after stopping to see one of their number who was in for an apendectomy. Listen as we recount how these USOers help the members of the 4077th expand their horizons a bit, and even pull on some heart strings in the pro ...…
Our Neighbors’ Table & Quentin on Guitar Local Pulse on WNBP Newburyport 2017-06-03 Show #191 This week Joe’s guests were: Lyndsey Haight, Executive Director of Our Neighbors’ Table in Amesbury. There are over 6,000 people in the service area of ONT that are food insecure. Joe and Lyndsey talked about the work of ONT to support them. We also ta ...…
Here's what's going viral now on Facebook. .audioplayer_container {display:none;} "Goodbye Christopher Robin | Official HD Trailer | 2017." This look into the upcoming film follows the story of author A.A. Milne and his son, Christopher Robin, whose adventures with his playthings inspired the development of Winnie the Pooh and a new chapter for ...…
In episode 67 of Conscious Chatter, Kestrel welcomes the founder of Luna Zorro, Molly Berry, to the show. As you may have heard, the below quote from Molly has come up in past episodes, when discussing the balance between working with artisans and sharing that story: It seems to me that the word 'empower' has become a marketing buzz word for ma ...…
Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman
Today's Guest: Kambri Crews, author, Burn Down the Ground Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of angry construction workers who are Dumb with a capital D—and dumber—but can hear every word I’m saying… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida! Order from by clicking the book cover above This i ...…
Randy Newman songs can tend toward the sardonic, but then there’s his music for animated movies, which can play your heartstrings like a violin. Newman brought his signature sound to the movie Cars 3 — we talk to him about it on Arts Alive. Plus, the Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara’s first professional summer training program for teen ...…
Your heartstrings will be tugged when a low-sentience robot forms an emotional connection to the most innocent of creatures. Written by David Bruns (Twitter: @brunsdavid) Read by CB Droege (Twitter: @CBDroege) Music by Kyle Ohori & Ryley Kirkpatrick Check out our website: Follow us on Twitter: @CentropicOracle Like us on ...…
Press Start to Start
This week on Seventh Heaven, a very special guest stars in an episode sure to tug at your heartstrings. Or something, because it's E3! Jeff, J.D., and their old bud Scott will break down each conference, compare to their previous predictions, and give the old dumb insight you hopefully value by now. What's to come? Only more!…
Review Summary: Ann & Les adore this film that will tug at your heartstrings. Plot Summary: This film follows the custody battle between a brilliant little girl's uncle and grandmother.
Mr. Bear's Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals
Show #134 on June 13, 2017…In which Mr. Bear reads work by Kristen Arnett that will pluck at your heartstrings with tales of siblings, chicken wings, dead baby possums, the legacy of armchairs, and more. These stories peel back the layers of family dynamics, letting you peek inside private yet universal worlds of disappointment and hope and ans ...…
Business Creators Radio Show With Adam Hommey
How do you convince someone to buy what you are selling and listen to what you are saying? The key is to create the perfect pitch. You have to find the balance between making them curious and revealing what you offer. You also have to tug at their heartstrings, so they will open their purse strings. Joining Adam this week is John Livesay. He is ...…
Welcome to Stress Factor Podcast 225. We have DJ B-12 back with a 2 hour and 45 minute studio mix for the month of June 2017. This is Brian's first studio mix back is about 3 months. There's a big Summertime selection on this one and we hope we love it! Big ups and thanks for the support! The mix is 375 MB, 164 minutes long and 320k MP3 downloa ...…
Suns out. Guns Out. Garage guns that is. The new lab is looking noice. Check it for yourself in my first Sub.FM TV stream from there. Hope you enjoy this one. B Listen on Mixcloud Listen on Soundcloud Watch on YouTube Track list Daze Prism – Phaze Reversal Alma – Chasing Highs (Murder He Wrote remix) SMOAD – Mind Slip (Doctor Nick remix) Endor ...…
The Ranting and Raving Podcast
Sandwich and Chris welcome back John and new friend of the show, Ashley Sanders! We all talk about our saddest movie moments and try not to cry doing it.
In this episode Jason and Rich discuss Rich’s recent Trip to Overland Expo. The guys spend some time recapping their time at Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride. listener feedback that will tug at your heart strings, and community spotlight that is a little dated.
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