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18 Karat Reggae
Every year 18 Karat Reggae brings you the best in reggae and dancehall. The album series always feature the best artists from out of Jamaica, the Caribbean and around the world.
A stupid podcast about Japanese cartoons and vidjergames.
24 Karat Funk
Archives of recent DJ sets featuring '70s Funk and Disco mixes. Recorded live in Atlanta by DJ Romeo Cologne, who has been spinning Funk And Disco Dance Party Music for over 20 years, and over 2,000 Shows.
whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a bi-weekly podcast interviewing traditional martial artists. We hear their stories and journeys, the way they overcame challenges and learn how to be better people through the guests martial arts experiences. Past guests have included many famous martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and other disciplines.
Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. Iain holds the rank of 6th Dan with the British Combat Association (one of the world's leading groups for close-quarter combat, self-protection and practical martial arts) and 6th Dan with Karate England (the official governing body for Karate in England). Iain's popular monthly podcasts cover all aspects of practical martial arts and realistic self-protection.
Hi my name is Scott Boyd. I am a 6th dan in traditional karate do. I have been awarded the title of Shihan. I have been teaching karate for over 30 years and have compleated at all levels of martial arts tournaments including regional, state, national and international competitions and I was very successful at it.When it comes to competing in martial arts tournaments. I believe there are two types of competitors, firstly those who are naturally sports gifted and seem to do well at any sport ...
Karate 360
Hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell invite listeners to the very first weekly karate podcast, where they provide insights on karate news, global karate movements, Tokyo 2020 Olympic karate bid updates, technical & tactical info, training for karate and performance, old school karate reflections, Japan karate world news, WKF officiating tips, guest interviews, UFC karate athlete reports and tournament shout outs.
"Wax On, Wax Off!" The seminal 80's film, The Karate Kid, is back in theaters this summer in a new incarnation starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. To prepare you for this remake, Arnie, Jakob, and Brock will revisit all the films in the Karate Kid series!
Karate Emergency
An irreverent Seattle sports podcast recorded at SportsRadio KJR's studios, featuring Alex Akita (@alexSSN), Matt Mikolas (@Slickhawk12), Kelly Raymond (@kellydotgov), and Ryan Divish (@RyanDivish).
A place to openly discuss the Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts Training, and Martial Arts Philosophy
Karate, martial arts history, tournaments, travel, Japanese and Okinawan culture,and good ol' blood & guts stories we talk about everything martial arts related.
Lessons in how to build a long lasting Karate Club.
Karat Gold Radio
Music I love in its many forms. MY Favorite songs. REAL music. You'll hear ALOT of Michigan Music. Songs produced or featuring 14KT. Mostly Underground Hiphop, Soul, and R&B with splashes of Jazz Fusion, Psychdelic Rock, Gospel, Latin & Afrobeat. Never know what you may get....take a listen :)
Karate & Guns
Karate & Guns is a podcast that examines and reviews those overlooked gems of cinema, ACTION MOVIES. If there's asses whooped, or thoraxes perforated, Karate & Guns is all over it.
Go-Kan-Ryu (GKR) Karate brings the Martial Art of Karate in reach of everyone, regardless of age or fitness levels. Kancho Robert Sullivan, Founder and Chief Instructor, believes that every individual can learn and benefit from Karate training. GKR was established in 1984 in Adelaide, South Australia, and has since become one of the world’s largest karate organisations, with thousands of students training throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Houston - Texas. Classes are ...
24 Karat Life is a millennial podcast of great conversations with interesting people.
Nutrition, fitness, supplements and martial arts. It's all about reaching that optimum level in everything you do.
Karate Popcorn
We are a pop culture podcast, talking about everything from movies, television, comics, books, and video games. Just a chat between a mom and her 12 year-old son. We also throw in some weird news, 'cause that's how we roll.
Karate Park
Karate Park Podcast is a podcast by Zyme and Wademano, We are a group of stoners with strong opinions about current events, music, arts, anime, and more.
Karate Cousins
2 cousins 🥋🥋who have a lifelong love for Karate & martial arts. Listen to our chats on training👊, teaching🧐 and plant-based eating!🌱
Sport Karate Radio
Sport Karate Radio is dedicated to the sport of sport karate. Providing you with all the essentials to spark interest and give you knowledge on the sport.
Welcome to the Cephas Karate-Jujitsu Elite Academy podcast, where amazing things happen.
Celebrity interviews, life and death decisions, etc. Very little karate, sex, or dragons.
Understanding the martial arts journey. Martial arts has a rich history of passing down knowledge through stories. We seek to enrich the martial artists journey through passing down the stories and oral traditions or the arts. We teach a very rare and nearly lost form of Kung Fu called Shou' Shu'. An eight animal system once only taught to a very select few. We seek to spread the knowledge of Shou' Shu' to many so that many can reap it's benefits.
Martial arts school owner Zach Hayden takes you along for a ride as he discusses the ins and outs of running his school. He'll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly as he works to improve his business.
The audience of this program is some of the Finest and Sharpest Martial Artists in the world. TW Smith brings the stories of martial arts to life by looking at the Culture, Adventures and Impact of Martial Arts, through the lenses of history, research, legends and lore. Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, BJJ and many other systems as well as sports such as MMA are all included. It is designed to serve our martial arts communities today and years down the road. Committed Martial Artists are only a t ...
The podcast where the world's highest Personal Development experts and Martial Arts masters come together to empower and inspire you to become your strongest self and live the life that you truly want. Join host Bogdan Rosu, author, public speaker and the founder of the first Personal Development through Martial Arts School in the world in the Podcast where You become the HERO! Powered by
Practical Defense
Alex Haddox brings a practical approach to staying safe in our increasingly dangerous urban environments. Discover simple strategies and everyday habits from that will help protect you and your loved ones from harm. Hear interviews with experts on the criminal mind and listen to stories directly from real victims. When you understand what a criminal looks for in a target, you can avoid taking on those characteristics and thus hopefully escape selection.
Old Farts Martial Arts is the pemiere podcast for older martial artists, students and instructors. Senseis Kevin L. and Nancy A. Miller bring to you interviews, information, techniques and discussions on martial arts in general and the teaching of martial arts to older folks.
Tom Callos of is the shows host --and the topics are all about owning and operating martial arts schools --ethically, professionally, authentically, and with a sense of mission. Subjects covered include money management, marketing and promotion, staff training, curriculum design, belt testing, sustainable business practices, and, well, everything martial arts. All styles are addressed, including jiu-jitsu, karate taewkondo, gung fu, aikido, judo, MMA, and so on.
Lesbian mother, writer and internet geek, Josie Henley-Einion talks about life, the universe and everything. An audio blog which leads to a publishing contract. Some of the episodes have explicit content. Note, although I have added ‘knitting’ to the title of the podcast, I have only been talking about knitting since around episode 18, although I’ve been knitting since I was tiny. So if you’re looking particularly for knitting content, no need to listen to the archive, but if you want some i ...
Black Belt Tips
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based podcast for everyone. Whether you're new to the art, your kids train the art, or you've been training for a long time, this is for you. Learn about the newest and greatest things in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. Hosted by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Bill Jones, and Manager of Top Level Martial Arts, Edward Whitney.
Helping You Become A Martial Arts Professional
Martial Arts and Self-Defense expert Wim Demeere has 30+ years of experience training and teaching. He shares this with you to help you improve your skills and lead a safer life. Discover how you can defend yourself in a more effective manner and become a better martial artist, no matter what level of experience you have or which fighting systems you study. Wim has been working as a full-time personal trainer for over 20 years and has taught professional athletes as well as regular folks jus ...
The DenshoW - the audio martial arts magazine hosted by Chris Kaye
A beginner-focused Street Fighter V cast tracking Quinns' hero's journey to join the top 10% of fighters in the world. So it's like The Karate Kid, but without any moral lessons at all.
Tangential Soup
In this weekly podcast, childhood friends Alexander Carr & David Caddy talk about life in Australia, technology, fitness, food, games, work, whatever.
MA WEEKLY/ OSU! MAGAZINE is a show dedicated to all forms of martial arts.
“The ancient clock in the Land of Dreams struck thirteen, and the dreams, now free, soared back to Earth under first vesper’s light …" And so begins “The Thirteenth Hour,” a tale about dreams and wishes, wild hearts and childhood promises, and the quest to find the unsung hero that lies in all of us. It's also a story for everyone who has been told to get their heads out of the clouds and stop daydreaming. In this fairy tale for adults, a young man named Logan goes on a quest accompanied by ...
Join writer Donald Conrad and comedian Brad Lawrence for Cartridge Based Radio - a humorous podcast about classic video games that goes beyond the typical fare by asking the really important questions: Why did M. Bison's plan to take over the world involve winning a karate tournament? How does the Umbrella Corporation possibly make any money? Is Mega Man actually the bad guy?
The Concussion Discussion Podcast is all about what is making news in the Combat Sports world! Whether it’s MMA or Boxing, the podcast is all about giving the listeners a completely unfiltered view on what’s trending, fight predictions and more!
Cobra Kai Cast
A show dedicated to all things Karate Kid, especially the new YouTube series, Cobra Kai! Whether you're a Daniel-San or a Johnny Lawrence, you'll have fun listening to us talk all things Karate Kid from 1984 to today.
Whether you want to use boxing, MMA or karate, there is nothing better than learning whilst training. The challenge is to get yourself fighting fit.
Extreme Martial Arts
The EMA Podcast is a show where martial artists and kung fu fanatics get together and discuss everything from old school to new school and the best to the worst of fights, movies, TV and the web.
Let's Party
Short Stories.
Criptaedo Self Defense & Fitness For The Disabled is an news site covering the martial arts industry.
We aim to take a look inside the world of running an extremely huge martial arts academy while blending the nonprofit 501(c)3 charity model into our busniess. The Aim High Foundation and Aim High Academy of Martial Arts are the same orginization the takes nonprofit into a whole new meaning. We change lives and change the world, by using martial arts as our vehicle.
A boxing podcast covering current contenders, champs, and upcoming bouts.
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Episode #157: Fairy Tale Reading – East of the Sun West of the Moon 2 Like last week, this week, we’re reading a reworked version of the traditional Nordic fairy tale, “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.” This week’s version is retold and illustrated by Mercer Mayer. This one has ...…
Kyoshi Jim King is a martial arts practitioner and instructor who innovated afterschool programs. He is the founder of Altamonte American Karate Academy in Florida. My priority is not making money... My priority is teaching martial arts and giving good service and then the money comes. It works that way. I provide a service and I do it. Kyoshi ...…
this week, the guys are joined by special guest and 2002 WKF World Kata Champion Takashi Katada as well as Sensei Peter Stoddart as they discuss what it takes to be a world champion and more!
In this episode, I give you an update on what's been going on, including one wicked cool surprise. Then I talk in-depth about the instructional video I'm filming in two weeks: Basic Self-Defense. It's a program I've been teaching for the last 20+ years and I'm excited to share it with you all. With a bit of luck, it'll be available at the end o ...…
Iain and Jamie Part 2 Jamie Clubb joins me on this podcast! You’re going to love it! Jamie is someone I always enjoy talking to! The combination of his deep knowledge and critical thinking always make for fascinating conversations. I’ve been wanting to capture one of them for a while! This did not disappoint! Jamie and I can both talk! So our c ...…
Iain and Jamie Part 1 Jamie Clubb joins me on this podcast! You’re going to love it! Jamie is someone I always enjoy talking to! The combination of his deep knowledge and critical thinking always make for fascinating conversations. I’ve been wanting to capture one of them for a while! This did not disappoint! Jamie and I can both talk! So our c ...…
On today's episode, Jeremy talks about a commonly misunderstood discipline in the martial arts, Krav Maga. Krav Maga - Episode 317 Self-defense does not solely rely on movements, techniques, and strength but also with both the complete awareness of your surroundings and the threat. These are the primary concepts that Krav Maga uses in its pract ...…
Over the past year, I had the opportunity to get introduced to Jeremy at WhistleKick. I found him to be extraordinarily sincere, polite and professional. In fact, I plan to have WhistleKick print some KungFu Podcast Tshirts. Trey, One of the listener's to the Whistle Kick Program wrote: July 11, 2018 at 10:17 pm "I had the opportunity to listen ...…
On this weeks episode, the guys talk about the latest Karate Combat: Olympus event, how to spar someone who is a better fighter than you, how to build explosive karate techniques, and... appendicitis?
Episode #156: Fairy Tale Reading – East of the Sun West of the Moon 1 This week and next, we’ll be reading a traditional Nordic fairy tale, “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.” This week’s version is retold and illustrated by PJ Lynch. This one is more the traditional tale – altho ...…
Sensei Nathan Porter is a martial arts practitioner and instructor from Massachusets. He is the founder of Rising Storm Training Academy. As long as we respect their teaching and pass it on and we're listening to them, then yes we can put it forward. Sensei Nathan Porter - Episode 316 When you are a kid who's fascination with the martial arts i ...…
Just a brief description about how many so-called instructors give advice from a place where they have no experience.
Join us as we cruise through Fresno, CA. Today we give you a minor Clown Motel update, and our latest debate: is it possible to keister a coconut? Check our our other Cruising with Chris & Robyn videos:
In this episode, Ed and Bill talk about the uproar of chair throwing at the recent IBJJF event and Romulo Barral being at Pedro Sauer's camp.
On today's episode, Jeremy tells us his reflections on street fights which is also a commentary on Louis Martin's piece at Martial Journal. Reflections on Street Fights - Episode 315 Martial artists are often asked about violence and how do we face such challenges whether on the streets, schools, or elsewhere. On this episode, Jeremy talks abou ...…
Let's get through this card together. We'll discuss Calgary, cover some current events, and look ahead at UFC 227. Host: Austin Sherlock Producer: David Miguel Music: The North 41 - "Ain't a Fool" (Intro/Outro)
So we have a location and now we have less then a month to get this place ready for business. See what we’re doing and give us your own advice!
Episode 10! Join us as we check out the first appearance of Jean-Claude Van Damme on K&G! It's BLOODSPORT, a delightful romp through the underbelly of Hong Kong filled with tension, suspense, aggressive pec jumps, and gentle tummy kicks!
Episode #155: Making Thirteenth Hour Figures Redux – Molding and Casting Aurora Over the past few months, I’ve been working on making a figure for Aurora from The Thirteenth Hour like the figures I made for Logan and his hoverboard (you can see the step by step making of these fig ...…
Mr. Frank Hatsis is a martial arts practitioner and instructor who specializes in rope dart. He teaches rope dart at the Rope Dart Academy. Being in martial arts allowed me the freedom to be who I was. To practice how I wanted to practice, when I wanted to practice... That definitely attracted me to the martial arts. Mr. Frank Hatsis - Episode ...…
Now, the title might throw you off a bit, but what I can promise is that it will make a lot of sense once you listen until the end. We're not talking about any kind of dissatisfaction. This was a Live video that I did on my Facebook profile, so if you want to watch the video or connect with me on Facebook, go ahead and click this link: https:// ...…
Whatever martial art or self-defense system you train in, eventually you are faced with injuries. Either you suffer one or you have to help somebody else. In a street-fight or a self-defense situation, you or a friend or loved one can get seriously injured too. What do you do then? What should you do before the ambulance arrives or before you c ...…
The US Open is the apex of sport karate tournaments and yet it's just an annual "check in" of Caitlin Dechelle. We talk about this in depth as well as how Super Sage Northcut was a fad. Cass Sigmond gives us some straight talk on a possible come back and how big of a sweet tooth Justin Ortiz had before he got his hands on his diet. Kim K of Kar ...…
Hey Folks, gettin' back in the swing of things so let's discuss UFC Calgary and a bunch of other stuff. Host: Austin Sherlock Producer: David Miguel Music: The North 41 - "Ain't a Fool" (Intro/Outro)
This guided meditation will help you become more Self-Confident and have more Money in your Business. This was a Live guided meditation I did on my Facebook profile. You can watch the live video and connect with me on Facebook here: By the way, did ...…
On today's episode, Jeremy talks about the place and venue that martial artists go to most of the time, the Dojos and Dojangs. Dojos and Dojangs - Episode 313 As martial artists whether practitioner or instructor, we all go to one place to train, hone our skills, or improve our character. A place that is home to most of us, the dojos and dojang ...…
The guys discuss karate terms in Japanese, and how they are sometimes misinterpreted in the dojo. They also talk about the recent AKF Senior Championships and its impact on the overall WKF Rankings.
Episode #154: Reflections on Rewatching Some Kind of Wonderful This week, I decided to take on one of my all time favorite movies, Some Kind of Wonderful. I’d been awhile since I watched the whole thing, start to finish, and given that I’ve done a bunch of these retrospective rewa ...…
Mr. Sherman Augustus is a Taekwondo practitioner, former athlete and he is a cast on the AMC show, Into the Badlands. My conversation to myself all the time was, I certainly don't want to let our audience down. Mr. Sherman Augustus - Episode 312 It is not all the time that we have a guest who appears on TV and in movies. So, it is really specia ...…
Join Chris & I as we cruise through Fresno, CA talking about movies we've watched recently. Topics include:- Hereditary- Incredibles 2- a quick stop to Hobby Lobby- is "Christendom" a word?- The Shape of Water- Jurassic Park movies- a quick stop to Menchie's- Red SparrowCheck out our other Cruising Videos: ...…
Part 2 picks up where the Boy Scout Association authors are writing the chapter for the Martial Arts Badge. Why did Colonel Bayden Powell feels that it was essential to fulfill the creed, "Be Prepared". Other versions of the Scout Association (ie. the Boy Scouts of America) elected to remove it.. What was their justification? A parent must deci ...…
Just a brief discussion about how it martial arts school received some negative feedback because they no longer allow swearing and offencive music to play during training hours.
Lots of new podcasts coming soon! To tide you over, here is my recent interview on The Wim Demeere Podcast! I’m a big fan of Wim and this was a fun and wide-ranging conversation! If you’re not a regular listener to The Wim Demeere Podcast, you need to be! My introduction to this podcast also contains some recommendations for other great podcast ...…
On this episode, Jeremy talks about Wu Chi Kung Fu with Sifu Gary Cecil. Sifu Cecil is an author and a kung fu instructor from Minneapolis. Wu Chi Kung Fu with Sifu Gary Cecil - Episode 311 Martial Arts is a rich and evolving art that has a variety of styles, disciplines and philosophies. From Judo to Karate, there are more styles in the Martia ...…
Season 1 Recap In this slightly longer episode, Javier, Kristi, and John talk about the season as a whole and read some listener mail. ------ Cobra Kai takes place 34 years after the original film and follows a "down-and-out Johnny Lawrence, who seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo, reigniting his rivalry with a now ...…
Just a brief description about some of the delusions that martial artists suffer from.
This week, hosts Richard Mosdell and Kalan Anglos talk about what it means to be a karate-ka, and also go over some of their favorite WKF athletes, and how they are currently ranked, and how to use sprint training to increase your karate performance.Technical/Tactical video:…
The Master at Arms Series is an exploration of one of the most powerful Youth Movements in History, The Boy Scouts. From a somewhat accidental beginning to a multi-international organization, The Scouts have influenced millions. One of its original Merit Badges was the "Master at Arms" to help a Scout fulfill his creed, "Be Prepared". Part 1, W ...…
Episode #153: Reflections on Watching The Karate Kid Part 2 After rewatching the original 1984 Karate Kid, I decided to give the sequel a try. I distinctly remembered not liking it as a kid (since it had the audacity of having not just one but two love stories), but since that was ...…
Mr. Donivan Blair is a martial arts instructor and practitioner from Texas. He is the bassist for the rock band, the Toadies. No matter what the task is, the skill, whatever, anybody can do anything if you practice it. It just takes drive and perseverance. Mr. Donivan Blair - Episode 310 How often do we hear martial artists start their journies ...…
Just a brief discussion about why martial artists are so resistant to change.
Bill and Ed commentate the DC v Stipe fight and the Lewis Nganu fight!
On today's episode, Jeremy talks about common misconceptions with ice treatment and why it's necessary to stop icing injuries with Gary Reinl. Stop Icing Injuries with Gary Reinl - Episode 309 Putting ice on our bruises and injuries has been in practice for a long time and it's been generally used for recovery after a strenuous sports activity. ...…
Welcome back - Again! A lot to catch up on this week. But, the big stuff: Austin recaps UFC 226, discusses what's going on in the world of MMA, and gives his predictions for UFC Boise. Host: Austin Sherlock Producer: David Miguel Music: The North 41 - "Ain't a Fool" (Intro/Outro)
Next week is our feedback episode and we want to hear from you! Record or write your thoughts and send them to Or reach out to us via twitter @electricstream. See you all next week! ------ Cobra Kai takes place 34 years after the original film and follows a "down-and-out Johnny Lawrence, who seeks redemption by reo ...…
Join Chris & I as we celebrate our wedding anniversary! Topics include:- strip clubs- movies we've watched (Life of the Party & The Hurricane Heist)- our keys to a 22 year marriage- farmers market vendors- are we legally married?- a recap of Warriors vs. Cavaliers: Game 1Check out our other Cruising Videos: ...…
This week, the guys go over the current WKF Rankings, and highlight some key athletes in each division. Also, as usual, their technical, tactical, and fitness training tips!
Just a brief description about why I carry a weapon even with my martial arts skill
The guys discuss Red Dead Redemption and come to the startling conclusion that everything is meaningless. Might as well stop doing the podcast! …no, but seriously, this is our last show. Follow us on Twitter! Visit our Facebook Group! Click here to Email us! Watch us on Youtube!
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