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Pillow Talk is hosted by Author and Relationship Columnist Tahanee, alongside Publicist Samiyyah and a new cohost, “JournalisticChic” (pronounced Journalistic-chick). Tune in every Thursday at 8pm EST as they bring tips, humor, relationship advice, bedroom busters and more!!!
Pillow Talk
Let’s talk about sex, dating, and all that’s in-between. Join Podcast Editor Christine McManigal (@clmcman) and Zackary Bonser (@ZackaryBonser) as they interview guests and discuss topics that range from favorite sex toys to more serious issues like abuse in committed relationships. On Pillow Talk, nothing is censored and we’re discovering just how far we can push the envelope.Pillow Talk is a weekly podcast that airs every Wednesday. Follow @UWPillowTalk for more gossip
Pillow Talk started as an excuse for two good friends to get together and have great conversations every week. Nate and Joe will talk about anything. Always left leaning, often irreverent and sometimes heart warming, they tackle progressive Christianity, politics, Marvel vs. DC, all while enjoying a Vegan Mouthful. And Joe lives 15 minutes away.
This weekly "round table" discussion doesn't hold back as long time friends David and Tom take the private and finally make it public.
Pillow Talk Podcast
Nick and Bill do wild things and talk about everything from comic books to sports. They eat food and it's more exciting that it sounds!
Podcast by Rebecca Barlow
From the creators of The JL Show comes FLUFF MY PILLOWS, a gripping serial drama filled with passion, lust and conflict.
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk is a fun podcast where we dive into recent news articles and talk about them at length giving our opinions and what we think on each topic. Don't hesitate to come join in the fun!
Pillow Talk
A pop culture podcast brought to you by three very best friends.
Pillow Talk
A millennial woman ... finding solitude through verbiage .. Listen and vibe with me as I describe through language, trials and tribulations about this thing we call...Life
Pillow Fight
Become Katie and Taylor's best friend through this hilarious sleepover podcast.
Pillow Talk
Everything & Anything, we will have Mzkane corner, Mommy's love, Whats tha Tea, and ending with a quote. We will discuss various topics, from relationship, politics, social media, family etc. This is also an outlet for anyone who may need resources. We will also spread the word on promotions, events etc.
Submissive Feminist and her BFF Jen discuss sex, kink, and all the things they were too embarrassed to talk about at their teenage sleepovers. (18+ podcast.)
Just a lady discussing any and everything; while sipping a glass of wine. The nature of my discussions are unlimited. From relationships to world events. I look forward to you joining my world!
Because the world needs more women talking about feminism on low production quality podcasts, right?? JUST HER ME OUT
Podcast by Dirty Pillows Podcast
Pillow Fort Radio
Coming to you from the world's most ridiculous pillow fort deep in the hills of West Virginia, Pillow Fort Radio brings you conversations about the most important issues facing our world. Listen along as The First Family of Fun spew their uninformed opinions with completely unearned confidence.
宮内 優里とYUJI ANDOによるシチュエーション音楽制作プロジェクト。Podcastと連動し、視聴者から寄せられた環境音を元に二人が楽曲を制作します。
Podcast by Sean Cameron
James Draper and Devon Wiese get into the pillow fort and make with the giggles.
Meet Proud Mary and her eclectic and provacative cast of guests, sock monkeys, and Domo. Her weekly rants and raves cover everything from bad Craigslist dating entries to important karaoke tips for virgins and lounge lizards all captured on video on her bed. So relax, keep all your hands and feet in this vehicle of life at all times and buckle up, you are sure to enjoy the ride!!
Sit back, relax, and join Tamara and Tone for a night cap and a little pillow talk.
Bonnets & Durags: A Pillow Talk Podcast is a platform for millennials of color to have open, intimate, and honest conversations with one another no matter what the topic is. The show's host, via Simone, keeps the perspective fresh by rotating off her male and female guests each episode. Things get real comfortable over here real quick, so grab your best hair tie and get in between the sheets with us.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of Pillow and Stone by Abram S. Isaacs. This was the Weekly Poetry project for April 24, 2011.Abram S. Isaacs (1851-1920) was an American rabbi, author, and professor. Isaacs received his education at the New York University, from which he was graduated in 1871. He became a Rabbi at Barnett Memorial Temple at Paterson, New Jersey. For thirty-five years he occupied a chair at the New York University, first as Professor of Hebrew, then of Germanic la ...
Podcast by Pillow Talk Podcast
By popular demand, BEAT! Network offers a podcast devoted to the subject we all love to discuss: SEX and everything involved with it. From education to the down and dirty, join Trutb, KC aka Mrz. JaKCson if ya nasty, and Tavon "Greatness" Patterson on Pillow Talk: Sin in the City.Note: due to content, these episodes will be NSFW!
The conversation just got spicy! Listen to Candy & Kev as they openly and honestly discuss the importance of bringing intimacy and "the sexy" back to marriage & relationships.
DPR Presents
A Host of Informative and Entertaining Shows For Your Mind Expansion.
CSP Podcast
A podcast that interprets dreams in an improvisational style, with hosts Vince and Josh.
A documentary on the social phenomenon - Flashmobbing
There are a lot of good things that come out of the city of Detroit, some things are known but you would be surprised about the unknown. Introducing the Ladies of All Girl Talk Internet Radio, these ladies are so full of energy, so full of life and just ready to have a good time. Airing every Monday at 8pm est for Monday Madness, Wednesday at 9pm est for Pillow Talk Live and Saturday at 4pm est, for CLUB AGT.Reaching listeners from as far as the US to UK, All Girl Talk Radio is much more tha ...
Turn Me On
Turn me on podcast is a no holds barred conversation about what it is to be a sexual being in the world. Hosted by Jeremie and Bryde, a married, poly, adventurous couple who love to talk to people about S-E-X, the conversation is geared toward getting real about pleasures of the flesh with intelligence, humour and maybe a little pillow talk.
Yorbit Live!
Yorbit Live! is programmed by Upland Avenue Productions' media division in which programming includes current events, book excerpt, interviews and original music curated by indie artists and writers. The future of radio - is ours.
Purl Diving Podcast
A knitter's pillowcast: a knitting podcast modelled after the traditional Japanese "pillow book". Come on in, the water's fine...
Raven Podcasts
Raven Podcasts centers around two paranormal romance authors, Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth. They talk a little about everything and a lot about nothing. They will talk about the industry, their books, life, bring in guest authors, readers, and the kitchen sink if one of them is strong enough to lift it. Don't worry...we aren't quitting our day jobs.
APT 504
APT 504 is a pop culture driven podcast inspired by the late night conversations Ashley and Emily would have in bed as roommates in APT 504. Each episode, they passionately discuss the latest news in entertainment, imagine the celebrity rich and famous lifestyle, and share their recent social media follows and unfollows.
UGLE is a venture into the art of the Gaming Culture with a crew of the baddest mofos collected on this side of the Earth.Join the fun as TeeJay, PIllow, and Wingus play with themselves to entertain and amuse the viewers.To sponsor a
Everyday Grind
Welcome to Tannor Pillow, where amazing things happen.
Life at 23
Conversations and rants from the mind of a deluded 23-year-old gay guy and sometimes his friends. Pillow talk discussions about astrology, sex, current events, being broke in NYC, philosophy, parents and more!
The Sac Podcast
The SAC is the ultimate "girls talk" podcast. Host Laura Govan (Basketball Wives), Melissa Forde (Fashion Designer), Veronika Obeng (Second Wives Club) are candid and raw in their hilarious convos about sex, love, relationships, drama, celebrities, family and their lives. The SAC is the realest pillow talk you've ever heard. Three women, thirty minutes...what the hell could happen?
Musical Theater Pillow Talk w/ @MorganWReynolds and some other theater person.
Inside The PFL
Pillow Fight League news, event announcements, event results, fighter interviews and more! There's only one way to find out what REALLY goes on 'Inside The PFL!'
Filmmaker Doug Dillaman and film reviewer Sarah Watt love movies so much, they got married in a cinema. They've been podcasting separately at Best Worst Podcast and Cinema In Context, and now they're together around the kitchen table. Join the Dillawatts for some pillow talk - film geek style.
Mattress, Pillow and Sleep Tech Reviews Platform. Where honest reviews meet authentic editorial news. #hmr COMPLETE FTC DISCLAIMER:
Girl Talk, Pillow Talk, Real Talk. Alison Brettschneider from @25Park is honest and tells it like it is giving you tips for Fashion, motherhood, and everything in between. You will cry and you will laugh with every episode.
Bedtime Boys
A podcast featuring Cory Lockwood and Damien Verrett. Join the Bedtime Boys for Pillow Talk, Play Time and Bedtime Stories.Contribute on Patreon: on Stitcher, Tune In and iTunes)
Hopscotch Friday is an informed and impassioned pop culture binge. What does that mean? Well, it means we’ll review stuff and give you a good idea of what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s probably worth a cheeky watch anyway. Importantly, we also give you the *why*. Online we mostly focus on movies and DVDs. But we also like music, games, telly, comics…you name it. If you like what you hear, give us a shout at hopfriday@gmail(.com). Join Stevie and Emmet O'Cuana each week for a bit of pop cult ...
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The guys are back in the saddle talking about My Pillow, a fajita bandit, prison life and sexting. You won't wanna miss this one.
Happy Sunday Punky Peeps,Here to kick off Season 4 of Punky Brewster with S4E1: The Nun's Story which aired on April 27, 1988. In this episode Punky believes she has donated an urn containing Henry's Aunt Mabel's ashes to a convent.Well, it wouldn't be a Punky Brewster episode without her getting in over her head and needing her best friend Che ...…
Matt talks about sleeping apps, the Apple Watch, Google Duplex, power outages, Google Wifi, and mesh networks. Brought to you by Big League Pillows
Shannon Peppeard is the Principal Designer and owner of Peppeard Design. After attending the Harrington College of Design, Shannon began a career in the financial sector, but continued to practice interior design on friends and family homes. After leaving her employer to have her two oldest children, Shannon began her interior design business. ...…
On episode five of Bonnets & Durags: A Pillow Talk Podcast, Simone has yet another slumber party with a group of NYC "influencers" named Jamice, Cutty, and Skip (yeah, it's him again). The team covers topics like gentrified struggle, mental health in the black community for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, oversaturated markets as creatives, event ...…
7. #femalevernetroyerhologram/Pillows by Learning! with Wes & Mitchell (a podcast)
Normally we cut out all the commercials from the podcast, but this my pillow live read from Chris was too good to be denied. We also talked about your 24 hour movie and what you would watch. And witch grad around the corner, we took your best advice.
How much is too much to spend on a pillow? Is La Croix overplayed? We tackle those burning questions, plus the Post Show Pod Squad talks underrated TV shows and answers your questions.By
This week on the WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, Dutch recounts his evening doing commentary for a pro-wrestling event, Chuck earns a new nickname, favorite things, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Episode 8: Pregananant Scares SF and Jen relive the common frustrations of pregnancy scares. Featuring peeing into a Solo cup, your prehistoric lizard brain, and fancy pills and period apps. The post Episode 8: Pregananant Scares appeared first on Submissive Feminist.
EXTRAS From Episode_013 - Stardust[2007] with extra guest RILEY BOWMAN ___ Don't spend all those Super Movie Ball EXTRAS in one place. ___ Wait, there's more?! These guys just don't know when to quit. Well everyone, I guess there is even more Super Movie Ball for ya'. Apparently the space train wreck isn't over. Seems like it has smashed into a ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
Bill, Jay, and Jessica are joined by comedian Noah Houlihan to talk about his very particular niche in the comedy world: performing at Comic-Cons, Anime Conventions, and other "nerd-heavy" places. It's a fascinating look at an interesting subculture... that Jay, of course, messes up by being stupid. You don't want to miss this one! Special than ...…
Nick Hall joins Eric to talk about Pulse, a spectacular event coming up at week’s end which includes nothing less than the world’s biggest pillow fight! The post Hour 1 – 05/15/18: Nick Hall appeared first on Metaxas Super.
Quin interviews Rachel Gilmore for the Fail Fast Podcast, a story of strength and determination to achieve success. Please listen to the Fail Fast Podcast and leave us a nice review The below is the transcript of the conversation between Quin and Rachel Quin Amorim: Okay everyone, welcome to the Fail Fast podcast. Today we have a special guest ...…
Scott likes popping Tiny Bubbles. Brian finally gets to Middle Earth. The Pillars of Eternity II vibe is strong. The Flame and Flood and Brian. Scott takes the Bait!. We are both Gonner fans! We guess our games and way more! Oh and sorry Cliff!
Today King and Lyric ramble about scary basements, sticky pillows and make a song
Our Ghosts, Legends or Crime segment RETURNS!!! This time we will be telling you tales from the Meat Grinder. We hand selected a few stories that will chill you to your core. So buckle up and sit right back as we whisper sweet meaty murder into your sausage ears. Complete with sound fx for atmosphere. PLUS we make a #horrorshot based around the ...…
Today on the show: School kids are putting themselves at risk 'pranking' strangers with AirDrop Porn We're Up You're Up What's your name for your car? Mandy & Akmal's Eurovision Review Mandy spent her Friday night listening to John Williamson A dog in America shot his owner... Mandy's partner Matt bought her a new pillow for Mothers Day Delta G ...…
Pillow Talk (Mix 2018)
Amber shares a moon pie. Dave hates styrofoam. They build a top 5 fruit list and stick it to the man! Pellets of Wisdom: Stuffed animal vs Pillow? (Also yeah we know. We got the date wrong.) Push play or download to hear about aversions. Amber can be found on twitter @rocketorca. You can email Dave and Amber at Theme song ...…
This week on the World's Greatest Podcast, Dutch and Chuck discuss the charismatic enigma that is Don Blankenship, the spoil Avengers: Infinity War, and go all in on Cobra Kai. Snap into it!
Justin Schueller, the head coach of Australia’s U17 team, talks about Australia’s run to the FIBA U16 Asian Championship title and expectations for the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup 2018. Photo from FIBA Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 295: We start with an important announcement and then talk briefly about the NBA playoffs and then move into ...…
Justin Schueller, the head coach of Australia’s U17 team, talks about Australia’s run to the FIBA U16 Asian Championship title and expectations for the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup 2018. Photo from FIBA Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 295: We start with an important announcement and then talk briefly about the NBA playoffs and then move into ...…
Episode 7: Rock, Paper, Scissor Me SF and Jen untangle the myths behind wild sex positions. Featuring Twister for sex, mashing everything together to see what happens, and beautiful illustrations of dicks. The post Episode 7: Rock, Paper, Scissor Me appeared first on Submissive Feminist.
Today Josh tells us all about an event from his high school days. We also discuss the classic video Babe's Squirt Pillow. Then later Stephanie Krumsman stops by to tell us her horrific story. This episode brought to you by The Toilee-Bed.
Do you have an idea for the next great TV product? Mike Lindell, the inventor of MyPillow, shares his story of going from crack cocaine addict to master inventor of one of the most successful TV products of all time. Mike also talks candidly about his wife walking out on him and the day his teenage son told him that he could no longer live with ...…
NBC4's Joel Grove and the I-Team shine a light (a literal blacklight) on the disgusting practices of local hotels. Nasty sheets, dirty pillows, and more. It will make your skin crawl!
NBC4's Joel Grove and the I-Team shine a light (a literal blacklight) on the disgusting practices of local hotels. Nasty sheets, dirty pillows, and more. It will make your skin crawl!
The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PST. Listen to shows live online at ...…
Justin hangs out with Caitlin Durante from The Bechdel Cast and talks about the portrayal of women in film, being single, and her weird pillow sex dreams!
Today, I woke up annoyed, or, as the saying goes, “on the wrong side of the bed.” When your alarm sounds in the morning, do you ever just know every little thing will get on your nerves for the next 18 hours? How do you fight the morning doldrums? Some people try to tame their moodiness by thinking positive thoughts, distracting themselves or e ...…
On episode four of Bonnets & Durags: A Pillow Talk Podcast, Simone dives deep with reformed Twitter celebrity, Jeff aka @LeKuroKami. The two cover topics like cancel/call out culture, #MyDickMyChoice, Issa Rae's remarks about Black women and Asian men, cyber bullying, and more.Follow Jeff on social media platforms at (@)LeKuroKami.Follow Bonnet ...…
The Voice of Wet Wet Wet himself, Marti Pillow, joins Matt and Vicky on the show for a catch-up ahead of this year's Newark festival.By (Matt Colbourne).
Plush Mario pillow, new downloads, and a BioShock hat to keep you warm come winter time. Also, a swell exclusive that may be relevant to your Alien Day interests. Direct link:
Erez, Jesse, and Noa form a bluegrass trio and have a legendary pillow fight.
Episode 6: “Ouch” is Not a Safeword SF and Jen explore using safewords, including non-verbal cues and the traffic light system. Featuring aardvarks, a series of elaborate winks, and long German words you can’t pronounce. The post Episode 6: “Ouch” is Not a Safeword appeared first on Submissive Feminist.…
Not all Wednesdays are created equal. But, a NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSH!T makes it a strong(er) possibility. Join the Critelli's this week as they fill the soul of your relationship with insight and humor, and they make your hump day a lot less basic. (Get to the) GOOD SH!T: This week's #GAYRELATIONSHIPGOALS is none other than the Teen Wolf hims ...…
Catch up on all of Kirste and Morro's antics with the Best of Brekky podcast: 1. Top That 2. Do you share your pillow? 3. Farm Chat 4. Kirste and global politics 5. Dad Diaries with Matt Priddis In this interview with Andrea Miller, recorded at the Brooklyn home of GALLIM Dance, we dig deep into Andrea’s unique choreographic process and discuss her current residency at the Met Breuer. Andrea describes the way in which she and her dancers develop a distinct movement languag ...…
This episode we will talk about Bill Cosby and his Sexual assault verdict. We will also discuss Michelle Wolf and the White house correspondence dinner. Finally, an interview with Adonis, a sexual health expert as we discuss sexual responsibility and sexual health. To become a patron of this program go to ...…
Monica and Val welcome long time friend Noel to the show. We discuss women not being able to hold their tongue, wanting to cuddle at the wrong time...and let's not forget eating off a man's plate after he has asked are you hungry and the response is no. This episode is full of shade and laughter. There is more cursing than usual but enjoy.Press ...…
After her neighbor’s house was struck by lightning, Julia Luetje, an eleven-year old from Leawood, Kansas developed a fear of thunderstorms. “I’m afraid of storms,” said Luetje. “I don’t like hearing them or seeing the lightning.” Flashing lights, loud booms and a downpour of rain — it’s a pretty reasonable thing for a kid to be scared about. B ...…
This week, co-hosts Brian & Christie Moore share their excitement for Avengers: Infinity War as well as their confusion over Princess Kate's post-partum appearance hours after giving birth in Newsfeed (3:03). Episode 10's Pillow Talk (11:01) is a conversation about health and wellness, and how you can support or even engage in your partner's be ...…
Once again, Kristen and Jolenta dive deep into the mailbag to answer all your burning questions! We love hearing from you! Call us at 505-510-BOOK,, @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythebookpod. Visit our website: And if you haven't already, please join our By The Book Facebook community! https://w ...…
Episode 171 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes In this episode, we continue our Father of Twins Interview Series with Geoff Louvar, father of twin girls. On the show, we dive into Geoff’s twin journey, including: Finding a surrogate to carry your baby When the surrogate moves far from where you are living Financial challenges of rep ...…
This episode, The Guys are back for a two hour episode! Misinfo Studio 2.2 gets its first official run in order to bring you Zac and Eric’s review of Black Panther. It might make you mad. If you don’t want spoilers, you should probably skip to the thirty minute mark. The Misinformation Technical Minute that you didn’t ask for is back thanks to ...…
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