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Weekly podcast filled with humor, stories, and entertainment.
Daniel Boone was a great hunter, explorer, surveyor, and excellent rifleman; he knew Indians and fought them skillfully. His life was filled with adventures and, with this biography, Reuben Gold Thwaites takes us along on some of those adventures. An exciting read of one of America’s true historical heroes.(Summary by William Tomcho from the preface to Daniel Boone)
DO YOU is a series of un-censored conversations between comedian Reuben Christian and those that are doing what they love for a living - aimed to uplift anyone on a similar journey.Reuben is a presenter and comic from East London who enjoys speaking in the third person. He's been rocking live stages for a decade and has worked with Channel 4, The BBC, Virgin Media and TEDx to name a few. He's hosted everything from intimate live music nights and comedy shows, to larger entrepreneurial events ...
Reuben Gabriel
Podcast by Reuben Gabriel
Reuben Drake
Welcome to the women’s fitness podcast, where we discuss the tehniques fitness models around the world are using to achieve an absolutely mind blowing physique!!
Reuben Torres
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Reuben Mattus 
Reuben Mattus
Reuben Marc Grove
Welcome to the Reuben Marc Grove podcast, where amazing things happen.
Ireland's Reuben Keeney presents Eyez Tunes.
Historic Waterways, Six Hundred Miles of Canoeing down the Rock, Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.This volume is the record of six hundred miles of canoeing experiences on historic waterways in Wisconsin and Illinois during the summer of 1887. There has been no attempt at exaggeration, to color its homely incidents, or to picture charms where none exist. It is intended to be a simple, truthful narrative of what was seen and done upon a series of novel outings through the heart of the Northwest. If i ...
Reuben Sachs is a London lawyer whose political aspirations do not include marriage to Judith Quixano, the daughter of a respectable but unexeptional family. But without Reuben, a woman like Judith might have a bleak future in mid-19th century England: a loveless marriage or lifelong dependancy are apparently her only options...A feminist, a Jew, and a lesbian, Amy Levy wrote about Anglo-Jewish cultural mores and the lives of would-be independent women in Victorian society. Levy was as repel ...
Afloat on the Ohio, An Historical Pilgrimage, of a Thousand Miles in a Skiff, From Redstone to Cairo.There were four of us pilgrims—my Wife, our Boy of ten and a half years, the Doctor, and I. My object in going—the others went for the outing—was to gather "local color" for work in Western history. The Ohio River was an important factor in the development of the West. I wished to know the great waterway intimately in its various phases,—to see with my own eyes what the borderers saw; in imag ...
Definitely Doomed
An episode by episode breakdown of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hosted by Basil Zasil and Reuben Clay.
Remaking Magic
Join Reuben Covington and Jake Mosby for the return of Remaking Magic, the podcast all about game design and magic the gathering. In this podcast we talk about the game design behind the card game Magic: the Gathering.
MIXBOT 2000 is here, ready to replicate delicious portions of music history and present them to you in a fun and easy-to-access format. Ruben Espinoza is MIXBOT 2000's human-slave, and his existence is merely for MIXBOT 2000's amusement. MIXBOT 2000 prepares theme-based musical journeys by applying the universal principles of "time-space" and "Garage-Band". MIXBOT 2000 will pleasantly make your head explode in real-time. Enjoy MIXBOT 2000!
In Contention
The Official Podcast of the Open Series! Available every Wednesday on, the guys discuss the latest tournament results in Standard, Legacy, and Modern, as well as other interesting news in the Magic: The Gathering community.
Loose Canons
Reuben, Basil, Patrick, and Ilya discuss films from every genre and any time period on the Loose Canons podcast and we'll probably insult a filmmaker you love.
Financial planner and principal of Adapt Wealth Management, Reuben Zelwer simplifies the world of finance and give you the information, tricks and tips to get ahead.
Media MD
Each fortnight, Reuben and Elliot discuss a piece of media they have somehow missed.
The Comedy Hangover
Every fortnight 3 New Zealand based UK comedians, Stella Graham, Reuben Lee and Danny McChrystal + booze = The Comedy Hangover
Podcast by Dave Holman & Reuben Rios
Fort Pitt Farms Christian Community's Podcast featuring speaker Reuben Walter
Fort Pitt Farms Podcast featuring speaker Reuben Walter
Self Made
Ever wish things were different? Ivy Velasquez did, so she became someone else. In the 3D virtual world Marionette City, you can be anything you want — but everyone still knows who you are. Driven by her desire for a new life, Ivy takes her future in her hands when she makes another identity for herself. A brilliant designer, Ivy works for one of the huge multi-national firms which control the online system the world relies upon for both business and pleasure. But one day, Ivy tries to acces ...
BlueCase Gaming
Join Patrick, Adam, Reuben, Jacob and Tyler on the BlueCase Gaming podcast. We talk about games, gaming accessories and news that's interesting. We are a little PS4 heavy but, we do talk about the other systems as well.
95bFM: The Wire
95bFM's daily News and Current Affairs hour. Reuben McLaren, Conor Mercer, Lillian Hanly, Lachland Balfour and Kelly Enright bring you the issues from Tāmaki Makaurau and elsewhere, in independent-thinking bFM style.
Wolfcast & Pod
A podcast that breaks down Angel, episode by episode. Hosted by Reuben Clay and Marcia DeFiore Ensley.
A collection of programming tutorials developed by Andrew Cain, Jake Renzella, Reuben Wilson, and Cliff Warren. This series steps through concepts related to procedural programming. Each video covers one concept in depth and demonstrates how you can achieve certain tasks with a programming language. Videos are broken into panels, featuring camera footage, visualisation of the computer's memory (hand execution), and output windows. Video and audio versions are available for download from http ...
Roob Knows
Reuben Frank looks at the Eagles through his unique observations, stats and interviews.
Pop Goulash
Pop Goulash is a podcast hosted by Reuben, Dana, and Carlos. They are a triplet of buddies who have nothing better to do than entertain you like monkeys. Each week your hosts will bring you episodes about music, TV, movies, concerts...any pertinent topics that fall under the pop culture/entertainment umbrella.
Sam and Africa talk to Reuben the Screwman, who tries to solve all your DIY disasters.
Anointed Sermons
Sermons by Rev Reuben Ng, pastor-in-charge at Toa Payoh Methodist Church.
An interview podcast focussing on pop culture and LIFE. Hosted by Reuben and his mum, Steph. (aka the Morning Stomper)
Stolen Goods
Tom & Reuben Discuss the most interesting topics they can find, or at least what interests them.
Adam, Josh, Matthew, Reuben and Tim bringing you our footy tips and sporting knowledge every week, with special guests from the wondrous land of Tippington.
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artistsinstrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: "Constantly Unfolding""AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and gro ...
The first novel in her renowned series of detective fiction, Sayers introduces Lord Peter Wimsey, a bon vivant gentleman, whose hobby of playing detective is put to the test, as he is launched into his first official crime investigation. The mystery begins when the body of an unidentified man has been found in the bathtub of local architect Mr. Thipps. Adding to the peculiarity of the situation is the fact that the corpse is stark naked except for a pair of expensive pince-nez glasses. Due t ...
The 'Two Girls One Cock' podcast is a series of uncensored discussions on life between three opinionated 80's Babies; Nike - lawyer & manager of recording artist ShakkaIncognito Jo (don't ask) - primary school teacher Reuben Christian - comedian aka 'the cock'Stalk em here...-------------------------------------------NIKSTARRInstagram ► @Nik_e1Twitter ► @nik_e-------------------------------------------REUBEN CHRISTIANPersonal SoundCloud ► @Reuben-ChristianInstagram ► @ReubenChristian1Twitter ...
A collection of programming tutorials developed by Andrew Cain, Jake Renzella, Reuben Wilson, and Cliff Warren. This series steps through concepts related to procedural programming. Each video covers one concept in depth and demonstrates how you can achieve certain tasks with a programming language. Videos are broken into panels, featuring camera footage, visualisation of the computer's memory (hand execution), and output windows. Video and audio versions are available for download from http ...
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Anthem Rule Changes & kickoff revisions get tackled first. What's the best NFL Logo? Warren Sapp, Aaron Donald, Reuben Foster, Paul Allen & Mercedes Lewis are all in the news but for what? Photographer, traveler & friend of the show Ruben Woo sits in for some tangents on the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady v.s. Bill Belicheck smoke is getting thicker ...…
Anthem Rule Changes & kickoff revisions get tackled first. What's the best NFL Logo? Warren Sapp, Aaron Donald, Reuben Foster, Paul Allen & Mercedes Lewis are all in the news but for what? Photographer, traveler & friend of the show Ruben Woo sits in for some tangents on the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady v.s. Bill Belicheck smoke is getting thicker ...…'s Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma talked about Jared Goff's throw power, Rueben Foster's name being cleared, and Josh Allen's OTA success.
On this edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank discusses the NFL's new policy on the national anthem. Roob explains why he's disappointed in Jeff Lurie's response. A look at the Eagles' linebacker situation. Carson Wentz looked really good in OTA's. Roob talks to rookie corner Avonte Maddox. And of course, Roob Knows! This week's edition is some Z ...…
Our sincerest apologies to Reuben Foster, NBA playoffs are developing as expected and AJ loses faith in baseball. Welcome to the bench, this is the Undrafted Podcast with AJ Lira and Gabe Schaper!
Michael's dog gets in the way, Reuben Foster might be a good boy (kinda), and HBO's 'Hard Knocks' has chosen their team to cover for this offseason
On this episode of the Review, the Savage Duo goes in on the false accusations placed on 49ers LB Reuben Foster and the NFL's role as the Judge, Jury, and Executioner without all the facts, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid deserving contracts but being bad for the league's bottom line, and ol' Johnny Manziel signing with the CFL. Then, JB DEMANDS ...…
On season 2 episode 10 of The Fix Sports Podcast, host Joseph Ward puts his HBCU spotlight on North Carolina A&T State University. For our black women's celebration month we take a look at the careers of Venus and Serena Williams. Joseph gives and update of the NBA and NHL playoffs, the son of NBA hall of fame forward Karl Malone, KJ Malone ret ...…
This episode’s lineup: 1. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) directed by Tommy Wirkola 2. The Collection (2012) directed by Marcus Dunstan. 3. The Collector (2009) directed by Marcus Dunstan 4. Split (2016) directed by M. Night Shyamalan 5. Truth or Dare (2018) directed by Jeff Wadlow 6. Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) directed Michael Ro ...…
On this weeks episode the DeVon, D-Boi and Juma Blaq discussed game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the legalization of sports betting (10:11),YBN Cordae responds to J Cole's 1985 on behalf of young rappers (20:24),Reuben Foster's Ex-Girlfriend claims she lied about him committing domestic violence against her (32:00), last but not least se ...…
Alyssa Ennis lied about everything because Rueben Foster broke up with her .. wow!!!! SAN JOSE, Calif. - In testimony on Thursday, the former girlfriend of San Francisco 49er Reuben Foster recanted her accusations of domestic violence against the linebacker. Elissa Ennis said she called 911 three times on February 11 because Foster broke up wit ...…
Full Edition Episode 12! Shop Talk Podcast! Live from the Workbench! Drew talks the 2018 NBA Lottery Mock Draft! Crazy Dental Visit & What’s for Dinner? WFD? Drew tells you how to cook up some Reuben Sandwiches!By (Andrew Edwards).
Happy Birthday Malcolm X!Quincy kicked off this episode with his story of his childhood dream to be a Putty Soldier. Shane (@realshanec) finally decided to show up to help us discuss:"Teaierra Marie VS 50 Cent"Yanny" vs "Louriel"Capriccio Bubbly Sangria Black American Bishop addresses the Royal WeddingJiggy RobberMSU Settlement Reuben Foster Ex ...…
What’s for Dinner? On the Shop Talk Podcast! Prep & Cook Time 20 Minutes!1 Can of Sauerkraut 7oz. Corned Beef7oz. Pastrami 1 Bottle of 1000 Island Dressing1 Loaf of Rye Bread4 Slices of Baby SwissBy (Andrew Edwards).
Join us this week as we breakdown the NBA Draft Lottery Results we also touch on The NBA Conference Finals plus our new segment "Overrated/Underrated" we close things out with a discussion on the Reuben Foster false DV allegations thanks for your time appreciate you kicking it with us
Siggy and J dive into the Supreme Courts decision to legalize sports betting. They discuss the Reuben Foster case, and the early surprises in Major League Baseball, and of course the NBA Conference Finals!
In this episode, I talk about Cole Beasley's new rap album, the Browns being selected to be on Hardknocks, Reuben Foster, some exciting new followers on Twitter, and how I became a Dolphins fan.
Lemar & LJ talk about the Draft Lottery order, Karl Anthony Towns unhappy and some Reuben Foster's legal issues
Federal Sportsbetting Ban Lifted- 5:20WCF-Rockets/Warriors- 10:10ECF-Celtics/Cavs-17:05NBA Lottery-24:40Raiders Draft Picks-28:30Reuben- 38:12
The Coach and The Don are back with a great podcast this week! We touch on the Reuben Foster situation, have an exclusive interview with Charles Goldman, and introduce our newest segment, Jersey Beer Run!
Benjamin Hochman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist, joins the show to detail the Cardinals recent problems while also touching on the basketball futures of the Porter brothers. If the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office refiles an invasion of privacy of charge against MO Gov. Eric Greitens, which of these TV lawyers would you want as sp ...…
Casey talks about Reuben Foster’s legal case, where his ex-girlfriend has recanted all allegations and testimony, about Mart Teixeira’s comments about Robinson Cano’s PED suspension, a potential Russell Wilson extension, and Arian Foster’s comments on Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.……
Rob Paul and AJ Marchese deep dive and analyze all of the rookie first-round picks new jersey numbers! The bad, the good, the ugly they talk it all with weird number takes that are totally baseless and nonsensical. Before that they run through NFL news like the sale of the Panthers, the Reuben Foster case, and the Browns being on Hard Knocks. F ...…
Welcome to another day at Bayside. This week we find out if Slater, after winning a big wrestling tourny, moves to Hawaii or if he gets to stay with his "friends". Join us as we discuss Slater, his health, his family, and his friendships. Is he the enemy this week? Listen along as Reuben shares his strong opinions on high school sports, Slater ...…
When someone lies about domestic violence issues, there should be major ramifications for their lies.
A look at the Reuben Foster situation, Nick Bosa's tweets, a long ass rant about Coleslaw and your questions. Thank you for the support and God bless ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Hour 2. Steiny and Guru talk about the Rockets coming out fast and beating the Warriors. Warriors did what they are supposed to by taking one of the two games on the road.By Steinmetz and Guru.
“It’s Good to Ask Twice (WN 7:00 PM)” from Harvest Celebration Evangelistic Church – Ministers’ Night by Deacon Quinton Reuben. Released: 2018. Track 1. Genre: Spoken Word.
Episode #0018 May 12, 2018 by Dave Holman & Reuben Rios
Incoming Message from the Higher Powers: This week, Reuben and Cara discuss "Disharmony," homophobia, speaking French for an entire episode, what I think the Buffyverse does best, and Harmony's love of status. Wolfcast & Pod Ep. 39 Up and Sputtering AgainBy (Reuben Clay and Marcia DeFiore Ensley).
Friend of the Pod @robertsnellnews breaks the Matt Patricia story for the Detroit News, TJ Miller is allowed to travel again (and phone in more fake bomb threats), the Smallville sex cult ring leader and Bill Cosby's own words doom him. The 3 Minute warning features #MuteRKelly, Reuben Foster's weird assault case and Dr. Dre versus Dr. Drai and ...…
On this episode, Juwan and Ronda welcome special guest Reuben Stratum, a West Palm Beach local hip-hop artist with immense talent to expound on his experience and discuss his latest project Salt Of The Earth. The trio also discusses Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’, the metamorphosis of R&B music, Kanye West and much more. ***Disclaimer*** ...…
I have been waiting for a long time to have this chat with Reuben and am very happy that we eventually got to sit down and do the recording.
Genesis 48 (NIV)Manasseh and Ephraim1 Some time later Joseph was told, “Your father is ill.” So he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him. 2 When Jacob was told, “Your son Joseph has come to you,” Israel rallied his strength and sat up on the bed.3 Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty[a] appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan ...…
This episode’s lineup: 1. Pumpkinhead (1988) directed by Stan Winston 2. Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994) directed by Jeff Burr 3. Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006) directed by Jake West 4. Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (2007) directed by Michael Hurst 5. Friend Request (2016) directed by Simon Verhoeven 6. Most Likely to Die (2015) directed by An ...…
This Sunday Service message preached by Pastor Reuben Yaktal. Pastor Reuben is the senior pastor of Fountain of Love, RCCG Aberdeen, UK
What is church? Morning Service by Reuben Mann on 1 Peter 2:4-10By
Incoming Message from the Higher Powers: Cara and Reuben discuss "Epiphany", sheries, productions in Vancouver, applauding growth as opposed to judging failures, having new epiphanies every week, the reality of the visions, and making the big bugs. Wolfcast & Pod 38 All Epiphany'd OffBy (Reuben Clay and Marcia DeFiore Ensley).
Joe, Syd and Albert all love talking sports smack, so it was fun having KFBK sportscaster Bill Herenda join the conversation. In fact, we dedicated our cast to all sports. Among the topics we tackled, Kaepernick and all that comes with him if a team decides to hire the controversial QB. Bill touched on 49’ers linebacker Reuben Foster and whethe ...…
Its what you have all been waiting for! Who will come out on top in the Medium Rare Sandwich showdown? Why did some sandwiches not make it to the tourney this year? Has Chuck been eating the wrong kind of Cheesesteak his whole life? And is a Reuben on an everything bagel something worth trying?
Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area joins Gary and Larry to give us the latest on Reuben Foster situation, why the Niners didn't draft a pass rusher, why they were ready to move on from Trent Brown, his thoughts on the rest of their draft and UDFAs they recently signed and who he thinks will start Week 1 at linebacker.…
Genesis 46 (NIV)Jacob Goes to Egypt1 So Israel set out with all that was his, and when he reached Beersheba, he offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.2 And God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and said, “Jacob! Jacob!”“Here I am,” he replied.3 “I am God, the God of your father,” he said. “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, fo ...…
Worship Set List Your Grace is Enough- Matt Maher God is Able- Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan Because He Lives (Amen)- Chris Tomlin, Daniel Carson, Ed Cash, Gloria Gaither, Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, and William J. Gaith This Is Amazing Grace- Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle, and Phil Wickham It is Well With My Soul/Lord I Need You- Philip Paul Bliss ...…
David shared about Names, as we gathered to dedicate Reuben back to the Lord.By (David Kell).
1 People Get Ready Reuben Wilson / Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie / Grant Green Jr. 06:13 The Godfathers Of Groove2 Shenandoah Charles Lloyd & The Marvels 06:22 I Long To See You3 Little Sunflower Dorothy Ashby 03:48 Afro-Harping4 It Could Happen to You Esther Phillips 04:05 The Best of Esther Phillips (1962-1970) Disc 25 Harlem Nocturne Freddie McCoy ...…
Ted Robinson joins Gary and Larry to chat all about the Niners offseason, the latest on Reuben Foster, which QB he favors to go first, the infastructure of the Browns, which Notre Dame offensive lineman he likes, FOX putting pressure on ESPN's draft coverage and where the 49ers may go with their pick.…
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