Best sauna podcasts we could find (Updated January 2018)
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Cyber Security Sauna
Cyber Security Sauna brings you expert guests with sizzling insight into the latest information security trends and topics. F-Secure's Janne Kauhanen hosts the show to make sure you know all you need to about the hotter-than-ever infosec game. Join us as we sweat out the hot topics in security.
Sauna Talk
Sauna Talk is a show about the authentic sauna experience. Recorded (often) on the sauna bench, we talk with interesting guests about sauna including such aspects as building sauna, enjoying sauna, and health and wellness benefits to sauna. The rising sauna tide is lifting many boats and we look forward to some left turns that we hope to keep listeners on and off the more enjoyable and less trampled authentic sauna trail. Sauna Talk: Let's explore the sauna journey together. Thanks for liste ...
Lauteiden Välissä
Huumori on hauskaa.
The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss
Life isn't easy. And most people have secrets they don't discuss: affairs, fears, challenges, double lives, and inner struggles. In The Truth Barrel (a 220 degree barrel sauna), New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss (The Game) and pro athlete Gabby Reece (NBC's Strong) sweat the truth out of some of the most famous, knowledgeable, and interesting people in the world, from Grammy-winning musicians to gold-medal Olympians. The goal: To learn from these experiences and solve the bigges ...
SteveJames PODCAST
The Sauna House Vibe
ManDate with Con & Nate
This is the story of two buds from opposite sides of the country wanting to argue in tight spaces over mundane topics and made up facts. Through the perseverance of the listeners and the loose format of the show, this one time funny idea has flourished into a full fledged hobby with complete potential of destroying a friendship. Originally nurtured at the now infamous 1811 Sauna Studios, episodes were then later churned out at the more modern site of 1801 Spare Room Studios, however partial ...
Eco Chateau
Eco Chateau is a full Wellness Spa in San Diego that offers Infrared Sauna Sessions, Heavenly Massages, Colonics, Juice Cleanses, Organic Skin Care and more! Both our beautiful locations have been called, “Hidden gems in San Diego” and we are known for our down-to-earth, caring, amazing staff and let’s not forget the cool penny floor. We invite you to come and achieve optimal Health + Wellness at either our Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley location.
Great Fitness Podcast - Your Ultimate Workout Mix
This is the official podcast for Welshpool's premier Gym & Spa, Great Escape.Formerly the Pola Cinema, Great Escape have created a high spec personal training gym, beauticians and spa. The personal training studio is fully equipped with treadmills, arc trainers, rowers, spin bikes, free weights, cable cross over, pull down, boxing bag and so much more. The spa includes our Jacuzzi hot tub, steam room and sauna.For more information visit
Cirque Du Sirois
The Sirois’ left their homeland in the late 1980’s to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The brothers wandered the United States separately, barely speaking, for years.Then in the Fall of 2009, Cash came to the Metroplex in search of a lock of hair from Bobby Carpenter, whom he still views as a deity.Mike had met Norm Hitzges, who fed him, gave him clothes, and taught him a passible level of social etiquette. It was he who now had to be the voice of reason for the brothers.As the ...
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Your time is precious, use it wisely even when relaxing. If you enjoyed this video, thank you for liking, commenting or sharing.I offer personal coaching for your life and health goals, including what you eat, exercise and mindset. I guarantee results. You can set up a free 1 hour coaching call at: to business marketing t ...…
Joey and I have been best friends for almost 5 years now.. listen to everything from his coming out story to quitting his corporate job and becoming an influencer. From acne scars to sauna "sessions" - nothing was off limits in this steamy chat. Is Joey a top or bottom? Listen to find out!
Words of Wisdumb podcast
New year same old shit , welcome to words of wisdumb. Join us while we talk about scary animals attacks, what makes comedy funny and the weird sauna guy.
#05 Episode with Cory Samaras Griffeth JAN 3, 2018 Badass Quotes: “The bravest thing I ever did was cancel my wedding 3 weeks out.” (2:00) “I had to be sad. I had to be in my sadness” (11:30) “I call them my fissues – food issues.” (12:55) “If I’m going to eat 5000 calories, I’m going to remember it.” (16:00) “I love women with sculpted, gorgeo ...…
Man Points!
This week’s episode was recorded the weekend before Christmas and it doesn’t take long to know what Chris wants for Christmas. Listen in as Leland tries to convince the guys of his “gains”. Wes botches another intro but manages to recover. So crawl into those saunas, do some curl ups and listen, because inches matter. Intro Music: A_rival “8-bi ...…
MacPsych on the Move
Sharing my travel plans for 2018: Dublin, Tokyo, Berlin, Sitges and more far. Plus, embarrassing memories from my first German sauna 😬
On this episode we collaborate with Chris Hall of Downtime Podcast. Amongst other things we discuss our own podcasts, riding, favourite guests, screw ups and where this is all heading. Not in a sauna.... in a pub in Leeds! Vote for your guest of the year here:- thanks to our sponsors 35BIKES.COM & SAXX for ...…
Doctor and educator Bryan Walsh is back with us to discuss his latest area of focus: detoxification. Our environment is awash in pollutants and toxic compounds resulting largely from modern industrial and agricultural practices and products. These are known to interrupt normal biological functioning, commonly acting as carcinogens and endocrine ...…
Episode 85 is a radio show format. Meb starts with a recap of his latest travels – this time he was off to New York then Europe. Then, it’s onto Q&A. Some of the questions and topics you’ll hear are: To what extent do economic indicators have any effect on Meb’s view of the markets? Bitcoin has been on a meteoric rise recently in advance of the ...…
Can food be medicine to heal your brain? Hear from post-traumatic brain injury recovery victor Cavin Balaster on how he used nutritional therapy to not only survive a traumatic brain injury but to rediscover how to thrive! From being tube fed and on a ventilator in a hospital to doing back flips and publishing his first book, How to Feed a Brai ...…
Muscle Expert Podcast | Ben Pakulski Interviews | How to Build Muscle & Dominate Life
Today on the Muscle Expert podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, our second female guest on the show talks with Ben about "muscle centric medicine". Ben and Dr. Lyon also get into the cutting edge health and performance interventions she is using with her own clients, ranging from PGA golfers, NASCAR drivers and Navy SEALS. Show Notes Here: https://goo. ...…
Mike welcomes Scott Clark of The Spa & Sauna Company of Reno
Philadelphia Condominiums in Mark's Words |
1706 Rittenhouse Square offers a life of ultra-luxury. These 31 full floor residences feature direct elevator access, floor-to-ceiling windows, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and balconies with unrivaled views. Additional amenities include a fully automated parking system, fitness center, pool, sauna, hot tub, ...…
For this week's episode, we share some of our favorite real food items, kitchen gadgets, quality skin and beauty care brands, and a host of other great gift ideas for you, a friend, or a loved one on your gift list this year. These gift ideas are great for anyone! Check out any of the links below for additional info, and please get in touch if ...…
Matt and Tim discuss their guilty pleasures, from Downton Abbey to baths, saunas, and hardcover books about intelligent cats. Radimus Prime is a podcast featuring two chubby nerds talking about the things they love. All music featured on the podcast is courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution ...…
Natural Solutions for Autism Recovery with Karen Thomas
Far-infrared has been used for centuries as a natural, safe method to de-stress and assist health in multiple ways. Please watch this interview to discover the many health benefits of far-infrared heat, including in-home saunas.
Had a great time sweatin' it out in the mobile sauna!Instagram @minimal_jake
Coast Mornings Podcasts with Blake and Eva
Is the "engagement chicken" really a thing? Blake learns about the late entertainer Don Ho! Here's what you missed this morning!
Ozone Therapy: Immune Boosting, Anti-Aging Technology Dr. Wiggy is back! This time he’s explaining a healing protocol that I’ve been having great results with: Ozone therapy. It’s not for everybody – it can be pricey and it’s time-intensive while you’re in treatment (multiple treatments are highly recommended), but it’s one of those things that ...…
A rare opportunity in our present market - this west side 2 /3 bedroom and 2 bath charmer has an eclectic flair and is ready for you to move in before Christmas. Featuring a large sunset deck off the open plan LR, DR, and Kitchen, a rooftop deck above and a family room, workshop and sauna below. Ful...…
Learn some tips for detoxification and how it can improve your health.If your health throws you a curve ball, maybe it's time to eat clean. Eating "clean" means eating whole foods. It doesn’t mean you have to prepare multi-step gourmet meals. It can be very simple. Meals with few ingredients can fuel your body and help you heal. But, you have t ...…
Red X Podcast: Ending Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Welcome to the Red X Podcast’s first episode, “Sharks with Badges”! Lance Olive introduces the very first episode and raises the curtains on plans for this anti-human trafficking podcast. The goal is to empower you, the listener to become knowledgeable about the issue of trafficking and to help you connect with your local municipality as well a ...…
Monday we got a visit fromVaginal Steaming Practitioner, Mia A., who began her journey with the practice in 2013 in South Korea. Also known as "Chai Yok," vaginal steaming was quite normal practice for women who frequented the "jimjilbang's in S.K.Crafted Bloom: www.vaginalsteamlosangeles.comHOW DOES IT WORK?You sit on your designated wooden bo ...…
Doug KaufmannPaul Barattiero2:30 - What does water have to do with great health?3:00 - "I think I've found something that can help your wife!"7:00 - Your Body's Many Cries For Water8:00 - "We're delivering hydrogen, and water is the delivery for the hydrogen"8:55 - "Doesn't water already contain hydrogen?"10:00 - Hydrogen has a selective target ...…
Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation
If you want to improve your performance, optimize recovery and build endurance, Brian Mackenzie is the man to listen to. From breath work to proper programming, to ice baths and saunas, Brian has a toolbox with something for everyone in it. Brian is my guest on Episode 206 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast. He is a world-renowned strength and condit ...…
Hawkins Radio: A Stranger Things Podcast
As Ben and his dad head to the gaming expo for the day, they grab a mic and share some interesting facts about Stranger Things that might totally (most definitely will) melt your face. Show Notes 3:46 • A big THANK YOU! 4:50 • What to expect at a gaming expo 8:15 • Our gaming expo tradition 9:30 • Eleven interesting facts about Stranger Things ...…
Millennial Movie Moguls
To continue the spooktacular month of October, join Thomas and Lindsay in watching the Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown (1998). In this episode, they discuss sexist exercise videos (7:27), the difficulties of dating men with magical powers (30:10), and Craigslist sauna rendezvouses (20:32). Later, Lindsay has Thomas match celebritie ...…
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Sweden's Kungsleden Trail (aka The King's Trail) I'm excited today to share with you a new find: The northern section of Sweden's Kungsleden trail. Our guest today is Rosemary Burris, an avid adventure hiker, who has traversed some of the world's most impressive hikes and tells us that the serenity, quiet, beauty and remarkable light puts this ...…
First part of longer blog post you can find at in the many benefits of using a sauna on overall health and performance! 🔥
Good morning, RVA! It's 69 °F, and did we do it? Did we survive living inside of a mid-October sauna? I THINK SO. Highs today hit the low 70s, and there's a decent chance of rain this afternoon. Water cooler Police are reporting a homicide that occurred on Tuesday morning. Officers arrived to the 4600 block of Jefferson Davis Highway and found ...…
Functional Medicine Doctor and mindbodygreen instructor, Dr. Will Cole joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to breakdown the power of Adaptogens. He teaches us which ones help you lose weight, gain focus, and boost libido. He also explains what functional medicine is, his obsession with infrared sauna therapy, and whether or not coffee is actually g ...…
Everything's Great, Nothing Is Wrong
Cogency devolves rapidly in our respective saunas, as we wade through the gamut of hot topics to match the eponymous weather. Leaping from an Inquisitive Rosh Hashanah to Naughty Catholic School Girls or from slavery to Roald Dahl, there is very little through-line—our wild laughter indicative of our impending madness. On Atlas Chugged, we are ...…
In this episode, sauna stories, BSC is coming and see what you want to obtain by using your mind. Enjoy!!
Your High Vibration Life Podcast – GreenSmoothieGirl
Meet my friends, Ryan and Teddy Sternagel, who tell their story of how their child healed from cancer while avoiding conventional medicine. Their son, Ryder, was diagnosed when he was a baby with Stage IV cancer. He had a tumor larger than his kidney growing inside and out of his spinal canal and two secondary tumors, all of which had metastasi ...…
Welcome to Episode 137 of the Obstacle Order Podcast! In this Episode Philip and Elijah are doing some post Tahoe Recovery Work! This episode was recorded hours after the Spartan Race World Championships. They happened to be going back and forth from the Sauna to the Cold plunge. It’s a short recap that will be followed by a longer more detaile ...…
-Benefits of Synergistic Nutrition Ionic Balancer foot bath. Dr. Klinghardt believes it’s essential to have a daily ionic foot bath to give your cells the juice they need to detox stuff out.-Stephen has used Avemar fermented predigested wheat germ extract to get rid of his cancer. For sale at Synergistic Nutrition.-Xylitol is the sweetener in O ...…
FFG’s new game: Star Wars Legion Play experiences: US Nationals Ugnaught Report by Brett Kelly Play experiences: Edge of Oblivion custom campaign on BGG Community Watch: The Tauntaun Riders Download Episode #51 The podcast on iTunes: ...…
Podcast –
FFG’s new game: Star Wars Legion Play experiences: US Nationals Ugnaught Report by Brett Kelly Play experiences: Edge of Oblivion custom campaign on BGG Community Watch: The Tauntaun Riders Download Episode #51 The podcast on iTunes: ...…
Plus Quack Quack for the shack, Bjorns mum, voting woes and much moreBy (Rhema Media Inc.).
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