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Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa & Wiggy, Weekdays 6-10am
BIG BIg Test
Wiggy's World Podcast
Former Super Bowl Champion, Jermaine Wiggins, has an opinion on EVERYTHING. Listen each week as Wiggy, his producer Mark Feldman, and a whole cast of characters debate, brawl, make up, and fight again over any and all of the weird stuff that comes out of Wiggy's head.
Listen every Friday at 5:30pm for Wigmaster's Wigout
Listen every Friday at 5:30pm for Wigmaster's Wigout
Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad
Welcome to Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad! A Bi-Weekly Nintendo Podcast by Siro and Wiggy. We'll talk about how strong Mario is, Luigi's sins, and if Waluigi can ever forgive himself. It's a comedy podcast.
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Wiggy chats with the former Wrench, Mr. Claxton, about his new character, his deathmatch philosophy, and how to maintain your good looks while going face-first into thumbtacks.
Wiggy Wiggy Wide Wide! Yep, Dave Plemmons, Producer Phil and Jack are talking about Wild Wild West this week. Dave and Jack have a heart to heart about working in the grocery industry. We get some singing and we hear about Dave and Jack's new band, The Public Domain, and how they can sing new versions of old hits like, She'll Be Coming Around t ...…
Wiggy chats with the new CZW World Heavyweight champion, Shane Strickland, about the new regime behind the scenes in the Combat Zone, rumors, fears, and getting to be on the other side of the questions.
LINK TO PART 2: Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Kayden & Landon - 0:30 Courage Pro Wrestling Commentary 6/25/2017 - 1:04:10 Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Landon, Steve & Wiggy - 1:10:56 Matthew, Kayden & Lan ...…
Wiggy chats with Jimmy Havoc before they're crashed by Clint Margera. But it's ok....he just wants to loved.
Wiggy talks to Kit about his feelings as he heads into his first ever deathmatch...without either knowing it would only be his first of the day.
At the end of a long day, Wiggy talks to MASADA about the prestige of Tournament of Death and retirement.
Wiggy chats with CZW Executive Vice President, Maven Bentley about the emotional roller coaster ride that TOD is for management and how it's grown from wrestling show to day-long deathmatch festival.
Hip Hop legend Tragedy Khadafi joins the show! He tells us a hilarious Big Pun story and reveals some of Pun's recording techniques. We also discuss the late and great Prodigy of Mobb Deep who he grew up with.
Wiggy has a brief chat with Jimmy Lloyd about living his (painful and bloody) dream.
Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew Grant - 0:30 Interview w/ Jaka - 1:19:03 Interview w/ Vaughn Vertigo - 1:31:59 Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Steve & Wiggy - 2:00:29 Interview w/ DJZ - 3:12:49 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DJZ (@IAmDJZ @glorypro2017) - Ahead of his Glory Pro debut on July 9th, DJZ makes his first appearance on the show to discuss ...…
Enough of these Golden State/New England comparisons! The Pats are NOT a super team! We get in to why... Find Us On iTunes:
Wiggy chats with Cannonball about Ultramantis Black, comforting hugs, and how one prepares themself to be hit in the head with a cinder block.
Chump the Booey, Chainsmokers, TONS of meetings, and of course our favorite new bit, Danny the Troll.. the show about nothing continues to amaze us.. Mock on fellow gunkers, mock on..
Wiggy chats with George Gatton and Alex Colon about surprise appearances, ticks, and expired muffins.
Is the "Mayweather vs McGregor" fight a scam? Which Fighter has more to lose? We get in to it.
Wiggy chats with The Awakening of Father Matt Tremont and Stockade live at Tournament of Death before the show about toothpicks, purple hair, and the worst places to get barbed wire caught.
Are teams like the Golden State Warriors bad for the NBA? Should players hop on band wagons like Kevin Durant did or is it better to build from the bottom? We discuss it all here. Find Us On iTunes:
Do atheletes owe anything to the media? People are losing their minds because Tom Brady didn't let a Boston Globe Photographer in to his charity event. Wiggy explains why that was the right move. Find Us On iTunes:
Wiggy chats with British deathmatch star, Jimmy Havoc about gun shots, pinkies, and his prior experiences with CZW and it's stars.
He's back to due to popular demand... Dr. Zach Bush is answering all of the questions that you asked after hearing him in episode 109! GET THE SHOW NOTES: WHAT IS RESTORE? Dr. Wiggy, my repeat guest and also my doctor, recommended this product to me to assist with gut restoration. Then I found out from Dr. Zach the he actu ...…
Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Kayden & Landon - 0:30 Pride of Wrestling Preview - 1:07:54 Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Steve & Wiggy - 1:29:05 Interview w/ Matt Tremont - 2:27:05 Interview w/ John Silver - 2:51:29 Interview w/ Veda Scott - 3:27:20 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MATT TREMONT (@TremontCZW @GCWWrestling_) - Father Matthew Tremon ...…
CityGate Church
What does a win or loss do to Lebron's legacy? Did Durant hurt his image by going to Golden State and does Curry even want him there?
Wiggy talks to G-Raver about horror movies, Tournament of Death, and making his CZW debut.....10 years ago.
We dive in to one of the most controversial topics in the NFL, concussions. Wiggy opens up about his lawsuit against the league, player reactions and the future of the game.
It's the mother, er, godfather of all DigiGods giveaways! Plus a sparkling anniversary release of Heat, an Eastwood classic on 4k and the Gods weigh in on Logan's dark, bloody turn for the X-Men universe. DigiGods Podcast, 05/23/17 (MP3) — 33.67 MB right click to save Subscribe to the DigiGods Podcast In this episode, the Gods discuss: The Acci ...…
Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Landon & Kayden - 2:10 Exclusive #1 ft. Vin Gerard - 56:39 Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Steve & Wiggy - 1:59:50 Interview w/ Mark Haskins - 2:48:53 Interview w/ Kyle O'Reilly - 3:12:23 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MARK HASKINS (@FightHaskins @smashwrestling) - Matthew Grant chats with Mark Haskins ...…
The entire Celtics franchise has changed in the past few days. What are their chances of beating the Cavs AND what the hell are they gonna do with this number 1 overall pick? We get in to with special guest B. Robb from the Sports Hub.
Wiggy talks to CZW Wired champion Yuma about Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and CZW's working relationship, tailbones, and crying in the ring.
So apparently Hernandez is innocent? Why are the 08 Celtics talking so much shit about Ray Allen? Did Trump just fire the one person that could find him guilty? That and much more on this episode of "10 Questions With Wiggy!"
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