Episode 42: Hacking your period & promoting fertility with Melissa Groves


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Meet Melissa Groves

Melissa, RDN, LD is a functional and integrative dietitian specializing in women's health and hormones, particularly PCOS, fertility, and estrogen dominance issues. Her mission is to help women live healthy and symptom-free lives using whole-foods nutrition and lifestyle changes to overcome hormone imbalances during the childbearing years, perimenopause, and beyond. She uses a root-cause, food-first approach to help women regain regular menstrual cycles so they can optimize their fertility.

What we discuss on today’s episode:

  • Why periods are important + what a normal period should look like
  • Common period problems and what to do about them
  • How to read female body signs like breast tenderness and cramping
  • Causes for lowered fertility rates in women and men worldwide
  • Root imbalances which may be impairing your chances of conception
  • The ins and outs of ovulation : what you need to know
  • Best and worst foods for fertility
  • & MORE!

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