Episode 45: The role of genetics in developing PCOS & hormone imbalances with Dr. Robyn Murphy


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Meet Robyn

Dr. Robyn Murphy is the Clinical Research Advisor and co-developer of genetic testing at AOR and DNA Labs. She is a practicing naturopathic doctor that works with those suffering from digestive complaints and hormone imbalances and is immensely passionate about educating both healthcare professionals and the public about advances and clinical application of genetics.

Today’s episode:

  • What is DNA? What is genetic testing?
  • What kind of information is provided in a DNA test? What are the types of genetic testings
  • What is the role of genetics in the development of PCOS and hormone imbalances?
  • Risks associated with PCOS such as nutrient deficiencies, poor detox, inflammation, estrogen metabolism, insulin insensitivity, etc -
  • Epigenetics : how our environment can modify our gene experession
  • What can we do later in life when we are exposed as a child to environmental toxins and have a genetic susceptibility?
  • What are some natural solutions to improve hormone balance based on your genes
  • What are the biggest issues you see come up with PCOS
  • How does the microbiome affect hormone balance? What is the estrobolome? How to support the gut microbiome (estrabolome) and estrogen detox?
  • How to choose a good DNA test - why would you want to do it?

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