Ep. 278 - Veganism + Sustainable Living with Jenne Claiborne


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K + L are kicking today off with some SNL love, period-talk, sound baths, and church! If you don’t know, now you know—Krista is all about decompressing through sound baths. Today she reflects on how her most recent experience wasn’t conducive to the alone time she’s been craving. Lindsey recounts her second church outing of the week, giving detail on what it’s like to attend this church in Los Angeles. Tune in to find out who L sat behind in church, and how this is tied to K’s favorite Instagram story of all time.


Today we are sitting down with vegan chef, blogger, and author of the cookbook Sweet Potato Soul, Jenné Claiborne! She is the sweetest soul, has amazing vegan recipes, and is a beautiful example of creating a life you love. Before digging into the foodie conversation, Jenné reveals how she did her wedding on a budget (only spending $400 on her wedding dress!). We ask where Jenné’s vegan story began, and she shares how her first introduction to veganism was through her dad’s religious background. It was the exposure to the ethical side of veganism that actually had her changing her diet from mostly plant-based to vegan. Jenné recounts the journey of her career—from going to school for acting, to a private chef in NYC, to now being a full-time blogger with a YouTube channel. We also ask her recommendations for transitioning to veganism, any controversies she encounters online, and her experience with being a woman of color in the wellness space.

We also talk about:

-Helping people align with their values

-Jenné’s desire to be an entrepreneur

-How word-of-mouth helped grow her business

-How ethnic food can easily be vegan

-Privilege and being vegan

-Deregulation of organic labeling laws

-The problems with factory farming

-How being a mother has fulfilled her

-Jenné’s experience with mom-guilt

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-Learn more: sweetpotatosoul.com

-Instagram: @sweetpotatosoul

-YouTube: Sweet Potato Soul

-Cookbook: Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes

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