EP 09 - Dr. Katie Boston-Leary, Certified Nurse Executive, National Speaker, Coach and Professor


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Dr. Katie Boston-Leary was born to be a healthcare professional, but she didn’t know it until a chance encounter led her into the nursing world. Other people saw in her what she didn’t see in herself, and she has made it her personal mission to pay this forward. On today’s show, Dr. Boston-Leary explains how she helps to empower other women of color to believe in themselves and go after leadership roles. We also discuss the Reach Initiative, which was founded by Dr. Boston-Leary, as well as the programs she is involved in within the American Nursing Association. Dr. Boston-Leary absolutely loves her job, and although the road to get there has been full of challenges, she is grateful for all of the experiences she has had along the way, some of which she shares with us today. We discuss how Dr. Boston-Leary keeps a balance in her life, stays centered, and makes sure she is continuously learning and growing within her field. Dr. Boston-Leary encourages all of us to stick to our values, set goals, and always maintain empathy and compassion. Join us to hear more from a very inspiring leader in the healthcare space!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Dr. Boston-Leary would choose the Wonder Woman truth lasso as her superpower.
  • Dr. Boston-Leary's unorthodox entry into the world of healthcare.
  • The encouragement Dr. Boston-Leary received to pursue studies and a career in healthcare.
  • Although some of her leaders were tough on her, Dr. Boston-Leary is grateful for all of them.
  • What the ANA Enterprise does and why Dr. Boston-Leary loves working for the various programs within it.
  • Dr. Boston-Leary runs us through her typical daily routine and the things she does to center herself.
  • Setting goals and ticking them off is a practice Dr. Boston-Leary finds helpful to minimize stress and keep balanced.
  • Methods Dr. Boston-Leary uses to continuously obtain knowledge about developments in her profession.
  • Dr. Boston-Leary shares why she feels like she failed in her first management role.
  • The Reach Initiative and Dr. Boston-Leary’s drive for founding it.
  • An experience that Dr. Boston-Leary had with a former employee which made a huge impact on her.
  • Quotes Dr. Boston-Leary learned from her previous boss, which inform the way she leads.
  • How Dr. Boston-Leary has helped to empower women of color in the nursing profession.
  • The challenges Dr. Boston-Leary has experienced as a woman of color in her profession.
  • Dr. Boston-Leary hopes that leadership in the nursing profession will be a lot more diverse and better resourced in the future.
  • The importance of self-care, balance and finding joy.
  • Don’t define yourself “by what you do, but by who loves you and who you love.”

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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