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Webcomics pros Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking comics! In this episode, Brad makes another lasting contribution to webcomics: Guigar's Law — The first person to comment that they'd buy a certain type of merchandise is the first person to disappear when the merch is offered!

BUT FIRST, Brad and Dave fondly remember comic-convention cosplay.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 — Spotting the batawang at a comic convention
  • 06:35 — Dave clarifies his production schedule
  • 07:54 — Guigar's Law: The first person to say "I'd buy that" is the first person to disappear when you offer the merch.
  • 17:48 — Is it important to have a consistent theme to your comics?
  • 25:54 — Comics anthologies
  • 37:04 — Stretch Break!
  • 37:53 — What should YOU be planning for 2019?
  • 49:27 — Dave doesn't buy as many comics as he used to. Should that be worrisome?
  • 56:29 — Dave and Brad were both Little League umpires... with very different styles, and Brad shares his utter failure as a baseball player
  • 01:03:36 — Advice for launching your first Patreon

Launching your Patreon
Here's a helpful guide to all of the ComicLab episodes with advice on launching your Patreon. See the Show Notes for each episode to see where we start talking about the topic you're looking for. Remember, of course, the Golden Rule of Crowdfunding from last week's Lightning Round: Build an audience first. It's right there in the word — you have to have a crowd before you can have funding.

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