Ep 90 - Dr. Maree Ferguson, Founder-Dietitian Connection


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Conversation 90: The Story, Journey and Passion of Dr. Maree Ferguson, Founder-Dietitian Connection

“Seeing young dietitians succeed is why I love my job and I am passionate about dietitians. I love seeing young dietitians thrive and be successful in whatever their passions and dreams are. If we can do this through Dietitian Connection and help one dietitian, I’d be very happy.” - Dr. Maree Ferguson

Today’s conversation is with Dr. Maree Ferguson, a visionary and leader in the field of dietetics who created Dietitian Connection for dietitians to feel supported along their professional journey.

I truly believe in being in the right place at the right time, which is exactly where I met Maree. Maree and I were doing a mini expo at the Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG meeting at FNCE last year and I was so interested in the work she is doing. She has created an international resource to help dietitians live out their dreams in their careers with support and guidance. Her extensive education and work experience makes her the perfect leader of this great organization. Get to know Maree a little more and why Dietitian Connection might be an organization you want to be a part of.

Please enjoy my conversation with Maree.

Connect with Maree on the Dietitian Connection website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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