Tzivia Gover - Making Mindful Sleep a Goal for Life


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American has a sleep crisis. Too many of us suffer from a lack of enough sleep and even the inability to sleep at all, which leads to all kinds of physical and mental issues. It also impairs our ability to dream, which robs us of another avenue for self-growth. The good news is that there is a solution and that’s what we cover on this episode of Dream Power Radio.
My guest, dream and sleep expert Tzivia Gover, talks about how we can improve both our sleep and our dreams through the process of Mindful Sleeping. As the director the Institute of Dream Studies, she also leads workshops and panels about dreams and mindfulness and is the author of the book The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep.
In our discussion Tzivia explains:
• Why sleep is important
• What is our biggest sleep stealer?
• The practical benefits of dreaming
• How to make dreams our new BFFs.

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