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Author Matthew Turner shares his latest trilogy work called Beyond the Pale a fable about escaping the hustle and finding yourself. We discover a new definition of hustle and how it affects our lives on a daily basis. A big takeaway was "Commit to less, focus on more." Success is defined differently to most people depending on the season of their life and the experience they have. Matthew explains this brilliantly in this thoughtful interview that I believe you will truly enjoy hearing.
Matthew Turner is a British author who lives in a small town in Yorkshire, England. Having previously published three novels and a non-fiction business book, he wrote ‘Beyond The Pale’ on the back of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, investors, and thought-leaders. Gaining a unique insight into areas such as mindset, flow, and personal development, and a gaining reputation for crafting compelling stories out of other peoples’ lives, Matthew builds relatable fables for those looking to live a meaningful and purpose-driven life. As well as writing for himself, Matthew ghostwrites both articles and books for other successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, in-between spending time with his two children.

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