Kevin Randolph and Revolution Running: Racing with a Cause


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Kevin Randolph is a co-founders of Revolution Running - a GA run company that organizes unique adventurous affordable races, while partnering up with local charities and non-profits and giving back to community. Tune in as Kevin shares the values that drive him and his company, the beautiful stories of race participants that touched his heart, and therapeutic view of running that we both share!

I met Kevin and his beautiful wife, Annie, at my last 15 mile race - Cubihatcha Earth Day Ultra Challenge. I loved everything about the race - the gorgeous trail, the way it was organized and what the company - Revolution Running - stood for. I was eager to ask Kevin some question about what drives him and I stumbled on the goldmine! Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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Monastery Trail Race - June, 9 2018:

Cubihatcha Adventure Triathlon - July 14, 2018:

Kevin's ACTUAL favorite charity - Kevin mentioned this one when we got off the phone:

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