Chapter XII - Drew Lane Part 1


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Part One: (Running Time: 18:10)

Drew Lane (Drew and Mike) recounts his early radio days at WVT, WROV, WAAF (Boston) and KMXX (Phoenix) on his way to WRIF.

Part Two: (Running Time: 33:45)

  • After 3 Years in Phoenix Drew and Zip take over mornings at WRIF. The stories include Arthur P welcoming Drew to town with a trip to the strip club, Trudi joins the staff and Drew meets Mike Clark for the 1st time at The Ritz in Roseville.

Part Three: (Running Time: 56:53)

  • The Drew and Zip show becomes Drew and Mike and as they evolve into a full-time talk show the ratings explode. There were Lions pre-game shows with strippers, The OJ Trial, Mike crashing his helicopter on the air, the show gets kicked out of the Auto Show and Mickey Redman joins the team during the Red Wings historic Stanley Cup years.

Part Four: (Running Time: 77:15)

  • Drew and Mark recount some of the wildest interviews of the Drew and Mike show, plus celebrity hang ups, But Mic and a listen comes in to suck Trudi’s toes.

Part Four: (Running Time: 93:45)

  • Do co-hosts have to get along off the air?, Was syndication ever a possibility? Can rock starts be good radio hosts?


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