Holy Shit I'm a Gifted Misfit Audiobook


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“I often think of how challenging it was being a teenager, and I was saved from my misery by certain friends, teachers and books to whom I will be forever grateful. I know Holy Shit! I’m a Gifted Misfit! can be one of those books in the lives of many young people today, kids who are struggling as I once struggled and are looking for a lifeline to lead them out of their despair. JJ is one of those people with such a gift for connecting with young people that she can change someone’s life forever.” — Marianne WIlliamson Do you hate school and wish you had more friends to hang out with? Do you worry that your friends would think you’re weird if they really knew you? Do you censor what you say around ‘em because if they knew what you thought they’d think you’re a freak? Do you secretly wish you were “cooler?” That you had more friends? That you had constant invitations to parties, kickbacks, and adventurous things to do with rad people? Thanks to Dr. J.J. Kelly's GET REAL program, a ton of young folx have built adventurous, cool, exciting, and fulfilling lives. Author, psychologist, and CEO Dr. J.J. Kelly spent years in the traditional mental health world, so she knows how broken it is and how little it can make a long-lasting impact for young folx. In Holy Sh*t, I’m a Gifted “Misft!” Dr. J.J. will make sure you: Never worry about if you’re “cool enough” again Know how to get out of bed, especially when you don’t feel like it Learn how to laugh and have fun, even though high school sucks Master doing shit that scares you Control yourself in an argument so it doesn’t turn into a fight Stop performing self-destructive activities Just because you don’t fit into what society says you should, that doesn’t make you a “misfit.” You deserve to stop being miserable in high school and beyond. Take the first step toward happiness today.

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