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You’ve probably noticed that the health and wellness lifestyle has been exploding in Toronto, but many businesses can be intimidating for beginners. Hanah James, one of the three co-founders of Greenhouse, is here to put the elitist myth surrounding health and wellness brands to bed.

Greenhouse was the brainchild of three childhood friends who wanted to bring cold pressed juice to a wide audience while remaining sustainable and accessible. Since their launch in January 2014 they have expanded to multiple locations and are constantly creating new and exciting plant based products for their customers.

This judgement free zone wants to help you slip health into your routine, and eventually become something you crave. The benefits of cold pressed juice are unparalleled, and can help you live a more balanced and more energetic lifestyle. By educating the public on the benefits of cold pressed juice live nutrients and enzymes, while producing killer branding and all glass packaging, Greenhouse is changing the health ritual game.

Hanah comes from a family focused on wellness education who were ‘into health before it was cool’. She works to make sure that Greenhouse provides a welcoming experience to anyone who steps foot inside one of their locations. Focusing on community and attainable health solutions, Greenhouse is sure to be your next obsession, that is if it isn’t already.

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