EP 53 - Elliott & Colleen Hulse: The Complexities Of People


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There’s much more to being a man than merely lifting heavy weights or the Stone Buddhas at Paul’s Heaven House. It takes embracing facing and embracing your own vulnerability too.

Paul talks to Colleen and Elliott Hulse about vulnerability, gender roles, sex in relationships and using controversies on social media to ignite deeper conversations in this Living 4D podcast.

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Show Notes:

  • Paul introduces Elliott and Colleen to the Stone Buddhas. (2:53)
  • Elliott has learned how to integrate and express his feminine side over the past 12-18 months. (10:17)
  • Yoga is a great way to access the feminine side and focus on allowing rather than the doing of one’s body. (28:42)
  • Being present in the moment is not unlike the continuous exercise that is mindfulness. (33:07)
  • Lifting the Stone Buddhas is just another valuable way to look at being vulnerable and courageous. (37:36)
  • Colleen reclaimed her masculine energy since she stopped nursing her children. (54:32)
  • Penny and Angie are Paul’s “MacGyver chicks.” (55:57)
  • Sex can be an addiction. (1:02:42)
  • Does sex get in the way of a man’s mission? (1:10:19)
  • Do women use sex to take advantage of men? (1:13:33)
  • Paul asks Elliott about the message behind a recent social media post, Fat women are the product of weak men. (1:20:56)
  • Is anger a better motivator than shame? (1:34:13)
  • Is it more effective to guide people with love than manipulation, shame, guilt, pain or slapping them in the face? (1:41:37)


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