Putting The Team First With Seth Weber


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On today’s episode we’re talking to the co-founder of The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop, Seth! Seth

talks about the story of opening Mocha Nut Coffee and how his management strategy allows

employees to make customer’s days. With some life lessons mixed throughout, listen in to learn

more about Seth and The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop. You can find Mocha Nut online at

mochanutcoffee.com or on Instagram at @themochanutcoffeeshop

[00:00] Show intro

[00:40] Why did Seth want to open a coffee shop?

[02:05] Seth and his co-founders

[04:27] From buying the building to opening the doors

[05:42] The beginnings of Mocha Nut

[07:05] How community demand was built

[09:05] The perfect location

[10:43] Community response after opening

[13:00] The coffee culture of Mocha Nut

[14:11] Educating customers

[16:07] Utilizing the space given

[17:33] Coffee classes

[19:12] How Seth educated himself about coffee

[21:57] Other life lessons from Seth

[24:57] Team first

[27:03] How to implement the team first mentality

[29:17] The ups and downs of running a family business

[31:27] Advice for aspiring coffee shop owners

[32:16] Wrap up and socials

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