Encore Episode: Why Your Diet Is Making You Fat


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encore-episode-why-your-diet-is-making-you-fatStop buying into 30-day diets that leave you with weight gain when your plan ends.You’re surrounded by diet advice. Quick-fix diets are of no use once the expiration date of the diet passes. Changing your eating habits are the true solution to weight loss.
10 Simple Tips

  1. Eat protein and fiber at every meal. Lean meats, fruits and vegetables are the simplest way to arrange your plate.
  2. Check your starches. Have two per day maximum if you are trying to lose weight.
  3. Clock your meals. Give yourself an eating schedule. Eat something every four hours.
  4. Eat some fats. Sauté your vegetables and eat the skin on your chicken. Skip the fat-free salad dressing. Enjoy butter and olive oil.
  5. Watch the sugar. It’s addictive. Don’t bombard your taste buds with sugar substitutes.
  6. Indulge intelligently. Decide to eat your vice food once a week with no regrets.
  7. Supplements are important. Today’s foods require a nutritional boost.
  8. Get some sleep. Your body needs sleep to be healthy and lose weight.
  9. Drink plenty of water. It helps balance and energize your body.
  10. Move your body. Increase intervals and intensity.
It’s easy to pack the pounds back on once you’ve finished a diet’s term. Use these tips to see results on the scale and feel them in your body.
Registered dietitian Brooke Alpert joins Dr. Holly Lucille to guide your weight loss journey with practical and doable steps.

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