My Crystal Sister


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My Crystal Sister is a jewelry line, community and now podcast sharing stories of love, connection and vulnerability, while honoring the friendships and relationships that have brought us all to where we are today. After enduring hardship in her own life with an unplanned pregnancy, host, Erin Fader, found unexpected support from a group of women going through similar grief, women she now calls her "Crystal Sisters". On this podcast, Erin welcomes women from all walks of life to share their own stories of affliction, insecurity, resilience and strength in this space free of judgement and criticism. With these stories, Erin hopes to inspire and empower listeners young and old to live every day as their authentic selves. At My Crystal Sister, your story is our story. Erin Fader is a jewelry designer based in Southern California who has been designing, making, and selling jewelry for over 15 years. She is a Gemologist by trade & has owned multiple lines. Her jewels have been featured in several publications, including US Weekly, adorned the runways, including New York Fashion Week, and worked with several celebrities while being featured on National TV. Learn more at and

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