Peaceful Ease


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“True wealth is having a peaceful heart and a clear mind.” - Ela Crain Ela Crain’s journey towards peace and clarity starts in Los Angeles, where she studies the Meisner Technique and works as a Life Coach. In June 2019, Ela packs her stuff and goes to Europe to spend a month alone in the Swiss Alps. Her plan is to spend some time to zoom out and see where her life is headed - but life has different plans for Ela. She ends up spending 6 months in the mountains in Switzerland and Mallorca with limited contact to the outside world. Her wish to review her life becomes a deep inquiry to understand who we really are, what our true potential is, and how we can live a meaningful and fulfilling life during our limited time here. Peaceful Ease Podcast is a record of Ela’s discoveries about the hidden and twisted aspects of human psyche. She demonstrates how we all have the massive capacity to evolve in a matter of months, if we are given the chance. And that when we are ready to drop our preconceived expectations about ourselves and others, can we truly rebuild an unshakable spirit, a clear vision, and a purposeful life. If you are interested in tapping into your limitless potential, learning how to express your emotions, voicing your creative powers, and surrounding yourself with quality relationships, Peaceful Ease is the podcast for you!

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