Steve Hall and Pascal Flor from ReviveStronger Pt. 2 – Podcast episode 81 & PropanePicks 14/5/17

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Propane Podcast Episode 82 Show Notes Joining Jonny and Yusef on the Podcast this week we have part 2 of our interview with Pascal "Discopumper" Flor and Steve Hall from Revive Stronger. They discuss lessons learned from injury, how to deal with setbacks, wrestling Siberian bears topless in the bleak midwinter, Yusef's pill popping habit & contest prep food obsessions. If you like the Propane Podcast, please subscribe and give us a review on iTunes. Timestamps 00:20 Pascal and Steve on lessons learned from injury and dealing with setbacks. 06:03 What advice they would give to anyone who was dealing with an injury. 09:58 All about stimulants - Jonny on giving up coffee & Yusef's caffeine pill habit. 17:48 Steve and Pascal on their different approaches to bodybuilding show prep. 23:50 Bodybuilding versus powerlifting prep & bodybuilding judging nuances. 33:27 Contest prep behaviours and food obsessions. 39:08 Wrap up and References. References Revive Stronger Revive To Stage - Are You Ready to Compete? Pascal Flor Instagram Steve Hall Instagram Propane Picks week ending Sunday 14/05 It's that time of the week again where we sift through the best of the fitness, movement and productivity world for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure. If you'd like to be considered for the Picks List or would like to write a guest post for us, shoot us a message. Our Top Pick this week is - How Hypertrophy Supports Strength Goals - Jen Sinkler "....bro life is not for everyone. Participation in strength-oriented sports such as powerlifting (max squat-bench-deadlift) and Olympic weightlifting (max snatch and clean-and-jerk) is on the rise, and performance is the goal rather than muscle mass. It often seems as though strength athletes and physique athletes are at harsh odds with each other. We argue amongst ourselves that you should either be super-strong or super-jacked, that one sport is better than the other, that one side shouldn’t bother crossing over to another. But in reality, the lines between categories are blurred." The rest of the list is pretty awesome too! This or That? - Kit Laughlin My Go To Mid-Back Mobility Drills - Tony Gentilcore How to Become an Optimist: 3 Daily Habits To Help You Get Started - The Positivity Blog How to Reverse Aging with Art De Vany - The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast) Should You Listen to Music While Studying, The Pi Model and Learning How to Learn - Scott Young (Podcast) Exercise selection, high frequency training and mechanisms of muscle growth [live stream] - Menno Henselmans, Bayesian Bodybuilding James Michener’s Nomadic Pursuit of Depth - The Blog of Cal Newport Getting Jacked & Building an Empire with Mark Bell - Renegade Radio, Jason Ferruggia Beware of the Trap When Improving Form & Range of Motion During Deloads - Brad Loomis

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