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Everyone loves a great story, to be inspired, and know they are loved and not alone. No amount of knowledge or motivation matters though if we do not put what we learn into action. Welcome to the Remarkable People Podcast!RPP features the remarkable and inspiring true life stories of people like you and me who not only faced extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances, but freely shares how they specifically overcame/achieved them in practical steps so we can too!Personal Development, Self Help, Health and Wellness, Edutainment, ..., whatever you want to call it, this podcast is for you to enjoy and grow with.Like our slogan says, don't just LISTEN to the podcast, but DO what you learn, REPEAT those positive actions everyday, so you can enjoy a Remarkable LIFE- in this world, and eternity to come!Please Note: RPP episodes are evergreen. So enjoying listening to them in whatever order you'd like. Pick a topic or guest that interests you, press play, take notes on what speaks to you, and apply these powerful truths each day. Let us know how we can help, but remember, you got this! 💪

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