309 - Marketing Trends in 2021 with Danielle Garofalo


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Danielle Garofalo is CORE’s Chief Business Development Officer where she is responsible for working on long-term growth for CORE as well as leading individual agent business strategy, marrying marketing and sales to create comprehensive, quantifiable plans for each CORE agent’s business. Prior to joining CORE, Danielle served as Chief Strategy Officer at Stribling & Associates. She shifted her focus to technology in luxury real estate after marketing for giants like Disney and IBM. Danielle is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys adventure sports in her spare time. She currently resides on the Upper East Side.

In today's episode, we discuss how marketing has changed with current events, and how to adapt and remain successful.

In this episode, you'll learn..
  • Avoid using some automated messaging and most blanket marketing
  • Bring personal elements to digital interactions
  • Using agile marketing
  • Spread your message through podcasting
  • Facts tell & stories sell
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