Good Manners Matter


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“The Sales Moment; Issue #276”

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Sunday, during a nice Mother’s Day lunch, my son Nick shared the fun they had at the Iroquois Steeplechase near Nashville the day before. He was especially impressed that as the shuttle buses arrived, a group of boys was greeting the attendees and making a point to take the hand of the ladies as they exited.

The fact is, good manners make a positive impression.

My friend Jason Cruise instilled a strong sense of manners in his two boys when they were young. They were speaking politely and holding doors by the time they were old enough to understand. Now that they are older, they are a pleasure to speak with and seem to be comfortable talking to any person of any age.

Best selling author and speaker, Andy Andrews, has raised his boys in a similar fashion. I have heard him say many times that they will not sit down to dinner until the ladies have taken their seat and rise if a lady leaves the table. He also asks the profound question, “Are you trying to raise good kids or great adults?”

Dan Miller shared a great example of his son-in-law being chosen for a new position at a bank in part because he stood as the lady interviewing him entered the room. Sometimes little thinks make al the difference.

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”

~ Fred Astaire

Manners and common courtesy will set you apart and create a positive impression. Just as a lack of manners will have the opposite effect. It seems I do not have to look too hard to see a lack of manners. It has almost become the norm.

Manners are a form of empathy requiring you to take your eyes off of yourself.

One source defines good manners as treating other people with courtesy and politeness and showing correct public behavior.

I know my examples lean more toward young men but regardless of gender, practicing good manners in your personal and professional life can give you a social and business advantage. Besides, it is just the right thing to do.

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