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Sherry Blair’s inspirational words and powerful lessons have helped thousands of people nationally and internationally to lead change and improve relationships in their lives at home, work and play.Do you want to make a change or stay the way you are? Are you stuck in a negative relationship with yourself or someone else? Do you feel like parenting is driving you crazy? Is there some personal goal you want to achieve but never get around to it? Have you flat-lined, or feel crazed and chaotic at work? Can’t seem to inspire your team or organization? The Sherry Blair podcast is an opportunity for you to gain access to solutions that have already changed thousands of lives. Regardless of what you are seeking to improve in your life, you can access the information that is right for you in the moment that you need it. You will find a selection of episodes, daily messages as well as interviews on various topics. Special editions can pop up depending on what is going on in the world as Sherry is an advocate for human rights and social change. You can learn a lot when it is convenient for you. Listen while you work out, commute to work or find a time that you carve out for your self-improvement.Sherry Blair teaches you to “Fiercely focus on what is going strong rather than what is going wrong. Commit to stop things that are bringing you down and getting you nowhere. Build from there and once you do, you are opening the doors for better opportunities in your life. In this moment, you get to decide.”Start now. Check back frequently as Sherry adds to the library of podcasts. Ultimately, it is Sherry’s desire to OPTIMIZE you in your life at home, work and play.

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