Veronika, Former U.S Miss Teen Pennsylvania 2005 Shares Career Mom Challenges


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Hi Beautiful! Nice to meet you. I’m Coach Ebonie, a.k.a Fit Mom Diva, an international holistic healthy lifestyle coach. Thank you so much for joining me on my healthy lifestyle podcast. I am honored to share women’s experiences and influence busy career women all around the world. My passion and mission are to help millions of modern career women get haute, fit and kick stress to create a body and lifestyle they love!

In this episode, Veronika, former U.S Miss Teen Pennsylvania 2005 and professional salsa dancer explains how life changed when she became a wife and mother and how she was able to still give her passion to the world. She discusses the difficulty of returning to work after having a young child and how women can learn how to balance motherhood while taking care of themselves. She is excited to give back to the youth through her love of dance as artistic expression and also coaching others to express themselves as their true self using their God-given gifts. Follow her journey and beautiful artistic expression on Instagram @veronikanewby

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