2.8 Surviving multiple sexual abuse - Anu Verma


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In this episode of Soul Awakenings With Madiha Sosan, Madiha interviews Anu Verma on her multiple sexual abuse, culture shame, PTSD and much more.
Who is Anu Verma?
Anu Verma is an ambitious author, educator and optimist who is on a life mission to use her skills and life experiences to help others to improve their lives. She loves to work with children, who she sees as the future, and wants to work with the vulnerable who are suffering or have suffered from abuse. It was her experiences of childhood abuse that shaped her as a person, first threatening to destroy her and then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that she thought she would never find. Anu explores this path in her book, hoping that it will also help others to find themselves the way she did, through travel, self-help and a determination to cast off her damaging past.

Website: https://victim2victor.net
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