70: Clear, Authentic, and Effective Speaking with Nienke Van Bezooijen


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Nienke Van Bezooijen is our guest today. If you’re anything like most people, you probably feel nervous or anxious about speaking on stage or in public. Nienke is an international speaking coach who works with thought-leaders and change-makers to help them find their authentic selves and bring the world an authentic, clear, and effective message. She explains how your feelings are actually “your spirit waiting to break through.” She also shares incredible insight into how to discover your authentic self, why your posture matters even before your presentation begins, and why your reflection in the mirror is so incredibly important.

Connect With Nienke:

Presentation-master.com Nienke Van Bezooijen on Facebook @SpeakersMentor on Twitter

The Mission Log:
  • [02:02] - Nienke starts things off by explaining what she does and how she helps people speak clearly and authentically. She then explains how she transitioned from being a nurse to what she does now.
  • [04:09] - One of the struggles people most often have with sharing their authentic voice comes from shyness or insecurity.
  • [06:17] - Nienke talks about how she prepares her speakers before they go on stage.
  • [09:07] - We hear two simple techniques for avoiding saying “umm…” mid-speech.
  • [11:55] - Orion brings us back to the topic of energy, explaining how this relates to work she’s done and emphasizing the importance of exercise. Nienke then offers her advice for energy.
  • [14:21] - One of Orion’s teachers told her not to eat meat the day before a presentation, Orion explains, and Nienke responds that this depends on what your individual body needs. They then discuss other pre-talk dietary choices.
  • [19:03] - Nienke talks about building up a relationship with your audience. Orion then shares an exercise from one of her mentors.
  • [21:56] - Orion has been going through an awakening lately, she explains, and talks about how she is blossoming into herself instead of forcing herself to fit into a small box. She and Nienke then talks about nerves (which are in fact “your spirit waiting to break through”) and dreams.
  • [25:02] - Orion brings up a recent conversation with a friend, comparing how Israelis and Americans communicate.
  • [26:46] - Does Nienke change herself for her audience (in terms of cultural norms) or is she just herself regardless of the audience? She and Orion discuss cultural norms in more depth as they relate to public speaking.
  • [30:42] - Nienke offers tips on how to get Dutch people warmed up as you’re giving a presentation.
  • [32:44] - Nienke digs deeper into the process of being your authentic self and explores what the “real you” is. She talks about several exercises that she leads clients through to help discover yourself and find confidence.
  • [35:56] - What is Nienke’s brag for the day? She answers, then he and Orion talk about the fact the fact that bragging is actually important.
  • [38:43] - Nienke talks about power poses, referencing the popular TED Talk by Amy Cuddy. Orion points out that hip circles are important as well; power poses get you into the dominant, male side, but hip circles bring out your feminine side, allowing you to integrate the two.
  • [40:36] - What’s so important about TED Talks, and why does Nienke like them so much?
  • [42:07] - There are three ways to get on the TED stage, Nienke tells us, and explains what they are. She then reveals why she has never considered giving a TED Talk of her own.
  • [44:52] - What are Nienke’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Live your life by choice, not by circumstance. 2. Don’t rescue people. 3. Speak up (and start in front of a mirror if necessary).
  • [46:00] - Nienke suggests finding her at presentation-master.com.
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