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Welcome to Surviving Empathy Podcast!

My name is Bryan Russell & I'm a comedian, author, voice artist, radio personality, chef, humanist, activist, animal lover, fitness runner, & strong realized empath with over 10 years of experience as an energetic empath.

@ChefBryComedy is my brand name for the podcast, books, comedy albums, videos, and anything & everything I'm working on!

Who we are:

We are energetic empaths, paranormal enthusiasts, researchers, & investigators, mental health & quality of life advocates, & freethinkers & freedom fighters who look at the totality of our culture & times to identify any & all regressive/oppressive systems & attitudes to address societal & outmoded cultural or corruption problems in our world, to bring about better clarity, progress, good mental, emotional, & spiritual health, & advocacy & hope for regular folks & the struggling working class so they feel more empowered, balanced, happy & free. We're also a resource for empaths & highly sensitive people, as well as paranormal believers who take on the subject with a balanced, skeptical but open-minded approach! As empaths we have a clairvoyant wisdom to the subject matter.

What this is all about:

This is a podcast about the paranormal, cryptids, and all unexplained phenomena, as well as a resource for empaths & hypersensitives to uncover & better understand the phenomenon in a down to earth regular & accessible sort of way. We also talk about robust mental health, mental health in our society, mental health for regular people & empaths alike, & we take on systems & attitudes that oppress & exploit regular people.

What we care about:

We strive to build a community (our Empath Tribe) for regular people, empaths, those struggling with mental health imperfections, regular people having a hard time finding opportunities, meaning & balance in this world & the workaday life as a working class person. We strive for the best practices & sustainable outcomes in our culture today. We talk about real life stuff in a straightforward and honest way, & try to keep the show both impactful, thoughtful, but also fun & playful as well.

Our background:

I'm Bryan Russell & I'm the main host of the show. I have a background in the military, as well as an EMT, phlebotomist, massage therapist, energy healing, chef, radio technician & radio personality. But I spent the most part of my life as a chef/cook, working in a myriad of positions, from Sous Chef to Head Chef and everything in between, hence the name Chef Bry! I came out as a fully realized energetic empath about 12 years ago, even though I've had this ability my entire life. When I was in massage therapy school I came to the realization that I had the ability to sense vibes, energies, intentions, & emotions that aren't my own. As well as I can pick up on residual energies and spirits, often with the ability to sense the past & different types of people & emotions that once inhabited an area, or an actual spirit haunting a location. I'm a full-time comedian, podcaster, researcher, voice artist, author, & lover of the funner, more festive, cheerful, & compassionate side of life.

Rebecca Russell is my wife, best friend, and cohost of the show. Also an energetic sensitive, she & I have come to learn much about the phenomenon & the spirit realm. But in regular life we're just down to earth, salt of the earth folks with a relaxed & fun sensibility. Sometimes we're fun-loving & humorous & sometimes we're deep & very real. Rebecca was a medical assistant for over 18 years in a major pediatric office, & now works as a customer service supervisor for a major grocery store. We're all about trying to make the world feel more comfortable, more fair, less punitive, more classy, fun-loving, & have more positive energy, fairness, dignity, & good cheer.

Welcome to Surviving Empathy Podcast! Where humor meets heart!

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