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Welcome to the Chase Life Podcast with Rachel & David Godfrey! Teaching you how to stay in shape year round whilst growing a successful business or career AND living an extraordinary lifestyle… all at the same time! Learn the strategies in fitness and health, the principles of emotional and behavioural change, and how to create the personal breakthroughs necessary to transform your body, business, relationships and lifestyle TOGETHER, instead of at the expense of each other. Rachel Godfrey (née Guy) is a former physiotherapist and expert in female fat loss with over 14 years experience coaching 1000s of women worldwide to lose weight and keep it off. David Godfrey is an author, international speaker, and specialist in emotional and behavioural change with over 15 years experience helping people overcome a variety of conditions including depression, chronic anxiety, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction. Follow us: Instagram: @athleticfox @dxgodfrey Youtube: @ChaseLifeConsulting @dxgodfrey

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