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Ready to let go of old beliefs, conditioning and what you know doesn’t work anymore? Are you ready to step into your power by knowing yourself and standing in your truth instead of falling for false projections? It’s time to live in the NOWe. This present moment holds all-for you. This NOW moment is unfolding so you can combine present moments to create your future. The NOWe Show releases weekly episodes so you can make your own choices for your life from your heart and your inner guidance. We have been fed so much media and words from sources that have been designed to make us follow what they believe is right, that we have lost our connection to our inner knowing where all answers, fulfilment, purpose and healing are waiting for us. Juliane Nowe, host of the show shares channeled messages from Kuan Yin, education from her trainings and personal experiences on cannabis, yoga, heart work, food healing, alternative medicine, spirituality, juicing and more. You will also find interviews from experts all over the world. It’s time to have Conscious Conversations so you can make powerful choices and become your own hero. Subscribe NOWe so you NEVER miss an episode and share with your friends, family, neighbours, groups, communities, doers, dreamers, seekers and seers so we can heal and grow together. “The Heart Always Wins”. - Juliane Nowe

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