64 - Gear Forward (Our 5th Anniversary Show)


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What's this? Pox & Puss are putting out an episode on their 5th Anniversary? Damn Skippy we are! Did we record parts of this episode in April and August, but are just now getting around to releasing it in October? Damn Skippy we are! Happy Halloween! In this episode we talk with Scott Gauvin from GearForward.org Gear Forward, through donations of gently used gear, "is about providing the next generation of stewards, adventurers, Scoutmasters and Girl Scout Leaders the resources they need to get outdoors." We also talk about: Cecil's Sear-Smuckers Suit Canada Coqui Refrigerator Magnets City Slickers' Big Questions Pinkys Out Bing Bong The dangerous game of "Is it a Thru-Hiker or is it a Homeless Person?" Pox's Crotch Doctor Visit Brass Beavers And much much more on an all new Pox & Puss Podcast.

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Additional Audio: Alice's Restaurant City Slickers Soundtrack Smuckers Commercial Todd Glass sings "Bing Bong"

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