Episode 3: Carla M. Jones: Helping Women Deal With the Challenges of Life


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Carla M Jones is a professional health and wellness coach, life coach in Dublin. She is also a renowned female motivational speaker & author of Create More Health and Happiness in 7 Days.

Carla graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2011 as a Grand Chef (Cuisine and Patisserie). She's also a trained Sommelier, and a certified Bartender… But the professional side of this business is all new to her. She worked in many restaurants and hotels in Canada, Australia and NZ as a student and backpacker, but spent her 10-year career in Marketing before deciding to give it all up for Chef School.

Carla would go on to study NLP, nutrition and become certified as a life coach. She helps women to become their best selves: in their personal and professional lives as well as in health. She is known as the "Change Catalyst."

Favorite Quote:

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt

Key Points

"...a lot of people live their life with fear and for me, fear is just an indicator that there's room to grow." -Carla M. Jones, Change Catalyst

1. Self-reflection. Fear comes from not being prepared enough. Whatever is happening is happening in our minds.

2. Carla studied and came from various areas of life. Beside studying and applying what she learned as a chef, she also studied NLP and life coaching in order to help women discover their inner goddess and best selves.

3. As she was going through her husband leaving her, she applied all the tools she learned into her own life. She was able to look at the possibilities in her life now rather than what happened in the past.

4. Her reason why for going through her greatest transformation allowed her to understand and have empathy with other women (who face challenges) in a deeper way. Because of this transformation, she is moving towards her life's true purpose.

5. Even coaches need coaches and this was part of her discovery, especially in the language she uses. We can't see where we're stuck.

"Commit to something, not try." -Carla M. Jones, Change Catalyst

Three Tips to Make Changes

1. Mind your language. Words are very powerful. We tend to use too many negative words instead of positive ones. Over-dramatize positive words. Include words like: epic, stupendous, amazing, extraordinary and outstanding in your language.

2. Get really focused on what you want. Picture your ideal self 2,3 and 5 years from now. Work your way backwards to help develop a plan that you can improvise. Get a coach to help you stay on track and being held accountable.

3. Self-care. Take time for yourself. Do it regularly and often

Favorite Books

1. "Loving what is" by Byron Katie

2. "Unleash the Power Within" Tony Robbins

3. "Lean in", Sheryl Sandberg

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