119 Blake's 7 (Traitor - Stardrive)


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Avon’s got a problem. His big end’s gone. But not to worry, he knows where the nearest Honda garage is. Unfortunately, it’s just been swallowed up by a much larger federation, and their director (who’s a real cutie, by the way), is discontinuing the Honda Rebel. Avon has no choice but to look elsewhere. His only other option is to steal a new engine from a load of joyriding battle clowns who like to blow up federation ships by waving their choppers around. Awkwaaaard. Still he manages to steal a ruddy great space engine out from under their implausibly painted noses and does a runner in a ship that’s now so fast it’s invisible. He WILL still stop to pick up hitchhiker’s….just don’t expect him to remember their names.

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